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Rome - The Republic

Moneyer: Anonymous
Issue: 209 and 206-200 BC
Denomination: AR Denarius
Mint: uncertain
Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma right. "X" behind to left
Reverse: The Dioscuri riding right, pentagram below horses, ROMA below.
Reference: RSC 20w, RRC 129/1
Weight: 2.9 gms
Diameter: 17.7 mm
Comment: "X" behind Roma is taken to mean 10 Asses. Some seventy years later the Denarius was re-tariffed at 16 Asses (XVI).

Anonymous issues

Silver didrachms were first minted by the Roman Republic about 280 BC. The denomination continued to be minted down to the middle years of the Second Punic War when, about 211 BC, it was replaced by the silver denarius which remained the principal silver coin of the Roman currency system for the following four and a half centuries.

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