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France 1750

Description: Medal struck in 1750 on the death of Maurice of Saxony
Obverse: His cuirassed bust left. "MAURIT SAXO GALL•MARESC GEN D•CURL ET SEM•"
Reverse: View of his marble memorial.
Statistics: Tin/Pewter 55mm. 30.27gm
Reference: Merseburger 4549


Hermann Maurice, Comte de Saxe (Maurice, Count of Saxony) (Moritz von Sachsen) (1696-1750), French marshal, was one of the greatest military commanders of the eighteenth century. Maurice was born at Goslar, an illegitimate son of August the Strong, King of Poland and Elector of Saxony, and the Countess Maria Aurora of Kõnigsmarck Saxe served with distinction against the Poles in the War of the Polish Succession and later in the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748). He won a spectacular victory over the Austrians at the Battle of Fontenoy. Further victories secured French control of the Austrian Netherlands. In 1747 Louis XV gave him the title of Marshal General of France. The title and victories over the Austrians are the events likely commemorated by this medal. In 1732 Saxe wrote a classic study of the art of war, Mes Réveries, which was published posthumously in 1757.

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