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Most viewed - Provincial Coins
Philippe Dacia.jpg
Viminacium (Kostolac) - As of Philip the Arab120 viewsIMP. M. IVL. PHILIPPVS AVG. , laureate, draped and cuirassed bust.
PROVINCIA DACIA / AN II , Dacia wearing phrygian cap seated left, holding scimitar, between an eagle with a vexillum inscribed V and a lion with a vexillum inscribed XIII.

These coins were minted for the Province of Dacia. The vexilla and emblems are those of Legio V Macedonica (base in Potaissa) and Legio XIII Gemina (base in Apulum (Alba Iulia)).
1 commentsGinolerhino
Tarse Sévère Alexandre.jpg
Tarsus (Cilicia) - Severus Alexander AE37108 views[ ... CE]OVHPOC AΛ[EΞAN]ΔPOC , laureate, draped and cuirassed bust ; Γ in field to right
Rev.: illegible circular legend. Apollo facing, resting on column. Beneath, Nike holding palm and wreath driving quadrifa right. In field : A M. K. / H MHTP. / Π. B.
3 commentsGinolerhino
Caracalla Julia Domna Marcianopolis.jpg
Marcianopolis - Caracalla and his mother - 5 assaria87 viewsObverse : Bust of Caracalla as imperator (laureate, wearing cuirass and paludamentum) facing his mother Julia Domna's bust.
Reverse : Temple with four columns, and cultus-statue of Tyche holding rudder and cornucopia. Exergue : E (mark of value : 5 assaria).

Hristova/Jekov No. (Thank you Jochen!)
7 commentsGinolerhino
Zeugma Antonin.jpg
Zeugma (Turkey) - Antoninus Pius84 views(description later)Ginolerhino
Aegeae (Cilicia) - Valerianus82 viewsAV. KAI. ΠOV. ΛIKI. OVAΛEPIANOC CEB. , laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, caduceus in field to the right.
IEPOIKOVMENIKOC ACKΛHΠIOC / AIΓAIωN , 2 corn-ears in a prize urn resting on agonistic table seen in perspective, vase beneath.
Decius Rhesaina 1.jpg
Rhesaina (Mesopotamia) - Trajan Decius67 viewsAYT. KAI. ΓAI. MEC. KY. [ΔEKIOC ? TPAI]ANOC CEB. , radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
[CEΠ.] PHCAINHCIωN L. III P. , Temple seen in perspective, eagle inside ; beneath, the River-god Aborrhas (the Khabur) swimming left.
1 commentsGinolerhino
Rhesaina 3.jpg
Rhesaina (Mesopotamia) - Third Legion Parthica64 viewsIllegible circular legend. Naked bust of a laureate emperor upon eagle.
LEG. III , Vexillum (maybe with the letter Γ on it).

These small coins issued by the IIIrd Legion usually come from Rhesaina (Ras el-Ayn, at the source of the river Khabur, nowat the Syro-Turkish border). The obverse looks like it is Caracalla, but also like a consecration portrait.
Séleucie de Piérie Trajan.jpg
Seleucia Pieria (Samandagi, Turkey) - Trajan64 viewsIllegible legend ; laureate bust right.
CEΛEYKEωN [ΠEIEP]IAC / ZEYC KACIOC , sacred conical baetyl of Zeus Kasios under canopy supported by four columns, seen in perspective.
24 mm.

Seleucia Pieria was the port of Antioch. Her main sanctuary was Zeus Kasios (the god who is on Mount Kasios, near the city), worshiped as a conical sacred stone - exactly like Elagabal in Emesa.
1 commentsGinolerhino
Hadrien Alexandrie.jpg
Alexandria - Bronze drachm of Hadrian59 viewsObv. legend out of flan ; laureate bust of Hadrian.
Rev. : Decorated front of Egyptian temple, the cultus statue is visible between the pylons.
1 commentsGinolerhino
Ascalon Trajan.jpg
Ascalon (Ashkelon, Israel) - Trajan56 viewsCEBAC[TOC] , laureate bust of Trajan right.
ACLAΛΩ , female deity standing left holding standard and aphlaston (WTF ?) ; to the left, an altar ; to the right, a dove, and ΔIC : year 214 = 110-111 AD.
23 mm.

The dove is the sacred bird of the godess Derketo. The deity standing on this reverse may be a tyche, but may be Derketo too.
Perga Volusien.jpg
Perga (Pamphylia) - Volusianus52 viewsA. K. Γ. OVIB. ΓAΛ OVOΛOVCIANON , laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, upon eagle standing right holding wreath in beak.
ΠEP ΓAI ΩN , Tyche holding cornucopia seated left, facing Artemis standing right, a stag (?) at her feet.
30 mm

It looks very much like this unpublished one (and is probably from the same reverse die) :
2 commentsGinolerhino
Berytus Héliogabale.jpg
Berytus (Beyrouth, Lebanon) - Elagabalus51 viewsIMP. CAES. M. AVR. ANTONINVS AVG. , laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
COL. IVL. AVG. FEL. BER , temple of Tyche (?)
23 mm
2 commentsGinolerhino
Gordien Singara.jpg
Singara (Sinjar, Northern Iraq) - Gordian III and Tranquillina51 viewsAVTOK.K.M.AT(sic).ΓOPΔIANON CAB. TPANKVΛΛINA CEB. , Bust of Gordian III facing bust of his wife Tranquillina.
Rev.: AVP. CEΠ. KOΛ. CINΓAPA , Tyche of Singara seated left on rock, holding branch. Sagittarius (emblem of the Legio III Parthica) over her head.
1 commentsGinolerhino
Laodicée Héliogabale.jpg
Laodicea (Lattakieh, Syria) - Elagabalus49 views[IMP.] C. M. AVR. ANTONINVS , laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Elagabalus right
COLONIA LAODICEA [...] / Δ E , eagle facing in shrine made of canopy supported by two columns

From the nice portrait, it is Elagabalus.
1 commentsGinolerhino
SévAlex Edesse.jpg
City of Mesopotamia - Severus Alexander49 views[... AΛE]ΞANΔPOC C. , laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Blundered legend ? I cannot be sure this city is Nisibis, Edessa, Carrhae... Looks like it is Edessa, but the rest of the legend does not fit... Tyche seated left on rock, flaming altar to the left, river-god swimming at her feet.
1 commentsGinolerhino
Philippe Samosate.jpg
Philip the Arab - large bronze from Samosata (Samsat, Turkey)44 viewsRev.: ΦΛ. CAMOCATEωN MHTPOΠ. KOM. : (coin of the citizens of) Flavia Samosata, the Capital of Commagena. Tyche of Samosata leated left on rock, holding an eagle ; at her feet, Pegasus.
Gallien Alexandrie.jpg
Gallienus - Bronze tetradrachm from Alexandria41 viewsAVT. K. Π. ΛIK. ΓAΛΛIHNOC CEB. , draped, cuirassed and laureate bust right
Reverse : Bust of Helios, the Sun-God, wearing the chlamys of charioteers. L I/A : year 11 (263-4).
2 commentsGinolerhino
Antonin Ephèse.jpg
Ephesus - Antoninus Pius38 viewsReverse : ΔIC NEOKOPΩN / EΦECIΩN , Temple of Artemis with Statue of Ephesian Artemis inside.

This temple was considered one of the 7 wonders of the Hellenistic world.
Caracalla Edesse.jpg
Edessa (Sanliurfa, Turkey) - Caracalla33 views[...] ANTωNEINOC CEB. , radiate, draped and cuirassed bust seen from behind
[... ]O. EΔECCA , Tyche seated left on rock, river-god swimming at her feet.
SevAlex Edesse 2.jpg
Carrhae (Harran, Turkey) - Severus Alexander33 views[... AΛEΞ]ANΔP[OC...] , laureate and draped bust of Severus Alexander left, holding shield
MHT. KO. KAPPHNωN ? Tyche of Carrhae seated left on rock, altar to the left, small river-god swimming at her feet.
Bronze, 23 mm

I am not sure this coin is from Carrhae : all Mesopotamian cities had the same veiled and seated Tyche (copied from the Tyche of Antioch) at the reverse of their coins.
Sidon Héliogabale 2.jpg
Sidon (Saida, Lebanon) - Elagabalus33 viewsRev. : Processional cart containing the ovoid sacred stone of of Astarte, SID above.
19 mm.
Beroea Trajan.jpg
Beroea (Aleppo, Syria) - Trajan32 viewsIllegible legend. Laureate bust right.
BEPOI / AIωN / Γ in wreath
1 commentsGinolerhino
Beyrouth Macrin.jpg
Berytus (Beyrouth) - Macrinus31 viewsreverse: COL. FEL. BER. , temple of Astarte.

Maybe this coin is a forgery ? I am not certain.
Rhesaina 2.jpg
Rhesaina (?) - Legio III Parthica31 viewsNo legend ? Radiate bust left.
LEC [III] ? , vexillum bearing the numeral A.
Gaza Hadrien.jpg
Gaza - Hadrian30 viewsRev.: ΓAZA / B EΠI : Year 2 of the "epidemia" (imperial visit to the city) = 131 AD ; Tyche standing left holding sceptre and cornucopia, a cow at her feet. To the right : Mim (the phoenician letter one can see on all Gaza coins).Ginolerhino
Amasia Caracalla.jpg
Amasia (Pontus) - Caracalla29 viewsAY. KAI. M. AYP. ANTΩNIN[...] , laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Caracalla right.
AΔP. CEY. ANT. AMACIAC MHT. ΠP. ΠO. , eagle on monumental stone altar near a tree.
Hierapolis Apollon.jpg
Hierapolis (Mambij, Syria) -29 viewsIEPOΠO ΛEITωN , bust of laureate Apollo right.
ETZ[...] = year (..)7 , lyre.
13 mm

I suppose this autonomous small coin was minted in the IInd C. This Apollo looks very much like the Apollo playing cithar who was worshiped in Daphne, Antioch's main sanctuary. He must be the Greek version of some northern Syrian traditional young male deity.
Laodicée Antonin.jpg
Laodicea (Lattakieh, Syria) - Antoninus Pius29 viewsIllegible legend mostly out of flan , laureate bust of Antoninus Pius right
IOVΛIEωN TωN KAI ΛAODIKEωN , turreted bust of Tyche right ; to the right ΘE, to the left HΠP : year 188 = 140-141 AD.
24 mm

The crown of the Tyche is a model of the city walls, with the arched gate flanked by two towers.
Macrin Antioche tétradrachme.jpg
Hierapolis (Mambij) silver tetradrachm of Macrinus29 viewsThe lion between the eagle's legs on the reverse is the mark of Hierapolis (Mambij, Northern Syria)

Sidon Héliogabale.jpg
Sidon (Saida, Lebanon) - Elagabalus28 viewsRev.: processional cart containing the ovoid sacred stone of Astarte.
24 mm
Tarse Macrin.jpg
Tarsus (Cilicia) - Macrinus28 viewsReverse : Apollo Lycaeus standing facing, head left, holding two wolves.1 commentsGinolerhino
Rabbathmoba Septime Sévère.jpg
Rabbathmoba (Rabba, Jordan) - Septimius Severus27 views(description later)Ginolerhino
Emèse Julia Domna.jpg
Emesa (Homs, Syria) - Julia Domna26 viewsIOV[ΛIA] ΔOMNA [AVΓ]. , bust of Julia Domna right
[EMICΩ]N KOΛΩNIAC / ZKΦ : year 527 sel. = 215-216 AD. , monumental cubic altar on three steps, with 2 storeys ornamented with 3 niches with statues, small lighted altar on top.
24 mm

This kind of monumental cubic altar is well-known in Roman Syria. There was one much like it in front of Jupiter's Temple in Heliopolis (Baalbek, Lebanon), not far from Emesa ; it has been excavated and partially restored by a Swiss mission. A structure f the same kind has been recently restored by Jacques Seigne in Gerasa (Jerash, Jordan) in front of Zeus Temple. We know no trace of any ancient sanctuary in today's Homs, but this altar, depicted on this coin, was probably in front of the Elagabal Temple. The High-Priest (future emperor Elagabalus) is said to have been "dancing around the altars" : this was in fact the circumambulatio, exactly like today's Muslims turn around the Cube (Kaaba) in Mekka.
SepSév Edesse.jpg
Edessa (Sanliurfa, Turkey) - Septimius Severus and Abgar VIII26 viewsIllegible legend ; bust of Septimius Severus right
ABΓAPOC BACI[ΛEVC] , bust of Abgar VIII right, wearing the royal tiara ornamented with a star in a crescent, sceptre to the right.
Bronze, 19 mm.
Gadara Marc Aurèle.jpg
Gadara (Um Qays, Jordan) - Marcus Aurelius25 views(description later)Ginolerhino
Philippe Antioche tétradrachme.jpg
Philip the Arab - Tetradrachm from Antioch25 views1 commentsGinolerhino
Sidon Claude.jpg
Sidon (Saida, Lebanon) - Claudius25 viewsrev.: ΣIΔΩNOΣ , Europe riding the Bull right. Date : BΞP : year 162 = 51-52 AD.

In the mythology, Europe was a princess from Sidon.
Césarée Trébonien Galle.jpg
Caesarea (Caesarea, Israel) - Trebonianus Gallus24 views(description later)Ginolerhino
Laodicée Trajan.jpg
Laodicea (Lattakieh, Syria) - Trajan24 views[AYTOKP. NEP.] TPAIANOC APICT. [KAIC. CEB. ΓEP. ΔAK. ΠAP.] , laureate bust right
IOYΛIEωN TωN KAI ΛAO[ΔIKEωN BΞP] , turreted bust of Tyche right
25 mm.
Drusus Italica.jpg
Italica (Spain) - Drusus Jr.23 views[DRVSV]S CAESAR TI. [AVG. F.] , bare head of Drusus right.
[MVNIC.] ITALIC. / PER. AVG. , Legionary eagle with vexillum between 2 standards.
Sidon Caracalla.jpg
Sidon (Saida, Lebanon) - Tetradrachm of Caracalla23 viewsOn the reverse, there is the ceremonial cart of Astarte between the eagle's legs.Ginolerhino
Césarée SévAlex.jpg
Caesarea (Caesarea, Israel) - Severus Alexander22 views(description later)Ginolerhino
Decius Rhesaina 2.jpg
Rhesaina (Mesopotamia) - Trajan Decius21 viewsIllegible circular legend. bust of Trajan Decius radiate, draped and cuirassed right.
[...]PHCAINHCIωN L.III P. , eagle facing on palm, beneath : founder with two oxen.
Gordien III Edesse.jpg
Edessa (Sanliurfa, Turkey) - Gordian III and Abgar X21 viewsThis coin is very worn, sorry.
[AVTOK. K. M. ANT. ΓOP]ΔIANOC [CEB.] , laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Gordian III right.
[AVTOK. ΓOPΔIANOC ABΓAPOC BACIΛEVC] , Gordian III seated right on chair set on platform facing Abgar X standing left and holding small nike.
Bronze, 31 mm.

Abgar X was king of Osrhoene and a close ally of the Romans when Gordian III led a military expedition against the Sassanid Persians in AD 242. With such a coin, minted in Edessa, the city of Abgar, we see the hierarchy of powers, who is enthroned, and who is standing in front of him waiting for orders. In fact, this coin reflects the feudal system in the Middle East at the time, and is closely paralleled by Parthian reliefs showing the King of Kings enthroned and a vassal king standing in front of him.

Bought in Amman (Jordan) just behind the Roman theatre.
Caesarea Paneas Marc Aurèle.jpg
Caesarea Paneas (Baniyas, Israel) - Marcus Aurelius20 views[...] AN TωNE[INOC] , laureate bust right
[...] / KAICAP / ΠANIA / ΔOC in wreath
15 mm
Hierapolis Marc Aurèle.jpg
Hierapolis (Mambij, Syria) - Marcus Aurelius20 views(description later)Ginolerhino
Antioche Pisidie.jpg
Antioch in Pisidia - Gallienus (?) small bronze19 viewsIMP. CAE. P. Λ. GLLI[enus...] , radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
ANTIO / CHOCL (sic) , legionary eagle on vexillum between 2 standards.
Maybe there is S R on the vexillum.
Caesarea (Caesarea, Israel) - ?19 views(description later)Ginolerhino
Alexandrie Antonin.jpg
Alexandria - Bronze drachm of Antoninus Pius18 viewsReverse : reciling Nile-god, crocodile beneath.Ginolerhino
Hierapolis Philippe.jpg
Hierapolis (Mambij, Syria) - Philip the Arab18 views(description later)Ginolerhino
Arados Trajan.jpg
Arados (Rouad, Syria) - Trajan16 views(description later)Ginolerhino
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