The Stuarts  

Great Britain: The houses of Hanover, Saxe-Coburg and Windsor

1714 A.D. to present

When Queen Anne died in 1714, there were no longer any direct descendants of the house of Stuart to succeed to the throne. The nearest person that could be found in line for the throne was George, Elector of Hanover in Germany. George duly became king George I of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Unfortunately he spoke no English and much preferred to live in Germany.

George's son succeed him in 1727 as George II. He spoke good English but preferred german. The foundations of the British Empire were taking shape during his reign.

George III succeeded in 1760, the grandson of George II, his father Frederick having already died. George's reign saw the loss of the American colonies and the French Revolution.

George II's son came to the throne in 1820 as George IV. He was a self-indulgent dandy who was forever in debt.

William IV, 3rd son of George III had never expected to come to the throne which he did in 1830. He behaved more like a retired naval officer, which he was.

The daughter of Edward, the 4th son of George III became Queen Victoria in 1837. She enjoyed the longest reign in British history and gave her name to an entire Age.

Edward, Victoria's eldest son, succeeded her in 1901 as Edward VII. Although he was a wayward and pleasure-loving person during her life-time, he in fact made a good king.

George V, Edward's younger son had never expected to become king, which he did in 1910. He was a dedicated monarch. World War I took place in his reign.

George's elder son succeeded his father in on 20th January 1936 as Edward VIII. Due to his insistence on marrying an American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, he decided to abdicate. Thus George's younger son became George VI on 11th December 1936.

George VI was shy with a stammer but proved to be a morale booster when he and Queen Elizabeth remained in London during the blitz.

George was never very well and when he died prematurely in 1952 he was succeeded by his eldest daughter, Elizabeth, who still reigns as Elizabeth II.
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George I
1714 - 1727
George II
1727 - 1760
George III
1760 - 1820
George IV
1820 - 1830
William IV
1830 - 1837
1837 - 1901
Edward VII
1901 - 1910
George V
1910 - 1936
George VI
1936 - 1952
Elizabeth II
1952 - present

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