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Dynasty: White Sheep Turks -Aq Qoyunlu
Ruler: Ya‘qub (Abu'l Muzaffar)
Reigned: 1478 - 1490 A.D./ 883 - 896 A.H.
Denomination: AR 1/4 Tanka
Mint: South/central Iran
Obverse: Arabic script in a square
Reverse: Arabic script
Reference: Album A2522
Weight: 1.2 gms
Diameter: 11.9 mm

White Sheep Turks

The Aq Qoyunlu or "White Sheep" Turkomens originated in north-central Anatolia, as did the "Black Sheep" Qara Qoyunlu. In 1467 - 1468 A.D. (872 - 873 A.H.), the White Sheep, under Hasan, overran two-thirds of Iran and most of Iraq, probably exploiting the confusion reigning following the break-up of the Timurid 'empire'.

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