Islamic Rulers

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All dates are A.D.

The Timurid dynasty was founded by Timur Lang (Tamerlane). Although only partly Mongol, he emulated the conquests of Genghis Khan before him.
Timurid empire from India to Russia to the Mediterannean 1370 - 1579 Sultan Hosayn 1469 - 1506
Arghunid local dynasty at Qandahar, Afghanistan 1511 - 1522
Qara Qoyunlu (Black Sheep) Turkomans from north-central Anatolia, who overran north-western Iran and Iraq 1351 - 1470
Aq Qoyunlu (White Sheep) also Turkomans from north-central Anatolia, who ruled in north-western Iran and Iraq 1360 - 1508 Ya'qub (Abu'l Muzaffar) 1478-1490 AD
Dulgadir southern Anatolia, Elbistan 1467 - 1515
Musha'sha' Khuzistan (south-west Iran) and southern Iraq 1500 - 1508
Shaybanids Uzbek dynasty ruling in Samarqand and Bukhara (southern Uzbekistan) 1500 - 1590s
Amir of Qunduz northern Afghanistan 1497 - 1505 usurping governor for the Timurids
Amir Khusraw 1497 - 1505

Early period/Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphs
North Africa
Egypt and Syria
Arabian Peninsular
Iran - early period
Iran under Seljuks
Seljuks of Rum
The Mongols and after
Ottoman Empire