Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha as seen in the
Gold Dinara of Kanishka

The Kushana's coins reveals a great deal about the rulers, coins were used as a media to propagate Kings superiority.  They reveal how the images of kings wished to be seen, and the religious practise.  Coins were the carriers for official propaganda of greatness of Kings and deities of the empire.  Kushanas devised their coins with various Gods of culturally, ethnically diverse population of the empire.   It is evident through Kanishka's coins which carried images of Buddha in several poses, that he had been a great patron of Mahayana Buddhism.  Vasudeva's coins reveals that he is a convert to Hinduism and a devotee of Mahisvara (Oesho).  The motif of the shoulder fire on Vima, Vasudeva-I, Huvishka and Kanishka-I coins, symbolizes the super natural power of the kings (connection with Athso - the Fire God).

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