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Last comments - Noviomagus
ROMAN REPUBLIC, Janus/Prow Series, Aes Grave As - Crawford 35/160 viewsRome, The Republic.
Janus/Prow Series, circa 225-217 BCE.
AE Aes Grave As (256.29g; 64mm).

Obv: Head of Janus; - (value mark) below neck.

Rev: Prow right; I (value mark) above.

Reference: Crawford 35/1; Vecchi, ICC 74; Sydenham 71.

Provenance: Ex Kuenker Auction 280 (26 Sep 2016), Lot 315; ex Hannelore Scheiner Collection; acquired 1966 from Martin Nading of Fort Wayne, IN.

Aes Grave were a significant departure from the previous Roman bronze money in that Aes Grave were denominated with marks of value, and thus did not require weighing. The prow series of Libral Aes Grave was a very large issue. E.J. Haeberlin included nearly 1,200 examples of the As in the weight analysis within his monumental "Aes Grave". The Prow series Aes Grave was initially based on an As of about 270 grams. The iconography likely refers to the role of Rome's new and powerful navy in the victory over Carthage in the First Punic War and to the closing of the doors of the Temple of Janus in recognition of the peace. This same iconography subsequently became emblamatic of the As for several centuries of Roman struck bronze coinage.
5 commentsCarausius03/10/18 at 22:52Noviomagus: These are magnificent coins.
Crispus, Issue 3, Toone 3699 viewsCRISPVS_NOBILC, Laureate, cuirassed bust left, shield on left shoulder, spear pointing forward
Mintmark -/-//PLON
Weight 3.00g
Part of a dispersed hoard found during road building operations at Sanderstead near Croydon in the late 19th or early 20th century
1 commentsAdrianus01/01/18 at 20:22Noviomagus: It's nice to see coins of the London mint foun...
Constantine II, Issue 2, Toone 31511 viewsCONSTANTI_NVS IVN N C, Radiate and trabeate bust left
Weight 2.87g
Part of a small hoard found in the 19th or early 20th century during roadbuilding work at Sanderstead near Croydon
1 commentsAdrianus01/01/18 at 20:20Noviomagus: Found just round the corner from where I live. A g...
5691 viewsCarausius 287-93AD
AE antoninianus
Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Rev "(LEG I MI)N"
Ram standing right
London mint
RIC 56
ex Croydon Hoard
1 commentsmauseus01/01/18 at 20:17Noviomagus: As a Croydonian, I knew of this hoard. This is a w...
07k. Constantine: Treveri follis.53 viewsFollis, 310 - 313, Treveri mint.
Obverse: IMP CONSTANTINVS AVG / Laureate bust of Constantine.
Reverse: SOLI INVICTO COMITI / Radiate bust of Sol.
Mint mark: (none)
4.86 gm., 23 mm.
RIC #890; PBCC #158; Sear #16125.
2 commentsCallimachus12/05/17 at 15:01Noviomagus: Fabulous detail.
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