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Dynasty: Nasrids of Granada
Ruler: Anonymous: temp. 'Ali b. Sa'd
Reigned: AH 879-894/ AD 1474-1489
Denomination: AE Fals
Mint: Gharnata AH 881/ AD 1467/8
Obverse: "Struck, in Granada, year" in three lines in Naskhi script.
Reverse: Date in three lines in Naskhi script.
Reference: Album 418; Vives 2217; R. Lorente 82.
Weight: 3.3 gms
Diameter: 17.0 mm

The Nasrids of Granada

Originally one of the Taifas Almohades, the Nasrids survived until the expulsion of the Arabs by Ferdinand and Isabella in 897/1452.

During the time the Christians were launching a campaign against the Emirate of Granada that would effectively end the Nasrid dynasty, the Nasrids were engaged in a civil war over the throne of Granada. When Abu l-Hasan Ali, Sultan of Granada, was ousted by his son Muhammad XII, Abu l-Hasan Ali retreated to Malaga and civil war broke out between the competing factions. Christians took full advantage of this and continued capturing Muslim strongholds. Muhammed XII was caught by Christian forces in 1483 at Lucena, Cordoba. He was freed after he swore an oath of allegiance to Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile. Abu l-Hasan Ali finally abdicated in favor of his brother Muhammad XIII, Sultan of Granada, known as Al-Zaghal (the valiant), and a power struggle with Muhammad XII continued. Al-Zaghal prevailed in the inner struggle but was forced to surrender to the Christians. Muhammad XII was given a lordship in the Alpujarras mountains but instead took financial compensation from the Spanish crown to leave the Iberian Peninsula.

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