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Roman Empire

Ruler: Drusus Son of Tiberius
Held Office: born 14 BC - died 23 AD
Denomination: AE As
Mint: Rome
Date of Issue: 23 AD
Obverse: Bare head of Drusus, left. "DRVSVS CAESAR TI. AVG. F. DIVI. AVG N."[1]
Reverse: "PONTIF. TRIBVN. POTEST. ITER" around large "SC"[2]
Reference: RCV 588, RCVM 1794, RIC Tiberius 45
Weight: 10.1 gms
Diameter: 30.7 mm
Comment: [1] = "DRVSVS CAESAR TIBERIVS AVGVSTVS FIDELIS DIVINE AVGVSTVS NATVS?" = Drusus Caesar Tiberius Augustus, faithful, born of the divine Augustus
[2] = "PONTIFEX TRIBVNVS POTESTAS ITERUM" = High Priest, Tribune Potestas for the second time.


  • Born 13 BC, Drusus was the son of Tiberius and his first wife Vipsania.
  • In 4 AD Tiberius adopted his nephew, Germanicus as his heir.
  • In 19 AD Germanicus died and Drusus became Tiberius's heir.
  • In 23 AD Drusus died, possibly as a result of a conspiracy on the part of praetorian prefect Sejanus who had seduced his wife Livilla, sister of the late Germanicus, and persuaded her to administer poison to her husband.
  • Drusus and Livilla had twin sons, Tiberius Gemellus and Germanicus, born in AD 19. Germanicus died in early childhood, but Gemellus survived to be joint-heir with Caligula, only to be murdered on his orders in 37 AD.

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