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Roman Empire

Ruler: Augustus
Reigned: 16th Jan. 27 BC - 19th Aug. 14 AD
Denomination: AE/AR Plated Denarius
Mint: Lugdunum
Date of Issue: 2 BC - 4 AD
Obverse: Laureate head right. "CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVI F. PATER PATRIAE"[1]
Reverse: Gaius and Lucius Caesars standing facing, standing, shields and spears between them. Simpulum top left, lituus to right. "AVGVSTI F. COS. DESIG. PRINC. IVVENT." In exergue: "C.L. CAESARES" [2]
Reference: RCVM 1597, RSC 43c, RIC 208
Weight: 2.5 gms
Diameter: 18.5 mm
Comment: [1] = "CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVINE FIDELIS? PATER PATRIAE" = Caesar Augustus,divine, faithful Father of his Country.
[2] ="CAESARES AVGVSTI FIDELIS? CONSUL DESIGNO PRINCEPS IVVENTUS" = Caesars Augustii, faithful consuls designate,youthful princes


  • Gaius Caesar was the eldest son of Agrippa and Julia, Augustus's daughter born 20 BC.
  • Lucius Caesar was the second son of Agrippa and Julia, born 17 BC.
  • Both were adopted by Augustus, in the expectation that one or other would succeed him.
  • In 5 BC, Gaius was admitted to Senate.
  • In 2 AD, Gaius was wounded at the seige of Artagira in the East.
  • Lucius died at Massilia (Marseilles) in southern Gaul on his way to Spain - 20th August 2 AD
  • Gaius died at Lycia on his way back to Rome - 21st February 4 AD.
  • Augustus changed his plans.

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