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Akragas, Sicily124 views213-211 BC (Punic Occupation)
AR 1/4 Shekel (14mm, 2.11g)
O: Head of Triptolemus right, wreathed in corn.
R: Horse galloping right; Punic letters 'ht' below.
SNG Cop 379; HGC 2, 174; Burnett, Enna 151; de Luynes 3965; Weber 8540; Walker Group II, 1st Series
ex Tom Cederlind

One of the leading centers of Greek influence in the west during the 6th and 5th centuries BC, Akragas was sacked by Carthage in 406. Conquered by Rome in 262 and retaken by Carthgage 8 years later, the city never again regained its' former status. Akragas suffered greatly during the Second Punic War (218-201), with this coin being struck just before the city fell to Rome once again in 210.
Although renamed Agrigentum, its' culture remained essentially Greek for another few hundred years until Rome granted the inhabitants citizenship after Julius Caesar's death in 44 BC.

This coin was struck on the Carthaginian standard and of debased silver.
3 commentsEnodia
EB0172 Eagle / Crab7 viewsAgrigentum, SICILY, AE Hemilitron, 425-406 BC.
Obverse: Eagle standing right on dead hare.
Reverse: Crab; sea serpent [and conch below], three dots in left field, [three dots in right field].
References: Cf. BMC 93; GROSE 2064; Calciati 17.
Diameter: 32mm, Weight: 22.83.
Greek Bronze Arrowhead 4th Century B.C.31 viewsGreek bronze arrowhead 4th century B.C.

From Agrigentum in Sicily
Italy, Sicily, Agrigento - remains of city wall529 views1 commentsJohny SYSEL
Italy, Sicily, Agrigento - Temple of Castor and Pollux410 viewsbuilt +- 450 BCJohny SYSEL
Italy, Sicily, Agrigento - Temple of Concordia488 viewsgreek colony - Akragas
temple from 5. century BC
6 x 13 columns built over a basament of 39.44 x 16.91 m
temple was turned into church in the 6th century AD
Italy, Sicily, Agrigento - Temple of Concordia341 viewsgreek colony Akragas
temple from 5. century BC
Italy, Sicily, Agrigento - Temple of Heracles372 viewsbuilt in 5. century BCJohny SYSEL
Italy, Sicily, Agrigento - Temple of Juno331 viewsbuilt in the 5. century BC and burnt in 406 BC by the Carthaginians
used for the celebration of weddings
Syracuse, Sicily, Hiketas, 288 - 279 B79 viewsBronze AE 23, Calciati II p. 312 ff., 168 (various obv symbols), EF, partial flat strike, 7.564g, 22.8mm, 180o, Syracuse mint, obverse DIOS ELLANIOU, laureate head of young Zeus Hellanios right, uncertain symbol behind head; reverse SURAKOSIWN, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings open, star left

"Hicetas was tyrant of Syracuse for about nine years. The only recorded events during his rule are his victory over Phintias, tyrant of Agrigentum, and his defeat to the Carthaginians at the river Terias. He was expelled from Syracuse by Thynion shortly before Pyrrhus arrived in Sicily."
7 commentsRandygeki(h2)
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