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Ruler: Parthia: Vonones II
Reigned: 51 AD
Denomination: AR Drachm
Mint: Ecbatana
Obverse: Helmeted bust facing with short beard wearing diadem with loops at both sides; helmet with ornamentation (horns ?) and ear flaps. Royal wart on forehead; at each side six-pointed stars; border of dots.
Reverse: Archer (Arsakes I) seated right on throne, holding bow, monogram below bow. Blundered Greek legend.
Reference: Shore 368, Sellwood 67.1
Weight: 3.8 gms
Diameter: 19.6 mm

Vonones II

Vonones II of Parthia ruled the Parthian Empire briefly in 51. During the reign of his brother Gotarzes II he was governor of Media, and was raised to the throne on Gotarzes' death. However, he died after a few months and was succeeded by his son Vologases I.

Despite a relatively short reign, he had 5 sons who held the thrones of Parthia and Armenia. These sons were Vologases I; Pacorus II; Osroes I; Mithridates IV and Tiridates I of Armenia.

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