An obscure 4th century coin issue

Whilst many of the small bronze coins of the mid fourth century can be regarded as common and feature familiar rulers there are occasional issues which are decidedly rare. Such a coin is illustrated above and features Hanniballianus.

Hanniballianus was the younger brother of Delmatius, born in 315AD in what is now Tolouse, and was appointed by Constantine the Great as "King of Kings of Armenia" as a way of securing interests in the eastern parts of the Roman empire before or during a campaign against the Persians.

By way of cementing his ties with Constantine he married into the Imperial family, taking the hand of Constantia (Constantines daughter). He perished in the masacre of Constantines descendants in 337AD.

The coin type featured above has th obverse legend FL HANNIBALLIANO REGI whilst the reverse features a rendition of a river god, probably the Euphrates, reclining. Constantinople was the sole mint for the type.

By way of completeness a coin of his brother, Delmatius Caesar, is illustrated below.

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