Islamic Rulers
Seljuks of Rum

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All dates are A.D.

Rum was situated in Anatolia in Asia Minor. The word "Rum" comes from "Rome" as this area was part of the Byzantine or eastern Roman Empire. The Seljuks of Rum were an independent offshoot of the Great Seljuks.
Seljuk Sultans of Rum Anatolia, Turkey 1078 - 1307 Konya was sacked by Frederick Barbarosa on the 3rd Crusade, defeated by Mongols, become vassals 1243, control by Mongol Governors 1277, deposed by Mongols 1307.
Ghiyath al din Kai Khusru II 1236-1245
Danishmendid Anatolia 1134 - 1172 Turkish rivals to the Seljuks, they ruled a mainly Christian area
Beyliks of Anatolia
Various small principalities in eastern and central Anatolia
Karasi Anatolia late 14th century
Saruhan Anatolia 1374 - 1412
Menteshe Anatolia 1375 - 1426
Begs of Aydin Anatolia 1308 - 1429 naval defeat by Venice and Byzantium, 1344, resulting in the loss of Smyrna (Izmir)
Germiyan Anatolia 1388 - 1429
Denizli (Inanjids) Anatolia 1334 - 1368
Beys of Alanya Anatolia 1424 - 1430
Eshrefid Anatolia early 14th century
Karamanid Anatolia 1310 - 1466
Isfendiyarid Anatolia 1309 - 1439

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