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Area/Ruler: Roman Judaea: Valerius Gratus
Ruled: Procurator: 15 - 26 AD
Denomination: AE Prutah
Date of Issue: 24/25 AD
Obverse: "TIB KAI CAP" (Tiberius Caesar) in a wreath tied at base with an X
Reverse: Palm branch curving to right, "ΙΟϒ ΛΙΑ" (Julia (Livia), mother of Tiberius) and date "LΙΛ" (year 11 of Tiberius) around.
Reference: GIC 5621, Hendin 647
Weight: 1.4 gms
Diameter: 15 mm


Roman Procurator of Judea under Tiberius and during the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth.

Josephus, "Antiquities of the Jews" 18.2.2 Tiberius..."sent Valerius Gratus to be procurator of Judea, and to succeed Annius Rufus. This man deprived Ananus of the high priesthood, and appointed Ismael, the son of Phabi, to be high priest. He also deprived him in a little time, and ordained Eleazar, the son of Ananus, who had been high priest before, to be high priest; which office, when he had held for a year, Gratus deprived him of it, and gave the high priesthood to Simon, the son of Camithus; and when he had possessed that dignity no longer than a year, Joseph Caiaphas was made his successor. When Gratus had done those things, he went back to Rome, after he had tarried in Judea eleven years, when Pontius Pilatus came as his successor."

Caiaphas was the official high priest during the ministry and trial of Jesus (Matt 26:3, 57; Luke 3:2; John 11:49; 18:13, 14, 24, 28; Acts 4:6). He was the president of the Jewish council (Sanhedrim) which condemned the Jesus to death. Caiaphas declaring Him guilty of blasphemy.

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