Alexander and his successors

359 B.C. to 100 A.D.

Phillip II (359-336 BC) of Macedonia in the north of Greece, re-established the country's power and alliances with the other states of Greece. He was to lay the groundwork for his son, Alexander the Great, to conquer most of the known world.

The young Alexander came to power after his father's assassination in 336 BC. Two years later, after establishing his power over Greece, he attacked the Persian empire. His successes were spectacular. His conquests ranged over Persia and Egypt and even reached as far as the Punjab in India. But in Babylon in the spring of 323 BC he died of a fever. His empire was divided amongst his generals - those that were strong enough to keep their spoils.

To Seleucus went all of Alexander's empire, except Egypt. Seleucus (Nikator) did not have an easy time establishing his kingdom. The kingdom dwindled in time until it's final extinction at the hands of Pompey the Great in 64 BC.

To Ptolemy went Egypt. His dynasty was to last until the suicide of Cleopatra VII in 30 BC.

Macedonia itself went to the feeble-minded half-brother of Alexander, Philip III, against a background of civil war. Macedonia was conquered by the Romans in 197 BC.

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Macedonia; Philip II -father of
Alexander the Great: 359-336 BC
Macedonia; Alexander III (the Great)
336 BC - 323 BC
AR Tetradrachm of Babylon
Macedonia; Alexander III (the Great)
336 BC - 323 BC
AR Drachm of Lampsakos
Macedonia; Philip III, Arrhidaeus
323 - 317 BC
AR Tetradrachm of Abados
Macedonia; Alexander III (the Great)
336 BC - 323 BC
Posthumous AR Tetradrachm
Thrace: Lysimachos
323 BC - 281 BC
AR Tetradrachm
Macedon; "Interval"
286 BC - 277 BC
AE 16mm
Macedonia under Roman rule
158 BC - 150 BC
AR Tetradrachm
Egypt; Ptolemy II, Philadelphos
285 BC - 246 BC
AR Tetradrachm
Egypt; Ptolemy V,Epiphanes
205 BC - 180 BC
AR Tetradrachm
Egypt; Ptolemy VI Philometor
180-145 BC
AE Drachm
Egypt; Cleopatra VII
51 BC - 30 BC
AR Tetradrachm
Syria (Seleucid Empire); Demetrius II
129 BC - 125 BC
AE 16mm
Syria (Seleucid Empire)
Antiochos VIII: 121 - 96 BC
AR Tetradrachm
Pontos -Amisos; Mithradates VI
120 BC - 63 BC
AE 20mm
Syria; Antioch on Orontes
Early 1st Cent BC
AE 18mm
Cilicia; King Tarcondimotus
39 BC - 31 BC
AE 20mm
Cappadocia: Ariarathes V
163-130 BC
AR Drachm
Roman Syria; Seleuceia Pieria
2nd Cent AD
AE 21mm
Ionia - Ephesus, under Roman rule
133 - 67 B.C.
AR Cistophorus
Rhodes, Rhodos
275 - 250 B.C.
AR Didrachm

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