Islamic Rulers
Egypt and Syria

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All dates are A.D.

Tulunid Amirs of Egypt 868 - 905 recovered by Abbasids 905
Amirs of Crete Crete 851 - 961
Ikhshidid Amirs of Egypt 935-969 conquered by Fatamids, 969
Qaramitid Syria and Palestine 969 - 978 Isma'ili sect from eastern Arabia who seized parts of Syria and Palestine on the collapse of the Ikhshidids
Fatimid Caliphate Egypt and north Africa 909 - 1171 originally from northern Iran, this Ismai'li Shiite dynasty started in the Maghreb, took north Africa from the Aghlabids, 909 and conquered Egypt in 969, founding Cairo (al-Qahira) as their capital. Ended by Saladin 1171.
Hamdamids of Aleppo and Mosul (Syria/Iraq) 942-1004
Uqaylid Jazira (Mesopotamia, Iraq) and parts of Syria 990 - 1096 Bedouin dynasty
Marwanid Jazira (Mesopotamia, Iraq) 983 - 1061 Kurds
Mirdasid Aleppo, Syria 1023 - 1079 Arab tribe of Kilab
Numayrid around Harran (Mesopotamia, Iraq) 1019 - 1063 Arab dynasty
Seljuk of Syria 1078 - 1117 branch of Great Seljuks that ruled in Iran
Burids Damascus and southern Syria 1104 - 1154 Seljuk atabegs
Ayyubid Sultans Syria through Egypt to the Yemen 1169 - 1461, although branches lasted until the early 16th century. Founded by Saladin. They were the Crusader's enemy from the 3rd to 6th Crusades. Egypt was seized by the Mamluks in 1252 and Damascus occupied by the Mongols in 1260.
Mamluk Sultans Egypt 1250 - 1517 Mamluks were originally slaves drafted into the Ayyubid army, they saw off the Crusaders and the Mongols. Conquered by the Ottomans in 1517. Puppet Abbasid Caliphs ruled from Cairo, 1261 - 1517
Sha'ban II (al-Ashraf Nasir al-Din) 1363 - 1376

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