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Ruler: Sassanian Persia: Yazdgard II
Reigned: 438 AD - 457 AD
Denomination: AR Drachm
Obverse: Bust of King facing right. His tiara has four turrets. A crescent clip holds the small Orymbos. . Ribbons hold curled locks of hair. Beard tip is tied with ribbon, holding tuft of hair and pearls. Necklace and earrings bear large gemstones. Embroidered border of Cape held in front by jewel. Inscription in Pahlavi: “MZDISN KDI IZDKRT MLKAN MLK” (Of the Faith -Mazdayasna, Yazdegard the fortunate, King of Kings).
Reverse: Zoroastrian fire altar with attendants, those being, the King and the Prince, both holding a long bundle of Barsom rods (tied with 4 knots of Palm leaf strips). Short Capes flow behind their shoulders. The word “RAST” (Just) is inscribed on Altar Shaft, which is decorated with ribbons. “NVKI IZDKRT” (Yazdegard, adorer [of Fire]).
Weight: 4 gms
Diameter: 30.6 mm

Yazdgard II

  • Yazdgard II was the son of Varhran V. Reigned 438 - 457 AD.
  • Between 443-456 A.D. the Hephthalites had regrouped and regular campaigns to quell them were undertaken.
  • In 455-456 A.D. there was friction in the Roman part of Armenia between Romans and those of the Zarathustrian religion, in spite of treaties with Theodosius II. Yazdegard sent his Commander Mir Narseh to sort the matter out.
  • In the Caucasus the Huns were checked by a combined Roman/Sassanian force. Frustrated by these blockades, Attila the Hun (406-453 A.D.), struck directly at Rome.
  • Yazdgard’s persecution of the Jews had reached such proportions that they discontinued the writing of their Palestinian Talmud. He, even, forbade them to celebrate the Sabbath and dissolved their right to impose their own law on Jewish offenders. Yazdegard II died in CE 457.

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