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Rome - The Republic

Moneyer: D. Junius L.f. Silanus
Held Office: 91 BC
Denomination: AR Denarius
Mint: Rome
Obverse: Helmeted bust of Roma right. Control letter "V" behind.
Reverse: Victory in biga right. Control numeral "XXV" above. In exergue: "D•SILANVS/ ROMA"
Reference: RCVM 225, RSC Junia 15, RRC 337/3
Weight: 4 gms
Diameter: 17.6 mm
Comment: D. Junius L.f. Silanus = Decimus Junius, son of Silanus

D. Junius L.f. Silanus

Decimus Junius Silanus was the son of M. Junius Silanus, who commanded the army that was defeated by the Germanic Cimbri in Transalpine Gaul.

Decimus was the stepfather of Marcus Brutus, the murderer of Caesar, having married his mother Servilia. He was elected consul in 63 for the following year ; and in consequence of his being consul designatus, he was first asked for his opinion by Cicero in the debate in the senate on the punishment of the Catilinarian conspirators. He was consul 62, with L. Licinius Morena, along with whom he proposed the Lex Licinia Julia.

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