Islamic Rulers

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All dates are A.D.

Atabegs were tutors to Seljuk royal princes who sometimes acted as regent before founding their own dynasties.
Artuqid of Halab northern Syria 1118 - 1124
Artuqid of Amid and Kayfa south-east Turkey 1144 - 1232
Artuqid of Khartabirt Harput, south-east Turkey 1185 - 1203
Artuqid of Mardin south-east Turkey 1152 - 1408 Najm al-Din Ghazi I
Zangid of Syria Syria/Iraq 1127 - 1183 the founder of this dynasty was 'Imad al-Din Zangi who was commander under the Seljuks. He and his his son Nur-al-Din are remembered for their operations against the Crusaders. Saladin conquered Damascus and Aleppo 1173.
Zangid of Al-Mawsil (Mosul) northern Iraq 1149 - 1233
Lu'lu'id Iraq 1233 - 1261 successors to the above
Zangid of Sinjar Iraq 1169 - 1220 Qutb al-Din Muhammad 1197-1219
Zangid of al-Jazira Jazira Ibn 'Umar, modern Cizre, south-east Turkey 1180 - 1251
Zangid of Shahruzur North east Iraq? c. 1220s - 1251
Begteginid at Irbil Iraq, 48 miles east of Mosul 1168 - 1233
Inalid at Amid south-east Turkey 1109 - 1142
Begtimurid at Ahlat Armenia 1183 - 1193 Turkoman dynasty
Salduqid at Erzurum eastern Turkey 1116 - 1191 Turkoman dynasty
Menkujakid at Erzincan and Divrigi, eastern Turkey 1167 - 1181 Turkoman dynasty
Bursuqid Mosul (Iraq), Rahba (Syria) and Azerbaijan 1115 - 1120s
Ahmadili at Maragha, northern Iran 1116 - 1207 mixed Arab and Turkish
Ildegizid in Azerbaijan 1137 - 1225
Sulamid (Maliks of Darband) Iran, north of Tehran 1136 - 1189
Khaqanid (Shirvanshahs 2nd dynasty) nothern Azerbaijan 1063 - 1266
Pishkinid at Ahar, extreme north of Iran 1195 - 1226 vassals of the Ildegizids
Assassins (Batinid) see right 1138 - 1254 Isma'ili sect with castles in parts of Syria and Iran, centre Almut. They terrorized the neighbouring countryside with bands of armed men, high on hashish. The word "assassin" is derived from "hash-shashiyun", or hashish-eaters.
Atabegs of Fars South east Iran 1123 - 1148
Salghurid Shiraz, south central Iran 1148 - 1285
Atabegs of Yazd central Iran 1272 - 1297
Qutlughkhanid (Atabegs of Kirman) south central Iran 1252 - 1303 vassals of the Khwarizmshahs, then the Mongols
Atabegs of Shabankara Shabankara, eastern Fars, south east Iran 1260s - 1282 vassals of the Ilkhans
Qalhati Amirs (Kings of Hormuz) Omani Arabs ruling in Hormuz and Jarun, southern Iran 1278 - 1601

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