History of India (600 BC - 187BC)

The Nandas

The Nandas were the successors of Shishunaga dynasty.  The first Nanda, the Mahapadma Nanda has been described as the destroyer of all the Kshatriyas.  He defeated Ikshvakus, Panchalas, Kasis, Harhayas, Kalingas, Asmakas, Kurus, Maithilas, Surasenas, Vitihotras, etc.,.  He expanded his territory till south of Deccan.  The last of the Nandas was Dhana Nanda.  Plutarch tells that Chandragupta Maurya had stated that Nanda was hated and despised by his subject on account of the wickedness of his disposition.  The bloody fight between the Nandas and the Mauryas overthrew the dynasty of Nandas. The advent of Mauryan dynasty marks the passage from darkness to light to the historians.

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