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002e. Octavia; Crete, Knossos.32 viewsCrete, Knossos. Nero and Octavia. ∆ 26 (26.4 mm, 9.09 g, 1 h). A.D. 54-62. ca. A.D. 55-60. Volumnius Lupinus, magistrate. Vary Rare. NERO CLAV CAES AVG IMP LVPINO VOLVMNIO II, bare-headed bust of Nero right / NERO CLAVD CAES AVG IMP ET OCTAVIA AVGVSTI, confronted busts of Octavia, facing right with crescent overhead, and Nero, bare-headed with a start overhead. RPC 1006; Svoronos 217.ecoli
1ap_2 Messalina36 viewsThird wife of Claudius, married in 38 (?)

AE 20, Knossos mint

Bare head†of†Claudius†left, CLAVDIVS†CAESAR†AVG†GERMANICVS

Draped bust of Messalina right, VALERIA MESSALINA [CAPITONE CYTHERONTE IIVIR] or [CYTHERO CAPITONE] (end of legend off flan)

According to Suetonius: [Claudius] was betrothed twice at an early age: to Aemilia Lepida, great-granddaughter of Augustus, and to Livia Medullina, who also had the surname of Camilla and was descended from the ancient family of Camillus the dictator. He put away the former before their marriage, because her parents had offended Augustus; the latter was taken ill and died on the very day which had been set for the wedding. He then married Plautia Urgulanilla, whose father had been honoured with a triumph, and later Aelia Paetina, daughter of an ex-consul. He divorced both these, Paetina for trivial offences, but Urgulanilla because of scandalous lewdness and the suspicion of murder. Then he married Valeria Messalina, daughter of his cousin Messala Barbatus. But when he learned that besides other shameful and wicked deeds she had actually married Gaius Silius, and that a formal contract had been signed in the presence of witnesses, he put her to death and declared before the assembled praetorian guard that inasmuch as his marriages did not turn out well, he would remain a widower, and if he did not keep his word, he would not refuse death at their hands. . . . [He later married Agrippina Jr.]

He had children by three of his wives: by Urgulanilla, Drusus and Claudia; by Paetina, Antonia; by Messalina, Octavia and a son, at first called Germanicus and later Britannicus. . . .

But it is beyond all belief, that at the marriage which Messalina had contracted with her paramour Silius he signed the contract for the dowry with his own hand, being induced to do so on the ground that the marriage was a feigned one, designed to avert and turn upon another a danger which was inferred from certain portents to threaten the emperor himself. . . .

He was so terror-stricken by unfounded reports of conspiracies that he had tried to abdicate. When, as I have mentioned before, a man with a dagger was caught near him as he was sacrificing, he summoned the senate in haste by criers and loudly and tearfully bewailed his lot, saying that there was no safety for him anywhere; and for a long time he would not appear in public. His ardent love for Messalina too was cooled, not so much by her unseemly and insulting conduct, as through fear of danger, since he believed that her paramour Silius aspired to the throne. . . .

Appius Silanus met his downfall. When Messalina and Narcissus had put their heads together to destroy him, they agreed on their parts and the latter rushed into his patron's bed-chamber before daybreak in pretended consternation, declaring that he had dreamed that Appius had made an attack on the emperor. Then Messalina, with assumed surprise, declared that she had had the same dream for several successive nights. A little later, as had been arranged, Appius, who had received orders the day before to come at that time, was reported to be forcing his way in, and as if were proof positive of the truth of the dream, his immediate accusation and death were ordered. . . .

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Claudius Knossos Crete (Divus Augustus)35 viewsClaudius, (Divus Augustus), Knossos Crete, 41-54 AD, 22.73mm, 6.9g, Magistrate Cytherus and Capito;
OBV: DIVVS AVGVSTVS CAPITONE ITER, Divine Augustus left, rays with binding
REV: VICTORIA AVG CYTHERO ITER, Victoria standing left
RPC 1003; Svoronos 215, Pl. VIII, 24.

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Greece, Crete, Knossos - palace256 viewscenter of Minoan culture - the first civilization in Europe
Old palace is from 19th to 16th centuries BC
Greece, Crete, Knossos - palace252 viewscenter of Minoan culture - the first civilization in Europe
Old palace is from 19th to 16th centuries BC
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