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Rome - The Republic

Moneyer: M.Furius L.f. Philus
Held Office: 119 BC
Denomination: AR Denarius
Mint: Rome
Obverse: Laureate head of Janus. "M•FOVRI•L•F•"
Reverse: Roma standing left crowning trophy with carnyx and shield on each side, star above Roma, "ROMA" to right, "PHILI" in exergue (PHI in monogram).
Reference: RCVM 156, RSC Fouria 18, RRC 281/1
Weight: 4.0 gms
Diameter: 17.8 mm


Sear, RCVM: "The reverse commemorates the victories over the Allobroges and the Averni in Gaul, achieved in 121 BC by Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus and Q. Fabius Maximus (Allobrogicus)."

Crawford: "The reverse alludes to the defeat of the Allobroges by Q. Fabius Maximus in 120 BC. Their subjugation lead to the annexation of Gallia Narbonensis as a new Roman province."

William Smith, Classical Dictionary: "L. Furius Philus was consul in BC 223 with C. Flaminius in his campaign against the Gauls in northern Italy."

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