Realizing the need of most collectors and researchers for reference that can be easily accessible on Internet, I have attempted to include the items that are of immense value to an ordinary collector.  It is merely an attempt to explain the evolution of coinage and its role in understanding the history of India. In the process of explaining Indian coinage, political system, social movements and economy have been touched.  I hope this web page would arouse a keen interest in Indians to preserve the ancient coins of their possession or encounter to save the important ligaments of Indian history if found to be valuable.  I dedicate this material as a source of inspiration for every Indians in saving every Indian coins from the melting pot hoping it will reveal the missing facts of the Indian history.

Coins displayed in the web page are from my personal collection, which are believed to be attributed properly.  Please let me know if it needs any modifications or corrections if misrepresented.  I have classified this web page according to the chronological order of dynastic rule in India. Please click on the hypertext link or thumbnail to enter into corresponding web pages. Coin images are enlarged for better viewing and they do not reflect the correct size.

  • An Overview
  • Post-Gupta
  • Earliest Coins
  • Sultanates
  • Indo-Greeks
  • Mughals
  • Sakas & Pa..
  • Vijayanagara
  • Kushanas
  • Dynasties of
        the South
  • The Guptas
  •   Mysore
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