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Rome - The Republic

Moneyer: C. Mamilius C.f. Limetanus
Held Office: 82 BC
Denomination: AR Denarius (serrated)
Mint: Rome
Obverse: Draped bust of Mercury right, wearing winged petasus, caduceus over shoulder, control leter, "C" behind.
Reverse: Ulysses walking right holding staff, his right hand extended towards his dog, Argos. On left "C•MAMIL", on right, "LIMETAN" (TA in monogram)
Reference: RCVM 282, RSC Mamilia 6, RRC 362/1
Weight: 3.9 gms
Diameter: 19.5 mm
Comment: The serrated edges of this type of Denarius were supposed to deter forgers, who made their counterfeits by soldering silver sheet onto a base metal flan.

Ulysses and Argus

As a young man, the Greek king Ulysses went to war with the Trojans, leaving his kingdom of Ithaca, and promising to return as quickly as possible to his wife Penelope, son Telemachus, and his beloved dog Argus.

20 years pass before Ulysses returns to Ithaca. When he nears his home he disguises himself as a beggar to avoid bringing danger to his family.

Arriving at his home, Ulysses sees an old dog who he recognizes as his beloved Argus. Despite a 20-year separation and his master's disguise, Argus immediately recognizes Ulysses.

Upon hearing Ulysses' voice, Argus lifts his head, cocks his ears and struggles to rise. Ulysses bends down to cradle his faithful dog's muzzle in his hands, and with that the dog dies, happy to be re-united with his master.

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