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Roman Empire

Ruler: Gallic Empire: Tetricus I
Reigned: Augustus 271 - 274 AD
Denomination: AE Antoninianus
Mint: Cologne
Date of Issue: 272-273 AD
Obverse: Radiate bust right. "IMP C. TETRICVS P.F. AVG."
Reverse: Fides standing left, holding two standards. "FIDES MILITVM"[1]
Reference: RCVM 11234, RIC 68
Weight: 2.6 gms
Diameter: 17.7 mm
Comment: [1] = Trusting in the Army

TETRICUS I (C. Pius Esuvius Tetricus)

  • After the death of Victorinus early in 271, the mother of Victorinus, Victoria, supported Tetricus, governor of Aquitania, as emperor, by bribing the the legions.
  • Tetricus was installed as emperor at Bordeaux in the spring of 271, and then set out for Trier, the imperial capital, fighting rebellious Germans on the way.
  • In 273 he made his son, also called Tetricus (II), his co-ruler, with the rank of Caesar.
  • Early in 274, Aurelian the legitimate emperor, marched against the pair. They were defeated in a battle at Chalons-sur-Marne in Gaul.
  • The battle may have been rigged, however, as Tetricus senior was given the position of governor of Lucania in southern Italy, while Tetricus junior was pardoned and confirmed in his senatorial rank.

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