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Rome - The Republic

Moneyer: Anonymous
Issue: 225 - 212 BC
Denomination: AR Quadrigatus-Didrachm
Mint: Rome
Obverse: Laureate, janiform head of the Dioscuri
Reverse: Jupiter, holding thunderbolt and sceptre, in quadriga right, driven by Victory; "ROMA" incuse on tablet below.
Reference: RSC 24; RCVM 31, RRC 28/3
Weight: 5.8 gms
Diameter: 23.0 mm

Pre-denarius Coinage

Silver didrachms were first minted by the Roman Republic about 280 B.C., probably in connection with King Pyrrus' invasion of Italy at the behest of the Tarentines. The denomination continued to be minted down to the middle years of the Second Punic War when, about 211 B.C., it was replaced by the silver denarius which remain the principal coin for the following four and a half centuries.

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