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Roman Imitatives

Ruler(s)/ Period: Domitian
Denomination: Plated (fourrée), hybrid Denarius
Date of Issue: after 85 AD
Obverse: Laureate bust right with aegis "IMP. CAES. DOMIT. AVG. GERM. P.M. TR. P. IIII
Reverse: Minerva standing right on Columna Rostrata (column surmounted by two ships prows), draped, wearing aegis, holding shield and javelin, owl at feet. "TR. POT.III CENS. P.P.P."
Reference: Reverse, excluding inscription, RIC II pt 1, 507
Weight: 3.1 gms
Diameter: 18 mm


This coin is a contemporary forgery. It was made with a copper flan covered with a thin covering of silver, before being struck. The copper can be seen poking through the silver only in one small place on the rim (obverse one o'clock). The obverse is correct for Domitian for date 85 AD (as given by the inscription). The inscription on the reverse is for 84 AD and is not known for official coins.

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