17th - 19th Century Medallions

Below is a small selection of medallions or medals, celebratiing people and events in a turbulent period of European history. The images below depict them at the correct relative size. Click on the images for the information and history for each medallion.

France: Michael Le Tellier, Chancellor under Louis XIV 1684 France: Death of Maurice of Saxony 1750

France:  Celebrating  military  victories  of Louis XIV 1674
England: The murder by strangulation of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey by Papists 1678 England: Commemorating the death of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough in June 1722 England: Capture of Portobello by Admiral Vernon and Commodore Brown, 1739
England: Mudie's National Medals. Duke of Wellington: Battle of Vittoria, 1813 England: Mudie's National Medals. English Army in the Netherlands, 1815 Germany: The coronation of Leopold II of Austria as 'Holy Roman Emperor' 1790