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Dynasty: Injuid (Mongols)
Ruler: Abu Ishaq
Reigned: 743-758 AH (1342-1356 AD)
Denomination: AR Dinar
Date of Issue:
Obverse: Pointed quatrefoil.
Reverse: fancy octofoil. Title "al-mutawakkil 'ala Allah ("trusting in God")
Reference: Album 2275.2
Weight: 3.8 gms
Diameter: 21 mm


Originally governors to the Ilkhans, the Injuids became independent in the early 740s, but they were destroyed by Muhammad b. al -Mazaffar in 757/1356. Their name derives from their position as overseers of the Ilkhan's personal lands in Fars; whose lands were known in Mongolian as the inju.

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