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Last additions - Ancient Sites Photo Gallery
Italy, Pompeii - cemetary187 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Italy, Pompeii - storage at forum200 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Italy, Pompeii - temple of Apollo199 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Italy, Pompeii - Forum182 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Italy, Pompeii - villa of Meneander177 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Italy, Pompeii - Amphitheatre169 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Italy, Pompeii - Forum173 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Italy, Pompeii - Odeon179 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Italy, Pompeii - Vesuv in the background182 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Italy, Paestum, Temple of Athena156 viewsgreek colony Poseidonia
built +- 500 BC

this temple was used as church but temple of Apollo and Hera weren't.
Johny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Italy, Paestum, Temple of Athena161 viewsgreek colony Poseidonia
built +- 500 BC
Johny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Italy, Paestum, Temple of Apollo164 viewsFirstly it was thought it's temple of Poseidon, then it's the second temple of Hera and now it's thought it's temple of Apollo. But somewhen temple was used as temple of Poseidon and somewhen as temple of Hera.
Who knows how many times temple will change deity in future.

temple was built +- 450 BC
Johny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Italy, Paestum, Temple of Apollo174 viewsFirstly it was thought it's temple of Poseidon, then it's the second temple of Hera and now it's thought it's temple of Apollo. But somewhen temple was used as temple of Poseidon and somewhen as temple of Hera.
Who knows how many times temple will change deity in future.

Temple was built +- 450 BC
Johny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Italy, Paestum, Temple of Hera158 viewsgreek colony Poseidonia
temple built +- 550 BC
Johny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Olympia - start line at Olympic stadium203 viewsgrooves hold Athlets' toes during startJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Olympia - Entrence to Olypmic stadium207 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Olympia - temple of Hera198 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Olympia - tholos183 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Tiryns173 viewsTiryns reached its height between 1400 and 1200 BC.
Tiryns is famous for its cyclopean tunnels and especially its walls.
Walls of Tiryns are first referenced by Homer.
Johny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Mycenian bridge220 viewsbetween Nafplio and EpidaurusJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Mycenae - tomb of Klytaimnťstra211 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Mycenae - Lion gate211 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Messene - theatre227 viewsentrance to koilon - auditoriumJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Messene - Stadium - "VIP sector"225 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Messene - Stadium - votiv column219 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Messene - Stadium260 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Messene - Ekklesiasterion247 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Messene - ancient spring221 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Messene - Arcadian gate228 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Corinth - Peirene fountain - Acrocorinth in the background286 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Corinth - temlpe of Apollo - Acrocorinth in the background318 viewsCorinth was completely destroyed by Romans in 146 BC - except this temple. Romans built new Corinth 100 years later.Johny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Turkey, Hierapolis - theatre180 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Gortys (Peloponnese Arcadia) - sanctuary of Asclepius365 viewsGortys lost its influence after foundation of Megalopolis in 371 BC.1 commentsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Epidaurus - theatre330 views1 commentsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Delphi - Ionian column and treasure of Athens284 viewsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Delphi - temple of Apollo370 views1 commentsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Delphi - tholos333 views1 commentsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Greece, Delphi - theatre375 views1 commentsJohny SYSELJun 10, 2009
Cyprus - Paphos - tomb350 viewsTombs were built between 400 BC and 300 AD.Johny SYSELJun 09, 2009
Croatia, Salona - Amphitheatre310 viewsSplit in the backgroundJohny SYSELJun 09, 2009
Greece, Crete - Phaistos264 viewsMinoan palaceJohny SYSELJun 09, 2009
Italy, Capua - Amphitheatre391 viewsSpartacus fought there.1 commentsJohny SYSELJun 09, 2009
Greece, Bassae - Temple of Apollo Epikuros406 viewsbuilt 450 - 400 BC
designed by Iktinos - architect of the Temple of Hephaestus and the Parthenon
!!! There is the earliest example of Corinthian capital. Corinthian capital is in interior, exterior is built in Doric style.
Johny SYSELJun 09, 2009
Greece, Athens - Temple of Hephaestus and Athena Ergane528 viewsalso Theseion
Temple was used as church in christian times.
1 commentsJohny SYSELJun 09, 2009
Greece, Athens - Temple of Olympian Zeus321 viewscompleted by HadrianusJohny SYSELJun 09, 2009
Greece, Athens - Theatre of Dionysus312 views17000 spectratorsJohny SYSELJun 09, 2009
Greece, Athens - Odeon of Herodes Atticus578 viewsBuilt in 161 AD1 commentsJohny SYSELJun 09, 2009
Greece, Athens - Parthenon476 viewsTemple of Athena built by Perikles.1 commentsJohny SYSELJun 09, 2009
Italy, Sicily, Agrigento - Temple of Concordia341 viewsgreek colony Akragas
temple from 5. century BC
Johny SYSELJun 09, 2009
Italy, Sicily, Agrigento - Temple of Concordia488 viewsgreek colony - Akragas
temple from 5. century BC
6 x 13 columns built over a basament of 39.44 x 16.91 m
temple was turned into church in the 6th century AD
Johny SYSELJun 09, 2009
Italy, Rome, Colosseum Arch of Constantine344 viewsOne of my favorite photos I took in Rome, a view of the Arch of Constantine as seen looking out from inside the Colosseum. 1 commentsfordicusApr 15, 2009
Italy, Pompeii - street209 viewsAnother great shot of another street in Pompeii. The stepping stones in the foreground can be found all around the city. As I'm sure you know, water ran constantly through the streets, and pedestrians used these stepping stones to keep their feet dry.Mark ZemaOct 09, 2008
Italy, Pompeii - modest villa354 viewsInside one of the more modest villas in Pompeii, although you'd never know it by the still-beautiful murals on the walls and the fountain there to the right.1 commentsMark ZemaOct 09, 2008
Italy, Pompeii - residential street295 viewsOne of the numerous residential streets in Pompeii. July 20081 commentsMark ZemaOct 09, 2008
Italy, Pompeii - villa 237 viewsThis is one of the more fashionable villas in town. Note the private garden area to the rear. The small pool in the foreground was for catching rainwater falling through a specially made hole in the roof. July 2008Mark ZemaOct 09, 2008
Italy, Pompeii - bakery250 viewsHere's a bakery, complete with oven. When this was unearthed, there were several loaves of bread inside, intact, but a little overdone ;-) July 2008Mark ZemaOct 09, 2008
Italy, Pompeii239 viewsA well-known mosaic in an entryway of an affluent household, but it still never fails to please :-) July 2008Mark ZemaOct 09, 2008
Italy, Pompeii - graffiti278 viewsAncient graffiti (gladiator standing left) on a wall. Visitors can walk right up and touch it. July 2008Mark ZemaOct 09, 2008
Italy, Pompeii, July 2008315 viewsA picture high up on the wall of the brothel, depicting what the paying customer could expect in the room beneath it.Mark ZemaOct 09, 2008
Italy, Pompeii - victims of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD.376 viewsOne of the unfortunate victims of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD.1 commentsMark ZemaOct 09, 2008
Italy, Pompeii - bath257 viewsInside the public bathhouse. Much like the "Occulus" in the Pantheon, the window to the upper left is the only light source in the room.Mark ZemaOct 09, 2008
Greece, Thessaloniki - Arch of Galerius360 viewsBohemondOct 13, 2007
Greece, Thessaloniki - Arch of Galerius372 viewsBohemondOct 13, 2007
Greece, Thessaloniki - Arch of Galerius366 viewsBohemondOct 13, 2007
Greece, Thessaloniki - Arch of Galerius362 viewsBohemondOct 13, 2007
Greece, Thessaloniki - Arch of Galerius340 viewsBohemondOct 13, 2007
arch of constantine.jpg
Italy, Rome, Arch of Constantine1390 viewsView of the arch of Constantine from the top of the Colosseum2 commentsTitus PulloSep 29, 2007
Italy, Rome, Pantheon inside347 viewsInterior view of Hadrian's dome and ocular center. An engeneering masterpiece, the concrete gets thinner as it rises. The open ocular in the center allows light to flood into this massive ancient space. The walls at the bottom are about 12 feet thick. The interior is completely ancient from the marble floors to the walls and dome. Origianlly dedicated to all the god's it is now a Catholic church.Titus PulloSep 29, 2007
Italy, Rome, Pantheon344 viewsM AGRIPPA COS TERTIVM FECIT

The original Pantheon was built by Marcus Agrippa and later restored and rebuilt by Hadrian added and engineered the worlds largest unsupported domed roof. He kept the original dedication to Agrippa. A marvel of engineering and a sight to see.
Titus PulloSep 29, 2007
Italy, Rome, Temple of Vesta326 viewsWhat remains of the temple of Vesta in the Roman forum. The structure was actually restored to the condition now seen. Photo taken in 2005Titus PulloSep 29, 2007
Italy, Rome, Forum399 viewsView down onto the Roman forum. Palatine hill is in the background. Photo taken in 2005.1 commentsTitus PulloSep 29, 2007
Italy, Rome, Arch of Titus665 viewsArch of Titus in Rome depicting the spoils of Jerusalem's temple.
Photo taken September 2005
Titus PulloSep 28, 2007
Israel, Caesarea913 viewsThe ancient Roman port of Caesarea Maritima in Judaea (now Israel). This port was built by Herod the Great in the 1st century BCE. The view is of a portion of the aquaduct that brought water from the Carmel, just south of Haifa.2 commentsDaniel FriedmanMar 14, 2007
Israel, Masada518 viewsThe ancient fortress in the Judaean desert built by Herod the Great in the first century BCE, it was the last stronghold of a small group of zealots against Rome in the year 73 CE. The view is from the top of the fortress, looing down on the remains of the ancient roman encampment.1 commentsDaniel FriedmanMar 14, 2007
France, Sommi√©res - Roman Bridge543 views17 arch bridge built on orders of Tiberius to cross the river Vidourle and enable to connect Nemausis ( NÓmes ) with Tolosa ( Toulouse ).BohemondMar 11, 2007
France, Sommi√©res - Roman bridge641 views17 arch bridge built on orders of Tiberius to cross the river Vidourle and enable to connect Nemausis ( NÓmes ) with Tolosa ( Toulouse ).BohemondMar 11, 2007
France, Ambrussum, Gallia Narbonensis - via Domitia.636 viewsVia Domitia winding its way uphillBohemondOct 16, 2006
France, Ambrussum, Gallia Narbonensis - via Domitia.638 viewsSee those wagontracks as road goes upwards from the bridge towards the settlement on the top of the hillBohemondOct 16, 2006
France, Ambrussum, Gallia Narbonensis - Bridge over Vidourle river.730 viewsUsed to have eleven arches and still used untill the middle ages. From this bridge the via Domitia goes upwards to the settlement1 commentsBohemondOct 16, 2006
France, Ambrussum, Gallia Narbonensis - via Domitia.584 viewsVia Domitia going downhill towards the bridgeBohemondOct 16, 2006
Ruta 2~0.jpg
New World, Maya331 viewsMayadiggerOct 04, 2006
Walls of Balkh.jpg
Afghanistan, Balkh2629 viewsThe walls of Balkh, Afganistan1 commentsJoe SermariniMay 02, 2006
Germany, Trier - Amphitheater476 viewsthe entranceW. KutschenkoApr 05, 2006
Germany, Trier - Amphitheater518 viewsThe arena, built in the 2nd century A.D. for cruel games with gladiators and animals, had a seating capacity of about 20,000. W. KutschenkoApr 05, 2006
Germany, Trier - Amphitheater452 viewsThe way into arenaW. KutschenkoApr 05, 2006
Germany, Trier - Amphitheater521 viewsUnder the ArenaW. KutschenkoApr 05, 2006
Germany, Trier - Imperial baths447 viewsGoing to the baths was an important part of Roman life: Over 1600 years ago, the Romans built one of the grandest and most impressive baths in the world: the Imperial Baths. W. KutschenkoApr 05, 2006
Germany, Trier - Basilika453 viewsLater on, the archbishop used it as his administrative center and it was enlarged by three palace wings after 1614W. KutschenkoApr 05, 2006
Germany, Trier - Basilika472 viewsUnbelievable size: 27 m (90 ft) wide, 33 m (108 ft) high, and 67 m (220 ft) long - with an adjoining hall outside even 75 m (250 ft).W. KutschenkoApr 05, 2006
Germany, Trier - Basilika521 viewsThe so-called Basilika, Constantine's throne room, is the largest surviving single-room structure from Roman times. The Romans wanted the architecture to express the magnificence and might of the emperor.
It is used as a church now.
W. KutschenkoApr 05, 2006
Germany, Trier - Porta Nigra466 viewsthe other side of the gateW. KutschenkoApr 05, 2006
Germany, Trier - Porta Nigra518 viewsThe gate dates back to a time (about A.D. 180) when the Romans often erected public buildings of huge stone blocks (here, the biggest weigh up to six metric tons).W. KutschenkoApr 05, 2006
Israel, Gezer - Bronze Age city walls580 viewsThese are the Bronze Age city walls of the Canaanite city of Gezer. It is near this town that the battle took place where Joshua is said to have held the sun and the moon still. The Canaanites held off the attacks by the tribe of Dan until the reign of Solomon.
posted by Zam
ZamMar 05, 2006
Israel, Gezer - six chambered gate built by Solomon577 viewsThe Canaanite town was supposedly conquered by an Egyptian pharaoh and given to Solomon as a dowry for his daughter. Solomon then rebuilt and fortified the city, including this six chambered gate, dating from the 10th century. The chambers were to be packed with soldiers, so if enemies forced their way through the gate, they would be surrounded by soldiers on all sides.
posted by Zam
ZamMar 04, 2006
Israel, Jerusalem - Western Wall and Dome of the Rock1745 viewsThe first century BCE western retaining wall of the Second Jewish Temple, directly in front of the 8th century Dome of the Rock. Friday evening at sunset (beginning of Shabbat).
posted by Zam
1 commentsZamMar 04, 2006
Yap Island, Micronesia361 viewsA 400-year old flagged stone trail on Yap Island, leads down to village and into a "stone money" bank. There are several similar stone money banks on the island. Way back when, the Yapese voyaged 700 miles across the sea in out-rigger canoes to the island of Palau, where they mined and wrought these stones.MayadiggerFeb 25, 2006
Yap Island, Micronesia, Stone money394 viewsThis larger example is known as "O'Keefe" money and is not as valuable as the earlier stone moneyMayadiggerFeb 25, 2006
Yap Island, Micronesia, Stone money373 viewsMayadiggerFeb 25, 2006
Turkey, Ephesus - Theater501 viewsOne of the largest in the ancient world. The apostle Paul spoke here before getting booted out for causing riots.1 commentsmemphiusNov 23, 2005
Turkey, Ephesus - Relief inside temple of Hadrian604 views1 commentsmemphiusNov 23, 2005
Greece, Athens - Entrance to the Athens Numismatic Museum731 viewsThe former mansion of noted amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann. What was inside those doors was truly marvelous.1 commentsmemphiusNov 23, 2005
Turkey, Ephesus - Public Toilets683 viewsMinus the slaves to warm the seats in winter and the live entertainment1 commentsmemphiusNov 23, 2005
Turkey, Ephesus - Central square of Terrace Houses561 viewsPart of the central square of the terrace houses in Ephesus.1 commentsmemphiusNov 23, 2005
Turkey, Ephesus - Central Square464 viewsPart of the central square of the terrace houses in Ephesus.memphiusNov 23, 2005
Turkey, Ephesus - Terrace House526 viewsLocated in the ongoing excavation of the upper-class terrace houses. Lovely floor mosaicmemphiusNov 23, 2005
Turkey, Ephesus - Wall fresco440 viewsLocated in the ongoing excavation of the upper-class terrace houses. Note the opening in the wall for circulation. The entire complex must have appeared like a luxury hotel with a central arbitorium.memphiusNov 23, 2005
Italy, Ostia - House of Amor and Psyche534 viewsPosted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Italy, Ostia - Street545 viewsIt is like stepping back in time....
Posted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
1 commentsStrength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Italy, Ostia - Caupona722 viewsBeautifully preserved, it seems to step back in time.
Posted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
1 commentsStrength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Italy, Ostia - Alexander and Helix's inn629 viewsPosted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
appio claudio 2.jpg
Italy, Rome, Appio-Claudian Aqueduct 2548 viewsPosted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
appio claudio.jpg
Italy, Rome, Appio-Claudian Aqueduct 1488 viewsPosted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Severus_ Arch.jpg
Italy, Rome, Arch of Septimus Severus503 viewsPosted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Italy, Rome, Trajan's Markets 4528 viewsThe modern bronze statue of Trajan, which stands near this emperor's Forum.
Posted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Italy, Rome, Curia840 viewsThe place where the Senate held its meetings.
Notice the three different kinds of marble used for the pavement. The beheaded statue should be Trajan's.
Posted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
2 commentsStrength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Italy, Rome, Colosseum 4467 viewsPosted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Italy, Rome, Colosseum 3466 viewsPosted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Italy, Rome, Colosseum 2518 viewsPosted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Panoramic 2.jpg
Italy, Rome, Colosseum 1599 viewsPosted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
1 commentsStrength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Panoramic 1.jpg
Italy, Rome, View from the Colosseum501 viewsOn the left the Palatine Hill, the Via Sacra and Titus' Arch.
On the right Maxentius' Basilica
Posted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Italy, Rome, Mausoleum of Augustus504 viewsPosted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Italy, Rome, Ludus Magnus Gladiatorum468 viewsPosted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
trajan market 3.jpg
Italy, Rome, Trajan's Markets 3494 viewsPosted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
trajan market 2~0.jpg
Italy, Rome, Trajan's Markets 2406 viewsPosted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
trajan market.jpg
Italy, Rome, Trajan's Markets 1493 viewsThe first mall in history.
Posted by Strength And Honour.
Photo taken by my friend Hebe.
Strength And HonourMar 25, 2005
Peru, 15.jpg
New World, Peru 15344 viewsMe and Sheri hamming it up! That's a wrap! MayadiggerMar 24, 2005
Peru, 14.jpg
New World, Peru 14326 viewsThat's me again, pointing out that "You can't put a knife-blade between these stones..." LOL!MayadiggerMar 24, 2005
Peru, 13.jpg
New World, Peru 13351 viewsStill exploring, with another grand vista of the Urubamba River Valley seen in the distance far below...MayadiggerMar 24, 2005
Peru, 12.jpg
New World, Peru 12368 viewsAn excellent example of ancient Inca stonework; note that there is no mortar, nor is none necessary.MayadiggerMar 24, 2005
Peru, 9.jpg
New World, Peru 9380 viewsThe Temple of the Sun, the only round structure found here, is reported to have the finest stonework at the site.MayadiggerMar 24, 2005
Peru, 8.jpg
New World, Peru 8337 viewsA grand vista of the Inca ruin...MayadiggerMar 24, 2005
Peru, 7.jpg
New World, Peru 7357 viewsMachu Picchu, at last! Words cannot describe the near-unworldly vistas seen here. The viewer is overcome with the stillness, and the grand edifices that seem to mock you from the distant past. The clouds and mists gather and then retreat, hiding and then revealing, awesome views of the surrounding forested peaks. MayadiggerMar 23, 2005
Peru, 6.jpg
New World, Peru 6339 viewsGetting artsy in B/W photos, we treked up a long trail through dense rainforest to get this first glimpse of the ancient ruin...MayadiggerMar 23, 2005
Peru, 5.jpg
New World, Peru 5320 viewsI have been truly blessed to have had the opportunity to explore many remakable places around the world...but so far, this one takes the cake. MayadiggerMar 23, 2005
Peru, 4.jpg
New World, Peru 4309 viewsThe Urubamba River on the way to somewhere very special... The Urubamba Valley was the Bread-basket of the Inca Empire where an amazing variety of fruits and vegetables were produced including pineapples, no less!MayadiggerMar 23, 2005
Peru. 1.5.jpg
New World, Peru 1.5649 viewsMore Cyclopean Stones with Sheri showing their size...3 commentsMayadiggerMar 23, 2005
New World, Peru 1614 viewsThat's me, standing close to the stones, just to give the size...2 commentsMayadiggerMar 23, 2005
Peru, 1.jpg
New World, Peru383 viewsThe ancient walls of the huge 15th Cent. Inca fortress known as Sacsayhuaman, elevation 12,000 feet above sea level. The fortress was incomplete at the time of the Spanish conquest. Most of the smaller wrought stones were removed by the Spanish invaders to build homes and cathedrals in the ancient Inca Capital of Cuzco in the valley 1,000 feet below. The existant stones seen in the photo, weighing many 1,000's of tons, were too large for the invaders to easily to remove, and they remain in situe.MayadiggerMar 23, 2005
Copan Stele.jpg
New World, Maya, Copan, Honduras715 viewsMayadigger - The most Southern City of the ancient Maya was Copan, "Zotz" in Maya. The name Zotz means "Bat." Cppan was the "Paris" of the Maya world. The archetecture and entablature was just superb. Seen in this photo, we see the stele of Yax Kuk Mo, "Blue Quetzal Macaw." As it turned out, Yax Kuk Mo came from Teotihuacan, in the Valley of Mexico. An imported Prince as it were...2 commentsMayadiggerMar 03, 2005
Lubaantun ruin close.jpg
New World, Maya, Lubaantun, Belize, Sign ruins close456 viewsMayadigger - Note the lack of mortar...very cool!MayadiggerMar 02, 2005
New World, Maya, Tikal, Guatemala482 viewsMayadigger - Tikal was the home to 45,000 + citizens from 200-800 AD. This truly maginificent site is located deep in the Peten rainforest. The pyramid seen here is approx. 140 feet tall, whose temple is topped with a "cox-comb" roof decoration. In the right foreground is seen the Great Plaza with a number of stone stelae commemorating the city's kings. In the right background is the acropolis, where the elites not only lived, but were also buried with great pomp.
MayadiggerMar 02, 2005
Lubaantun ruin.jpg
New World, Maya, Lubaantun, Belize, Sign ruins489 viewsThe small site of Lubaantun is found in the remote rain forests of Southern Belize. One of the most interesting bits about this ruin is that the Maya did not use mortar between the building stones. Very rare...never saw it before or since.MayadiggerMar 02, 2005
Altun Ha Masks.jpg
New World, Maya, Altun Ha, Belize, Masks519 viewsAnother example of the "Pre-Classic Masks" that tell us that this city was established at least 200 AD.MayadiggerFeb 25, 2005
Altun Ha.jpg
New World, Maya, Altun Ha, Belize545 viewsMayadigger - Altun Ha "Rock Water", was another ancient Maya city that encompassed nearly 700 years of occupation. Lovely in situation, it's population at it's height was close to 20,000 citizens. It was another leading trade center. MayadiggerFeb 25, 2005
New World, Maya, Xpuhil, Campeche, Mexico436 viewsLocated about thirty miles south of Chicanna, the ancient Maya city named Xpuhil, pronounced "SH-PUH-HEEL" found themselves between the hammer of wanning Tikal to the South and the anvil of the rising Chichen Itza to the North. Without the resources of Tikal, but trying to emmulate that great city's pyramids/temples, poor Xpuhil could only manage a sorry and rather pathetic attempt of Tikal's grand structures. Seen here, we see that their Temple structure tries to copy those seen at Tikal...rather sad, isn't it...?MayadiggerFeb 25, 2005
New World, Maya, Chicanna, Campeche, Mexico519 viewsMayadigger - Chicanna is a smallish ruin found in Southern Campeche, Mexico. Seen in the photo is a wonderous depiction of everything that the ancient Maya were really about. The ancient Maya, as well as nearly all Meso-American civilizations, believed that caves/grottos were the doors to the underworld (read after-life). In fact, when archaeologists dug beneath the vast Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan in Mexico they discovered that the enormous pyramid was centered on the top of a huge underground complex. The ancient Maya named their underworld "Xibalba" and their representaion of this phenomenon is now known as a Witz Monster. In this photo we see the Witz Monster, his mouth agape, lower jaw displayed with huge teeth, leading into a temple. To the untrained eye it may be hard to make out, but if you look close, you can see his eyes above the doorway, and his ear-flairs to either side of the portal. Very cool...MayadiggerFeb 25, 2005
Lamanai Mask.jpg
New World, Maya, Lamanai, Belize474 viewsMayadigger - This is a detail seen on the previous structure. What you're looking at is known to Meso-American archaeologists as a "Pre-Classic Mask" and are only found on Maya structures from the Pre-Classic time, i.e. 200-400 A.D. This fellow is a "Kinich Ahau" or a "Shining-faced" Lord. Kinich Ahau was the Maya Sun God, but this was also the title of the Maya rulers. As all Maya structures were built onion-style, that is, one layer atop another, it is easy for us to date them when we come across masks such as seen here.MayadiggerFeb 25, 2005
Lamanai Vista.jpg
New World, Maya, Lamanai, Belize603 viewsMayadigger - Here I am "discovering" an ancient Maya pyramid in the ruins at Lamanai. As seen, it's being recovered from the rain forest by archeologists. This particular structure ia about 80 feet tall. What makes Lamanai unique is that it was the longest inhabited city in the New World...from approx. 300BC to 1100 AD.1 commentsMayadiggerFeb 25, 2005
New World, Maya, Lamanai, Belize458 viewsMayadigger - Lamanai, "Submerged Crocodile" in Maya, is a truly pristine and very remote ancient Maya city. In this case we, took a small boat up a long, turgid river. It can be reached by "road", read 50 mile muddy track. I know, we did it a few years later and never again. In ancient days, Lamanai owed its wealth to being a trade center centrally located between the vast Maya cities of Tikal, Altun Ha, Caracol, and Copan. Killer ruins...but do not forget your bug spray!MayadiggerFeb 25, 2005
New World, Maya, Tikal, Guatemala, Cox Combs above the rain forest660 viewsMayadigger - The cox-comb roofs of a number of towering pyramids show just above the gigantic mahagony and giant fig trees of the Peten forest. These threes are full of parrots, toucans, and howler and spider monkeys. As far as I was concerned, my only thoughts were as how I was to get back down without breaking my neck!3 commentsMayadiggerFeb 25, 2005
Jordan, Petra - Theater 3497 viewspaxFeb 15, 2005
Jordan, Petra - The collonaded street470 viewsThis is the centre of the lower city and divides it in north and south.
This is the road that leads to the Semenos gate (at our back)
You can also see the following tombs (from left to right)
Corinthian tomb, Silk tomb and the Urn tomb.
paxFeb 15, 2005
Jordan, Petra - Gate of Temenos455 viewsPetra, Gate of TemenospaxFeb 15, 2005
Jordan, Petra - Theater 2435 viewsThe remains, the side were the artists stood.
The theater was build in 100 a.c., and expanded in 106 when the Romans came.
paxFeb 15, 2005
Jordan, Petra - Theater448 viewsA vieuw on some graves and on the left side a theater.paxFeb 15, 2005
Jordan, Petra - The Treasury 2407 viewsAl-Khazneh Farun - The Faro treasure
This was build in 84-85 b.c., by king Aretas IV.
paxFeb 13, 2005
Jordan, Petra - The Treasury781 viewsI visited the ancient city of Petra in 1999, it is located in Jordan.
The Nabateers "build" this city in the dessert, all the temples and houses are carved in the soft rock.
When you have passed the Siq, the first temple you see is the Al-Khazneh Farun, or The Treasury.
3 commentspaxFeb 13, 2005
China, Great Wall899 viewsMutianyu Great Wall located in Huairou County, Beijing. Built on older pre-existing walls during the Ming Dynasty.BolayiSep 27, 2004
China, Great Wall1028 viewsIt's a wall and its great, what more do I need to say :) - Bolayi1 commentsBolayiSep 27, 2004
Turkey, Ephesus - temple of Hadrian959 viewsA magnificent relief of Medusa filling the interior arch of the temple of Hadrian. Other reliefs of Amazons and the Olympian gods grace the interior.memphiusSep 19, 2004
Turkey, Ephesus, Library of Celsus1387 viewsOne of the true glories of Ephesus is the reconstructed facade of the Library of Celsus. Dedicated in 120 A.D to the former governor of Asia Gaius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, the library contained up to 12,000 scrolls. It was burned when the Goths sacked the city in 260 A. D. The edifice to the right is the Gate of Hadrian which connected the library to the public agora or marketplace.1 commentsmemphiusSep 19, 2004
Turkey, Ephesus - Curetes Street1268 viewsLooking down Curetes Street named after the priests who presided over the sacred fire of Hestia. The street is paved with marble slabs with sidewalks covered in mosaics.
3 commentsmemphiusSep 19, 2004
cyprus 1.JPG
Cyprus, Pafos, Roman Mosaic in "The House of the Century" (Detail)946 viewsDetailJeroenAug 01, 2004
cyprus 2.JPG
Cyprus, Pafos, Roman Mosaic in "The House of the Century"1255 viewsMosaic in "The House of the Century"1 commentsJeroenAug 01, 2004
Trajans Column.jpg
Italy, Rome, Trajan's Column634 viewsAug 01, 2004
The Erectheum.jpg
Greece, Athens - Acropolis, The Erectheum850 viewsAug 01, 2004
Slab of the North Parthenon Frieze.jpg
Greece, Athens - Acropolis, Parthenon, Slab of the North Parthenon Frieze664 viewsAug 01, 2004
Sculptured Drum of Column from Ephesus.jpg
Turkey, Ephesus - Sculptured Drum of Column from Ephesus1082 viewsAug 01, 2004
Northwest Corner of the Parthenon.jpg
Greece, Athens, Acropolis, Parthenon, North West Corner of the Parthenon790 views1 commentsAug 01, 2004
East Front of the Parthenon, Restored and Dissected.jpg
Greece, Athens, Acropolis, Parthenon, East Front of the Parthenon Restored and Dissected795 viewsJoe SermariniAug 01, 2004
Mali, West Africa, Timbukto1897 viewsYes it does exist! although it has lost a lot from its glory days in the 14th and 16th centuries, still a fascinating place to visit. Meaning well of the woman named 'Bouctou'. In its day 25,000 students are reputed to have studied there at any one time. Some of the manuscripts can still be viewed; on such varied subjects at medicine, astronomy and arithmetic; sadly they are not well preserved.4 commentsBolayiJul 31, 2004
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