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103 B.C to 135 A.D.

Judaea, modern day Israel and Palestine, was a province of the Persian Empire until 332 BC and the conquests of Alexander the Great. Subsequently it was ruled by the Seleucids, Alexander's successors. In 167 BC the Jews revolted against their masters, led by the priest Mattathias. The first coins were minted by John Hyrcanus (135 - 104 BC).

In 64 BC the Romans under Pompey conquered the area. From then on, the Jewish kings were clients of the Romans. The Parthians captured the area in 40 BC but were repelled the next year by Herod the Great.

Jesus was born approximately 3 BC He was crucified in 30 AD Pontius Pilate was the Roman Procurator or military governor at the time.

In 66 AD the Jewish Zealots revolted against the Romans. The revolt was put down by the future emperor Vespasian and his son, Titus, who completely destroyed Jerusalem and it's temple. Again in 132 AD there was an uprising, this time under Bar Kokhba. If the previous revolt had been ruthlessly put down, this time there was no mercy at all. The Jews were expelled from their homeland and Jerusalem rebuilt as a Roman city, Aelia Capitolina.

Judaea Bibliography

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Judaea; John Hyrcanus
135 - 104 B.C.
AE Prutah
Judaea; Alexander Jannaeus
103 B.C. - 76 B.C.
AE Prutah
Judaea; Alexander Jannaeus
103 B.C. - 76 B.C.
AE Prutah (Widow's Mite)
Judaea; Herod the Great
40 B.C. - 4 A.D.
AE 2 Prutot
Gadara: Augustus
27 BC - 14 AD
AE 17
Roman Judaea; Herod Archelaus
4 BC - 6 AD
AE Prutah
Roman Judaea; Coponius
Procurator; 6 AD - 9 AD
AE Prutah
Roman Judaea; Marcus Ambibulus
Procurator; 9 AD - 12 AD
AE Prutah
Roman Judaea; Valerius Gratus
Procurator; 15 AD - 26 AD
AE Prutah
Roman Judaea; Pontius Pilate
Procurator; 26 AD - 36 AD
AE Prutah
Roman Judaea;
King Herod Agrippa I
37 - 44 AD AE Prutah
Roman Judaea; Antonius Felix,
Roman Procurator, 52 AD - 59 AD
AE Prutah
Roman Judaea; Porcius Festus,
Roman Procurator, 59 AD - 62 AD
AE Prutah
Judaean Kingdom; Herod Agrippa II
55 - 95 AD
Bronze half unit
Roman Judaea; 1st Jewish revolt
66 AD - 70 AD
AE 16mm
Roman Judaea; 2nd Jewish revolt
132 AD - 135 AD
AE 24mm
Nabathaea; King Malichus II
& Queen Shaqilath II,
40 AD - 71 AD AE 17mm

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