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Roman Imitatives

Ruler(s)/ Period: Tiberius
Denomination: Plated (fourrée) imitating a Denarius
Date of Issue: after 16 AD
Obverse: Laureate head right. "TI. CAESAR DIVI. AVG. F. AVGVSTVS"
Reverse: Livia (as Pax) seated right, holding olive-branch and inverted spear; ornate legs to chair. "PONTIF MAXIM."
Reference: RIC Vol.I, 30 (if official)
Weight: 2.1 gms
Diameter: 18.6 mm


This coin is a contemporary forgery. It was made with a copper flan covered with a thin covering of silver, before being struck. Much of the copper on the inside has corroded, leaving a thin "flap" of silver on one edge. For the genuine coin of Tiberius, see Tribute Penny

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