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1/16 Stater, Karia uncertain (Kaunos?)35 views1/16 Stater, Karia uncertain (Kaunos?)
aka Tritartemorion

490 - 470 BC

Female deity (Iris?) with curled wings,
Griffin standing l. in incuse square.

0.58 gr, 8.6 mm

cf SNGKeckman 817 for type & 821 for weight
see also AsiaMinorCoins #3960
Konuk 57 (O1,R1)
2 commentsPekka K
Caria, Kaunos 7 viewsCARIA, Kaunos. Circa 350-300 BC. Forepart of a bull right / Sphinx seated right. SNG Keckman 70.ecoli
Caria, Kaunos13 viewsCaria, Kaunos. 490-470 BC. AR Hemidrachm or Triobol (2.35 gm). Winged female deity (Iris?) running r., head turned back to l. / Winged griffin standing r., foreleg raised. VF.
SNG Helsinki 813-816; SNG Cop -; Troxell 206 #26; Dewing 2359; Konuk 36-37/ cf SNG von Aulock 8039.
Christian T
Caria, Kaunos, (309-189 B.C.), SNG Keckman 076, AE-10, K/AY//--, Double cornucopia,133 viewsCaria, Kaunos, (309-189 B.C.), SNG Keckman 076, AE-10, K/AY//--, Double cornucopia,
avers: Diademed head of Alexander the great right.
reverse: Double cornucopia between "K-AY"
exergue: K/AY//--, diameter: 10,0mm, weight: 1,31g, axes: 0h,
mint: Caria, Kaunos, date: 309-189 B.C., ref: SNG Keckman 076,
Caria, Kaunos, AE1041 views10mm, 0.85g
obv: facing head of Apollo
rev: sphinx sitting left, Carian letter K to left, B (Γ) to right
Klein 526; Keckman 828; Konuk, The Early Coinage of Kaunos. #118
2 commentsareich
Caria, Kaunos. AE1017 viewsObv: Diademed head of Alexander the Great r.
Rev: Filleted cornucopia, K-AY(ligate).
309-189 BC.
BMC 12.
GREEK, Caria, Kaunos. Stater.86 viewsCaria, Kaunos. Circa 430-410 BC. AR Stater (21mm, 11.52 g, 12h). Winged female figure in kneeling-running stance left, head right, holding caduceus and wreath / Baetyl(?); grape bunch on vine to either side, inverted Δ above; all within incuse square. Konuk 99 (O41/R40); SNG Copenhagen -; BMC (Cilicia) 8, pl. XVI, 4 (same dies).3 commentsJan Terje R
Kaunos , region of Caria 350 - 300 a.C.11 viewsKaunos , region of Caria 350 - 300 a.C.

Obv: Bull butting right, wreath above.

Rev: K-AY to left and right of sphinx sitting right.

Diameter: 12 mm. / Weight: 1,59 gms. / Material: Bronze

Refs: BMC 8-10.
Kaunos , region of Caria 390- 370 a.C.17 viewsKaunos , region of Caria 390- 370 a.C.

Obv: Head of Apollo facing slightly right, chlamys around neck.

Rev: Sphinx seated left.

Diameter: 11 mm. / Weight: 0,72 gms. / Material: Bronze

Refs: Konuk 117
Kaunos - AE4 views390-290 BC
head of Apollo slightly right
sphinx standing left
Δ _ Γ
Troxell (1979), pg. 261, 30; SNG Keckman 828; Troxell, Carians in Miniature, 30

ex Savoca
Kaunos - AE4 views390 - 370 BC
head of Apollo facing
sphinx standing left
(upside down) Δ _ Γ
Klein 526; H. Troxell, Winged Carians, Essays Thompson p. 261, 30; K. Konuk, The Early Coinage of Kaunos, Studies Price p. 214, 117
Kaunos - AR stater23 views450 - 430 BC
Iris? running left holding kerykeion and wreath
Baetyl, granulated patterns resembling birds on either side
Dewing 2359 (same dies); Konuk, "The Early Coinage of Kaunos" in Studies Price 94 (O36/R35); Troxell, "Winged Carians" in Essays Thompson p. 260, 26
ex CNG 2002
ex Forum Ancient Coins
ex Aurea numismatika 2011
ex Gitbud & Naumann 2014
Kaunos; AE 12.5; Bull right/ Sphinx right6 viewsKaunos, Caria, Fourth century B.C. AE 1.63 g, 12.5 mm. Bull butting r. K - A / Sphinx seated r. Aulock 2564; BMC 74, 3. Ex Gerhard RohdePodiceps
Macedonian Kingdom. Philip III Arrhidaios (323-317 B.C.)17 viewsSear 6781 var.; Price 2064.

AE half unit, 4.25 g., 16.77 min. max., 270

Struck by Asander/Asandros in the name of Alexander III, the Great, circa 323-319 B.C., at the Miletus mint [?] (per Price) or the Kaunos mint (based on find spots, per Ashton).

Obv.: Macedonian shield with Gorgoneion on central boss.

Rev.: Crested Macedonian helmet, flanked above by B--A (=ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝ∆ΡΟΥ), double-axe to lower left and K to lower right.
sphinx119 viewsKaunos , 10mm , 1.4gXLi
Turkey, Dalyan - The rock tombs of Kaunos61 viewsOutside the official Kaunos archeological site, near Dalyan, Turkey there are six rock tombs on the Dalyan river (4th 2nd century BC). The faades of the rock tombs resemble the fronts of Hellenistic temples with two Ionian pillars, a triangular pediment, an architrave with toothed friezes, and acroterions shaped like palm leaves.1 commentsJoe Sermarini
Turkey, Kaunos - the Theatre119 viewsA nicely proportioned theatre of the Greek type, with 34 rows of seats (18 below the diazoma and 16 above). The two arched entrances are original. Abu Galyon
Turkey, Kaunos: The Baetyl Sanctuary134 viewsThe flat terrace above the agora and harbour of Kaunos has a long history of sacred use. In late antiquity a three-nave Christian church was constructed here. Before that (from the first century BCE) the site was a temple and temenos dedicated to Zeus Soteros. Earlier still (perhaps fifth century BCE) is this unusual round structure, built at an angle to the axis of the later temple.

When first uncovered, the structures purpose seemed mysterious. But the mystery was partially solved when archaeologists sank a trench underneath the central flat circular slab and found a large, roughly conical baetyl, 3.5m in height resting on bedrock about 6.5m below the present surface. This sacred stone, associated with the eponymous founder of the city, appears as a design on several of the citys coins.

Note that the inner ring wall is plastered on its interior surface, suggesting that quantities of water (or other liquids) were involved in whatever rituals were conducted here.
Abu Galyon
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