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Bronze quadrans, 81-161 AD, obv diademed and draped bust of Venus, rev dov stand right, S-C flanking across field20 viewsMy first auction win! I'm very much all about deity, and am definitely planning to collect for the Greek and Roman deities if I can. Some near and dear to my heart, from preliminary scanning, I think will be hard to find (Hephaestus/Vulcan, I'm looking at you beautiful), but I'm happily determined. As to this particular coin, I cannot be happier to be starting out with Venus as my first coin, and first forum coin to boot!EvaJupiterSkies
Greece, Athens - Temple of Hephaestus and Athena Ergane528 viewsalso Theseion
Temple was used as church in christian times.
1 commentsJohny SYSEL
Greece, Bassae - Temple of Apollo Epikuros406 viewsbuilt 450 - 400 BC
designed by Iktinos - architect of the Temple of Hephaestus and the Parthenon
!!! There is the earliest example of Corinthian capital. Corinthian capital is in interior, exterior is built in Doric style.
Julia Domna, Thessalonica23 viewsAe 24mm; 6.59g
Thessalonica, Macedonia

draped bust right

Distyle temple with figure of Hephaestus within; holding tongs and hammer

Moushmov 6747

1 commentsRobin Ayers
Neptune, Apollo, Cybele, Luna, Mercury, Hephaestus, Helios, Mars, Venus, Hercules, Bacchus118 viewsPallazo AltempsJohny SYSEL
Samnium, Aesernia.15 viewsSamnium, Aesernia. After 263 BC. AE Litrae, 20mm (5.04 gm). Head of Vulcan (Hephaestus) l. wearing laureate pilos, tongs behind. [VOLCANOM]. / Zeus (Jupiter) in galloping biga r., hurling thunderbolt. [AISERNINO in ex.]. Good F. SNG Cop 256-258; SNG ANS 118-124; HN Italy 430; HGC 1 337; Sambon (1903) 184-189.Christian T
Uncertain AE36 Septimius Severus36 viewsObv: AYK[..]ET CEOYHP CEB. Laureate but r.
Rev: Hephaestus seated right. ? seated l. holding olive branch?
36mm, 22.61 g.
Heavy tooling.
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