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ROMAN EMPIRE, Vespasian, Silver Denarius30 viewsStruck 70 AD, Rome mint, 19mm, 3.2g, VF, RIC I 29

OBVERSE: Laureate head of Vespasian, right. IMP[ERATOR] CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG[USTUS] (Commander Caesar Vespasian, the Revered One).

REVERSE: Goddess of Peace, Pax, seated left, holding branch and caduceus. COS ITER TR[BUNICIA] POT[ESTATE] (Consul again, Tribune of the People).
Michael H4Aug 15, 2017
ROMAN EMPIRE, Septimius Severus, Silver Denarius67 viewsStruck 203 A.D., Rome mint, 19mm, 3.4g, EF, RIC IV 189b

OBVERSE: Laureate head of Severus, bearded, right. SEVERVS PIVS AVG[USTUS] (Severus Pius, the Revered One).

REVERSE: Goddess of luck, Fortuna, seated left, holding rudder and cornucopia, wheel below seat. P[ONTIFEX] M[AXIMUS] TR[IBUNICIA] P[OTESTATE] XI COS III P[ATER] P[ATRIAE] (Highest Priest, Tribune of the People for the 11th time, Consul for the 3rd time, Father of the Country).
3 commentsMichael H4Aug 15, 2017
ROMAN EMPIRE, Nero, Silver Denarius30 viewsStruck 64-65 AD, Rome mint, 17mm, 3.2g, VF, RIC I Nero 53

OBVERSE: Laureate head of Nero, right, with beard. NERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS (Nero Caesar, the Revered One).

REVERSE: God of the Gods, sky, and thunder, Jupiter, bare to waist, cloak around lower limbs, seated, left on throne, holding thunderbolt in right hand and long scepter in left. IVPPITER CVSTOS (Jupiter, the Guardian).
Michael H4Aug 15, 2017
ROMAN EMPIRE, Marcus Aurelius, Silver Denarius75 viewsStruck 165 AD, Rome mint, 19mm, 3.5g, VF, RIC III 142

OBVERSE: Laureate head of Marcus Aurelius, bearded, right. M[ARCUS] [AURELIUS] ANTONINVS AVG[USTUS] ARMENIACVS (Marcus Aurelius Antonius, the Revered One, Conqueror of the Armenians).

REVERSE: Goddess of the grain supply to the city of Rome, Annona, standing front, head left, holding corn-ears in right hand and cornucopias in left hand; on left, modius (cylindrical headdress so called for its resemblance to the unit measure of grain); on right, ship. P[ONTIFEX] M[AXIMUS] TR[IBUNICIA] P[OTESTATE] XIX IMP[ERATOR] III COS III (Highest Priest, Tribune of the People for the 19th time, Imperium for the 3rd year, Consul for the 3rd time).
Michael H4Aug 15, 2017
ROMAN EMPIRE, Hadrian, Silver Denarius37 viewsStruck 134-138 AD, Rome mint, 19mm, 3.3g, aEF, RIC II 345

OBVERSE: Laureate head of Hadrian, bearded, right. HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS P[ATER] P[ATRIAE] (Hadrian, the Revered One, Father of the Country).

REVERSE: Goddess of victory, Victoria, draped, seated left on low chair, holding up wreath in right hand and palm in left. COS III (Consul for the 3rd time).
1 commentsMichael H4Aug 15, 2017
ROMAN EMPIRE, Domitian, Silver Denarius37 viewsStruck 95 AD, Rome mint, 19mm, 3.4g, EF, RIC II 771

OBVERSE: Laureate head of Domitian, right. IMP[ERATOR] CAES[AR] DOMIT[IAN] AVG[USTUS] GERM[ANICUS] P[ONTIFEX] M[AXIMUS] TR[IBUNICIA] P[OTESTATE] XIIII (Commander Caesar Domitian, the Revered One, Conqueror of the Germans, Highest Priest, Tribune of the People for the 14th time).

REVERSE: Goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, Minerva, standing right on capital of rostral column, holding spear and shield, owl at foot right. IMP[ERATOR] XXII COS XVII CENS[OR] P[ERPETUUS] P[ATER] P[ATRIAE] (Imperium for the 22nd year, Consul for the 17th time, Eternal Censor, Father of the Country).
1 commentsMichael H4Aug 15, 2017
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine I, Bronze Follis27 viewsStruck 307-308 AD, Trier mint, 26mm, 6.1g, gVF, RIC VI 770

OBVERSE: Laureate head of Constantine, cuirassed, right. IMP[ERATOR] CONSTANTINUS P[IUS] F[ELIX] AVG[USTUS] (Commander Constantine, Happy (or Lucky), the Revered One).

REVERSE: Genius, standing left, holding patera and cornucopia. GENIO POPVLI ROMANI (The Guardian Spirit of the Roman People); PTR (Trier mint) in exergue; SA (second officina, first production run) in field.
Michael H4Aug 15, 2017
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla, Silver Antoninianus65 viewsStruck 213-217 AD, Rome mint, 23mm, 6.4g, RIC IV 311c, EF

OBVERSE: Radiate head of Caracalla, bearded, draped, cuirassed, right. ANTONINVS PIVS AVG[USTUS] GER[MANICUS] (Antoninus Pius, the Revered One, Conqueror of the Germans).

REVERSE: Goddess of love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity, and victory, Venus, draped, standing left, holding Victory in extended right hand and spear in left hand, leaning on shield set on helmet. VENUS VICTRIX (Venus Victorius).
3 commentsMichael H4Aug 15, 2017
ROMAN EMPIRE, Aurelian, Billon Antoninianus23 viewsStruck 274-275 AD, Serdica mint, 23mm, 3.8g, RIC V 298, EF

OBVERSE: Radiate head of Aurelian, bearded, cuirassed, right. IMP[ERATOR] AURELIANUS P[IUS] AVG[USTUS]

REVERSE: Goddess of the earth, Terra, standing right on left, crowning Aurelian, standing left on right, with laurel wreath, holding scepter. RESTITUT ORBIS (Restorer of the World). KA (Greek letters for 21: 20 parts copper to one part silver) B (second officina) in exergue, with star in field.
Michael H4Aug 15, 2017
ROMAN EMPIRE, Augustus, Denarius25 viewsStruck 11-10 BC, Lugdunum mint, 18.7mm, 3.5g, RIC 178a, aVF

OBVERSE: Head of Augustus, bare, right. AVGVSTVS DIVI F[ILIUS] (Augustus, son of a God).

REVERSE: Bull butting, left. IMP[ERATOR] XII (Imperium for the 12th time).
Michael H4Aug 15, 2017
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