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Roman Imitatives

Ruler(s)/ Period: Mark Antony
Denomination: Silver-plated AE (fourrée), imitating a Denarius of Antony's army in Greece.
Date of Issue: after 31 BC
Obverse: Galley right with banners at prow "ANT. AVG" above. " III. VIR R.P.C." below.
Reverse: Legionary eagle between two standards. "LEG. ???"
Reference: RCVM 1479 type, RRC 544/?
Weight: 2.5 gms
Diameter: 17.1 mm


This coin is a contemporary forgery. It was made with a copper flan covered with a thin covering of silver, before being struck. Official coins of this type circulated for hundreds of years and consequently are nearly always severely worn. Remarkably, this coin is just as worn as the official coins, showing that it must have remained in circulation for a very long time.

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