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Rome - The Republic

Moneyer: L. Thorius Balbus
Held Office: 105 BC
Denomination: Plated Denarius
Mint: Rome (if official)
Obverse: Head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat-skin headdress; "I•S•M•R" downwards behind
Reverse: Bull charging right; control Mark "H" above, "L•THORIVS" below, "BALBVS" in exergue.
Reference: RRC 316/1; RSC Thoria 1; RCVM 192
Weight: 2.8 gms
Diameter: 19.5 mm
Comment: This coin is plated (Fourrée) and thus is unofficial.

L. Thorius Balbus

The obverse type alludes to the cult of Juno Sospita at Lanuvium, the moneyer's place of origin. Cicero describes him as a man who lived in such a manner that there was not a single pleasure, however refined or rare, that he did not enjoy.

The reverse type is usually held to allude to the moneyer's nomen by way of the word taurus.

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