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Area/Ruler: Crusaders -Achaea: Isabella De Villehardouin
Reigned: 1297 - 1301 AD
Denomination: AR Denier
Mint: Clarentia
Obverse: Cross in centre circle. "YSABELLA *P* ACH" (Isabella, Princess of Achaea)
Reverse: Castle of Tournois. "DE CLARENCIA"
Reference: CCS 15a
Weight: 0.7 gms
Diameter: 18.6 mm
Comment: "Chatel Tournois" was the Carolingian basilica of the Abbey of St Martin of Tours.

Isabella De Villehardouin 1297-1301

The 4th Crusade was diverted by Venice into capturing the Byzantine Empire in 1204. The Latin States of Greece were a result of this. Geoffrey de Villehardouin, (nephew of the chronicler), and William of Champlitte conquered the Peloponese in 1205. Geoffrey II's brother, William, offended the Venetians. William appealed to Charles of Anjou and married his daughter, Isabella(?) to his son Philip of Savoy, making Archaea an Italo-Angevin dependancy for 100 years.

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