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Roman Imitatives

Ruler(s)/ Period: Trebonianus Gallus
Denomination: Fourrée Antoninianus (silver-plated AE)
Date of Issue: after 251 AD
Obverse: Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust, right. "IMP C.C. VIB. TREB. GALLVS AVG."
Reverse: Virtus standing right holding spear and leaning on shield. "VIRTVS AVGG"
Reference: RIC IViii 76
Weight: 3.4 gms
Diameter: 19.6 mm


Fourrée Antoninianus (silver-plated AE) with correct matching obverse and reverse. The official silver coinage at this time was becoming rapidly de-based so silver-plating an imitation was becoming unnecessary. This must have been one of the last fourrée imitatives, at least for a time.

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