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Last additions - Middle Roman Empire (Commodus - Numerianus)
Numerianus16 viewsGinolerhinoJan 30, 2012
Probus7 viewsGinolerhinoJan 30, 2012
Commodus - sestertius53 viewsMCOMMODVS ANTONINVSAVG
TRP VIII IMP IIII COS III P P / S C - Annona standing left, holding statue of Concordia and cornucopia; modius to left with 5 grain ears, stern to right with 2 figures on deck and Victory on side.
181-182 AD
1 commentsGinolerhinoJan 29, 2012
Max le Thrax dupondius.jpg
Maximinus Thrax - dupondius28 viewsIMP. MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG. , radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
SALVS AVGVSTI / S C , Salus seated left on throne feeding serpent rising from altar
GinolerhinoAug 03, 2006
Philippe junior sesterce.jpg
Philip junior - sestertius29 viewsIMP. M. IVL. PHILIPPVS AVG.
LIBERALITAS AVGG. III / S C , Philip the Arab and Philip junior togate, seated left on curule chairs.
GinolerhinoAug 03, 2006
Postumus double HS.jpg
Postumus - double sestertius31 viewsIMP. C. M. CASS. LAT. POSTVMVS P.F. AVG. , radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
FIDES MILITVM , Fides standing left holding double-standards.
GinolerhinoAug 03, 2006
SévAlex as.jpg
Severus Alexander - as23 viewsIMP. SEV. ALEXANDER AVG.
P.M. TR.P. X COS. III P.P. / S C , Otium standing left resting on garden hoe and trashing weed.
Minted 231.
GinolerhinoAug 03, 2006
sévAlex sesterce.jpg
Severus Alexander - sestertius33 viewsIMP. ALEXANDER PIVS AVG.
P.M. TR.P. XI COS.[III P.P.] / S C , Sol standing left, raising right hand and holding globe.
GinolerhinoAug 03, 2006
Caracalla Antoninien.jpg
Caracalla - antoninianus53 viewsANTONINVS PIVS AVG. GERM.
P.M. TR.P. XVIII COS. IIII P.P. , The Sun radiate, standing right head left, raising right hand and holding globe.

2 commentsGinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Caracalla Carth denier.jpg
Caracalla - denarius26 viewsANTONINVS PIVS AVG. , Bust of young Caracalla laureate, draped and cuirassed
INDVLGENTIA AVGG. / IN CARTH. , Caelestis golding thunderbolt and riding jumping lion right, above stream of water.
GinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Trajan Decius - antoninianus42 viewsIMP. C. M. Q. TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG.
PANNONIAE , the two Pannoniae standing left and right, each one holding standard.

RIC 21b
GinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Gordien III Antoninien.jpg
Gordian III - antoninianus31 viewsIMP. GORDIANVS PIVS FEL. AVG.
AETERNITATI AVG. , The Sun radiate, naked, standing left, raising right hand and holding globe in left hand.

RIC 83
GinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Heliogabalus - denarius34 viewsIMP. ANTONINVS PIVS AVG. , laureate, draped and cuirassed bearded bust right, with horn on the top of the head
SVMMVS SACERDOS AVG. , Heliogabalus in High-Priest attire holding a branch and a patera above a tripod altar ; six-pointed star to le left.

RIC 146
GinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Julia Domna.jpg
Julia Domna - denarius24 viewsIVLIA AVGVSTA
FORTVNAE FELICI , Fortune seated left on throne, holding cornucopiae and rudder on globe.

RIC 553
GinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Plautilla - denarius25 viewsPLAVTILLAE AVGVSTAE
PROPAGO IMPERI , Plautilla standing right holding hand of her husband Caracalla, wearing toga and standing left.

RIC 362
GinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Postumus Antoninien.jpg
Postumus - antoninianus37 viewsIMP. C. POSTVMVS P.F. AVG
PIETAS AVG , Pietas standing left holding two children, two more at her feet.

I love Postumus' portrait on this one, he looks like Santa Claus. Maybe it's because of the children on the reverse. The reverse die style is typically gallic.

RIC 320
1 commentsGinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Volusian - antoninianus43 viewsIMP. CAE. C. VIB. VOLVSIANO AVG.
VIRTVS AVGG. , Virtus standing left, holding spear and resting on shield, star to the right.
1 commentsGinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Commode annone.jpg
Commodus - sestertius38 viewsM. COMMODVS ANTO NINVS AVG. PIVS , laureate and draped bust right
ANNO. AVG. TR.P. VIIII IMP. VII COS. IIII P.P. / S C , Annona standing left holding statuette and cornucopiae, at her feet modius with corn-ears, behind her the rear-part of a ship with sailors.
GinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Commode Exercitus.jpg
Commodus - Sestertius38 viewsM. COMMODVS AN[T. P.FELIX AVG. BRIT.] ? , laureate bust right
[P.]M. TR.P. XI [IMP VII COS. V P.P. / FI]D. EXERC[IT. / S C] , Commodus standing left on platform adressing a group of 6 soldiers bearing standards.

GinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Commode Hercule.jpg
Commodus - Medallic sestertius51 viewsWorn obverse legend, that should read : L. AELIVS AVRELIVS COMMODVS AVG. PIVS FELIX , head of Hercules/Commodus left, wearing lion's skin
HER CVLI / ROM ANO / AVG VST. in three lines divided by club, all in wreath. No SC.
33-34 mm

This bronze coin has the size of a large sestertius, but has not the letters SC, and the obverse is from the die engraver who worked for medallions, while the reverse die was carved with much less care. It is a reduced version of a medallion (42 mm) discovered in Crete - the only parallel I could find :

Probably unpublished
GinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Geta As.jpg
Geta - As30 viewsP. SEPT. GETA CAES. PONT. , draped and cuirassed bust right
DI PATRII / S C , Liber Pater and Hercules standing facing each other
Cohen 33
Issued in 204

This as, among other coins with the pair of gods Liber Pater / Hercules on the reverse, was issued for the Secular Games of 204. Liber Pater and Hercules are the Roman versions of Melqart (Hercules) and Shadrafa (Liber Pater), the 2 punic gods of Leptis Magna, Libya, the city of Septimius Severus and his Pratorian Prefect Plautianus.
GinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Septime Sévère Sesterce.jpg
Septimius Severus - Sestertius28 viewsL. SEPT. SEV. PERT. AVG. IMP. VII, laureate bust right with drapery on left shoulder.
DIVI. M. PII F. P.M. TR.P. III COS. II P.P. / S C , Felicitas standing left, right foot on prow, holding cornucopiae and caduceus.
RIC 701 ; BMC 572
Issued in 195
GinolerhinoJul 31, 2006
Gordien III sesterce.jpg
Gordian III - sestertius65 viewsNice Gordian III sestertius, reverse : Providentia Aug.

It was minted in 238, and is probably the very first bronze issue as Augustus for this young emperor of only 13. I like this coin because of the portrait : Gordian tries to look serious, without the stupid smile he has on later issues.
1 commentsGinolerhinoJul 26, 2006
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