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Dynasty: Muzaffarid
Ruler: Shah Shuja
Reigned: 760-789 AH (1358-1386 AD)
Denomination: AR 2 Dinars, Type G
Mint: Shiraz
Date of Issue:
Reverse: plain circle with mint inter-linear square
Reference: Album 2282.7
Weight: 2.8 gms
Diameter: 22.9 mm


  • Following the death of Abu Sayed Behauder in 1335, the Muzaffarid governor of Yazd, Mubarriz Al-Din Muhammad, took first Kerman and Shiraz in 1350, and Isfahan in 1354, killing Sheikh Abu Ishaq of the Inju dynasty which had previously held the area.
  • Mubarriz Al-Din arranged for the marriage of Abu Ishaq's niece, Soltan Bakht Agha, to one of his sons, Qutb Al-Din (Shah Mahmud) who initially governed Isfahan.
  • Shah Mahmud's wife was determined to avenge her uncle's death and by creating discord between her husband and his brother, Jalal Al-Din (Shah Shuja).
  • Her husband found out and had her executed but still lost Isfahan in 1375 to Jalal Al-Din, who had sided with the advancing Timur (Tamerlane).
  • After Jalal Al-Din's death in 1384 his son Mujahid Al-Din Zayn Al-'Abidayn, decided to oppose Timur who promptly replaced him as governor of Isfahan with relatives more sympathetic himself.
  • When Timur had left however, the family renewed their quarelling feud started again, and Mujahid Al-Din was blinded and imprisoned by his brother. Timur returned in 1393 and executed every remaining one.

  • 1314-1358 Mohammed Ibn Al-Muzaffar
  • 1358-1375 Qutb Al-Din Shah Mahmud (at Isfahan)
  • 1358-1384 Shah Shuja
  • 1384-1387 Zain Al-Abidin Ali
  • 1384-1393 Ahmad (at Kerman)
  • 1387-1393 Yahya (at Yazd)
  • 1387-1393 Mansur (at Isfahan)

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