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Last comments - Joe Sermarini
RPC-2471-Titus 94 viewsAR Tetradrachm, 12.83g
Alexandria mint, 80-81 AD
Obv: AYTOK TITOY KAIΣ OYEΣΠAΣIANOY ΣEB; Head of Titus, laureate, r.
Rev: OMO-NOIA; Homonoia seated, l.; date LΓ to l., star in r. field
RPC 2471 (5 spec.).
Ex CNG E409, 8 November 2017, lot 463.

Alexandria struck tetradrachms for Titus dated either regnal year 2 (79-80 AD) or regnal year 3 (80-81 AD). No bronze coins were issued during his reign at Alexandria. The year 3 tetradrachms are separated into two different issues, those with a star in the reverse field, as seen on this example, and those without a star. They have an average fineness of around 19.5%. One wonders if Homonoia (Concordia) was a chosen reverse type because of continued intra-city tensions between the Greek and Jewish citizens of Alexandria.

Fine Alexandrian style with good eye-appeal.
8 commentsDavid Atherton11/21/17 at 11:53Joe Sermarini: Nice coin.
Domitian as Caesar RIC-517116 viewsAR Cistophorus, 10.77g
Rome mint (for Asia), 80-81 AD (Titus)
Obv: CAES DIVI F•DOMITIANVS COS VII; Head of Domitian, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: DIVO VESP across field; Altar shrine
RIC 517 (R). BMC 150. RSC 95. RPC 862 (6 spec.). BNC 112.
Acquired from NumisCorner, July 2017.

A fairly scarce Domitian Caesar cistophorus struck under Titus. The reverse honours the divine Vespasian and shows what catalogues have traditionally called a 'large altar' - in fact what the reverse depicts is a shrine in the shape of an altar. The doors, columns, and steps are strong evidence that what we are seeing is a building and not an altar. How the shrine related to the Temple of the Divine Vespasian is unknown.

Struck in good metal and fine Roman style.
9 commentsDavid Atherton08/09/17 at 19:19Joe Sermarini: I didn't even know this type existed. Very nic...
RIC 0640 Domitianus143 viewsObv: IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM COS XIIII CENS PER P P, Laureate head right, with aegis
Rev: S-C, in exergue; Domitian standing left, with thunderbolt and spear, crowned by Victory, standing left
AE/Sestertius (35.88 mm 27.28 g 6h) Struck in Rome 88-89 A.D.
RIC 640 (R), BMCRE 410, BNF unlisted
Purchased from Dr. Busso Peus on MA-Shops
14 commentsFlaviusDomitianus08/07/17 at 11:17Joe Sermarini: Fantastic coin.
Unknown King, 80 - 70 BC101 viewsAR tdr., 15,82gr., 28,2mm;
Sellw. 30.4, Sh --, Sunrise 312 (this coin)(Arsakes XVI., 78/77 - 62/61 BC);
mint: Seleukia, axis: 12H;
obv.: bare-headed, left, w/diadem, knot, and ribbon; medium-long hair in 4 waves, mustache, short beard; cuirass; dotted border 18:30 - 13h; young face;
rev: archer, right, on throne, w/bow; monogr. above bow; 7-line legend: BAΣIΛEΩΣ MEΓAΛOY APΣAKOY (ΘEO)ΠATOPOΣ (EY)EPΓETOY EΠIΦANOYΣ ΦIΛEΛΛHNO(Σ);

ex: The New York Sale, Baldwin Auction XXXvii (5. Jan. 2016),
ex: The Sunrise Collection, p.182, #312.

A Sunrise plate coin, also in:, and in:, Les Différents Types.
3 commentsSchatz09/19/16 at 22:04Joe Sermarini: Very attractive coin.
Vespasian with Titus and Domitian118 viewsVespasian, with Titus and Domitian, Caesars. 69-79 AD. AR Denarius (3.18 gm). Lugdunum mint, Struck 71 AD.
Obv: IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG TR P; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r.
Rev: TITVS ET DOMITIAN CAESARES PRIN IVEN; Titus and Domitian left, on curule chairs, with branches
RIC 1124 (R), BMC 393, RSC 544
6 commentsNemonater04/19/16 at 09:16Joe Sermarini: I have not handled one of these yet. Nice coin!
Hercules of the Theatre of Pompey181 viewsThe Hercules of the Theatre of Pompey, from the 2nd Century A.D., was discovered in 1864. It had been carefully buried under protective tiles, incised FCS (fulgor conditum summanium), indicating that it had been struck by lightning, and had been carefully interred on the spot. The figure supports himself lightly on his grounded vertical club; the skin of the Nemean Lion is draped over his left forearm, he holds the apples of Hesperides in his left hand. The sculpture is now in the round room area of Museo Pio-Clementino.2 commentsJoe Sermarini07/24/15 at 14:41Joe Sermarini: Certainly must have been added later.
Germany, Third Reich: 1933D 2 Reichsmark (KM#79)65 viewsObv: Head left, dates below
Rev: Eagle above denomination

Issued for the celebration of the 450th Anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther. Graded MS64 by PCGS.
3 commentsSpongeBob05/18/15 at 20:43Joe Sermarini: Great, thanks.
Germany, Third Reich: 1933D 2 Reichsmark (KM#79)65 viewsObv: Head left, dates below
Rev: Eagle above denomination

Issued for the celebration of the 450th Anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther. Graded MS64 by PCGS.
3 commentsSpongeBob05/18/15 at 14:30Joe Sermarini: No title or description?
Roman Empire, COMMODUS 150 viewsAE As. Rome,175-176 AD. 11.82 gr. Draped ,bare headed bust right. COMMODO CAES AVG FIL GERM SARM. / Sacrificial implements, (knife,aspergillum,ewer,lituus and sympulum), PIETAS AVG above, S C in exergue. RIC 1539.
This coin photo in Sear " Roman coins and their values" volume II ,page 379,# 5561.
1 commentsbenito01/02/15 at 17:59Joe Sermarini: SRCV II number?
Commodus Hera Philippopolis64 viewsCommodus, Philippopolis, 177 - 192 AD18.37mm, 3.6g, Varbanov (Engl) 1061
OBV: LEGEND OBSCURED, Laureate bust of Commodus right
REV: ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΠΟΛΕΙΤΩΝ, veiled Hera standing, l., kalathos on head, holding cornucopia, with drapery dangling below
1 commentsRomanorvm03/14/14 at 12:39Joe Sermarini: I think that is not a long scepter, but rather a c...
Castulo, Spain, AE As - 2nd century BC85 viewsVirile head right, a hand before
Sphinx walking right. Iberian for KASTILO at exergue
15.9 gr
Ref : Sear GIC #15, Catalogue 38 and 39 CNH (CORPVS NVMMUM HISPANIAE, L. Villaronga)

looks like a can opener, which it is NOT
3 commentsPotator II10/07/12 at 19:55Joe Sermarini: I think it is a flan casting irregularity.
Herakles177 viewsPortrait of young Herakles inspired by my Alexander III Tetradrachm. Pen and ink. also 2"x2"5 commentsmihali8408/19/12 at 11:15Joe Sermarini: Nice. Wish I could do that.
RIC 120105 viewsDenarius, 103-111
Laur. r., dr. l. s.
Felicitas standing l., holding caduceus and leaning on column.

Cast fake, sold on eBay on Oct. 23, 2011 for £62,00 (byzantinecollector)
1 commentsklausklage11/02/11 at 23:11Joe Sermarini: klausklage, if any of these are not in the fake co...
GREEK, Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy VI Philometor771 viewsSilver Tetradrachm
Alexandria mint
Struck c. 170-164 B.C.
27mm 14.2g
Obv: Diademed head of Ptolemy I right, wearing aegis.
Rev: PTOLEMAIOU BASILEWS, eagle standing left on thunderbolt.

Svoronos 1489; SNG Copenhagen 265

8 commentsmihali8406/07/11 at 22:29Joe Sermarini: WOW!
Severus Alexander~0.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Severus Alexander, Denarius270 viewsAD 323
Rome Mint
Rev. IOVI PROPUGNATORI Jupiter standing right
1 commentsZam06/04/11 at 12:16Joe Sermarini: Pic is too small.
ROMAN EMPIRE, Maximinus I Thrax AR Denarius205 views235-236 AD. Rome mint.
Obv.: IMP MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG - Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev.: PAX AVGVSTI - Pax standing left, holding branch upwards in right hand and transverse scepter with left.
RIC 12.
5 commentsMinos05/29/11 at 12:04Joe Sermarini: A challenge has been started. Compare coins befor...
SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS92 viewsAR denarius. 201 AD. 3.51 gr. 7h. Laureate head right. SEVERVS PIVS AVG. / Seated captives flanking trophy. PART M P M TR P VIIII.
RIC IV 176; RSC 370.
4 commentsbenito05/26/11 at 19:40Joe Sermarini: WOW!
his draped bust right
Castor standing half-left, beside horse left, holding sceptre
denarius 3,45 g
Cohen. 12 RIC. 6

the ornament between the horse ears is to notice
5 commentsgb2940005/22/11 at 12:40Joe Sermarini: Nice!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Geta Sestertius BMC 230, 2 KNOWN177 viewsAE Sestertius - 27.89 grams, 6 h


"Two spec. known previously: BMC 230, pl. 60.1, ex Capt. Smyth no. 361, "purchased at Mr. Willet's sale, in 1834," and my coll. ex NAC 1995, Friedrich Coll., lot 1701.

Surprisingly all three spec. are from different obv. and rev. dies.

The same type must have been struck on sestertii of Septimius and Caracalla too, but no specimens are known.

I know the obverse die in combination with five rev. dies of the type VICT BRIT TR P III COS II S C, Victory seated r. on arms, inscribing shield.

Date of that type is after Dec. 10, 210 (Geta becomes TR P III), but before news of Septimius' death at York on 4 Feb. 211 reached Rome (whereupon Geta became P P, not recorded in the VICT BRIT legend).

The ADVENTVS AVGVSTI type is exactly contemporaneous, and proves that, doubtless because of Septimius' illness, the emperors had made the decision to return to Rome and had communicated that intention to the Senate and people of the capital even before Septimius died.

BMC calls the figure leading the horse a "soldier". However, it seems to be a female with bare r. breast, therefore Virtus or Roma. She is helmeted, carries a vexillum over her r. shoulder, and leads the horse by the reins with her l. hand.

The emperor on horseback is laureate, wears military dress, raises his r. hand in greeting, and holds a spear pointing upwards under his l. arm." Curtis Clay
2 commentsTanit05/22/11 at 12:38Joe Sermarini: Two specimens known. Consider that before rating....
ROMAN EMPIRE, Marcus Aurelius - SALVTI AVGVSTOR1177 viewsSestertius Obv.: IMP CAES M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG P M, laureate head right Rev.:SALVTI AVGVSTOR TR P XVII S-C, COS III below, Salus standing left offering a patera to snake arising from altar, and holding scepter. Cohen 564. 23 commentspostumus05/22/11 at 12:25Joe Sermarini: Someone voted less than 5? Fantastic coin 5.0!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Plautilla AR Denarius Superb UNC718 viewsRome mint, Issue II, AD 202. PLAVTILLA AVGVSTA, Bust, draped, hair coiled in ridges, either vertical or horizontal and fastened in bun at back/CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia standing l., holding patera and scepter. RIC 363a, Sear 7065, BMC 236,411-414, RSC-1, Cohen-1, Hill 583. UNC, full proof like luster.9 commentsLordBest05/22/11 at 12:14Joe Sermarini: Fantastic!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Pupienus, denarius, RIC 1781 viewsIMP C M CLOD PVPIENVS AVG.Laureate bust of Pupienus
CONCORDIA AVGG.Concordia seated left,holding patera and two cornucopia
RIC-001, RSC-6, sear 2413, Rome mint April - June AD 238
8 commentsthe_Apostate05/22/11 at 12:06Joe Sermarini: WOW!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Trajan Decius - FELICITAS SAECVLI1175 viewsObv.:IMP C M Q TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG, radiate & cuirassed bust right Rev.: FELICITAS SAECVLI S-C, Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus & cornucopiae. 15 commentspostumus05/22/11 at 11:54Joe Sermarini: Fantastic!
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Caracalla, Nicopolis ad Istrum1175 viewsMOESIA INFERIOR, Nicopolis ad Istrum. Caracalla. 198-217 AD. Æ 26mm (11.90 gm). Ovinius Tertullus, magistrate. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / Apollo Sauroktonos ("Lizardslayer") standing right, holding branch and watching lizard on tree. AMNG I 1518; SNG Copenhagen -. 16 commentsthe_Apostate05/22/11 at 11:24Joe Sermarini: 4.5/5 come on folks, this is much better than that...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla APOLLO denarius224 viewsRIC 238a (3,1 g, 18 mm).
Mint of Rome, 213-217 AD.

This is really high artistic
performance of engraver's work...

3 commentsneander05/22/11 at 11:22Joe Sermarini: Beautiful style.
GREEK, Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy III Large Bronze569 viewsPtolemy III - ca 240BC - Alexandria - Drachm
Bronze - 43.1-43.9mm - 73.2gm - 11h
CHI/RHO monogram in eagle's legs
Svoronos 964, SNG Cop. 172
Not especially rare type, but always rare this nice. A real monster, too.
10 commentsPtolemAE05/22/11 at 11:16Joe Sermarini: Fantastic!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Agrippa, Copper as, RIC I Caligula 58452 viewsAgrippa, Military commander, friend of Augustus, grandfather of Caligula, great-grandfather of Nero

Copper as, RIC I Caligula 58, SRCV I 556, superb EF, weight 10.34 g, maximum diameter 27.5 mm, die axis 180o, Rome mint, 38 A.D.; obverse M AGRIPPA L F COS III, head left wearing a rostral crown; reverse Neptune standing half left, dolphin in right, trident in left, S - C across fields; bold high relief strike on a large flan with no wear, beautiful green patina, extraordinary portrait, spectacular!

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa was a boyhood friend of Augustus and a renowned military commander on land and sea, winning the famous battle of Actium against the forces of Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra. Declared Augustus' successor, Agrippa's brilliant career ended when he predeceased Augustus in 12 B.C. He was married to Augustus' daughter Julia; father of Gaius and Lucius Caesars, Agrippa Postumus, Julia and Agrippina Senior; grandfather of Caligula, and great-grandfather of Nero.

7 commentsJoe Sermarini05/22/11 at 10:59Joe Sermarini: This coin has a challenger. Please rate it!
GREEK, Macedonian Kingdom, Lysimachos, 323-281 BC Thrace1300 viewsAR - Tetradrachm struck in Lampsakos, 286-281 BC
Obv. Head of Alexander the Great, wearing taenia and horn of Ammon
Rev. BASILEWS – LYSIMAXOY Athena, wearing Corinthian helmet, in long robe, seated facing left on throne, left arm resting on shield decorated with lion's-head, spear pointing downwards behind her right shoulder, holding in outstretched right hand winged Nike who is crowning the name with wreath. In left field monogram HP (ligate); in exergue, crescent with cavity left.
28.8mm, 16.85g
Ref. Thompson 47; Müller 401; SNG Paris 2542
23 commentsalexB05/22/11 at 10:52Joe Sermarini: This coin has a challenger. Please rate it!
ROMAN EMPIRE, AGRIPPA AS1472 viewsObverse: M AGRIPPA L F COS III - Head left. Reverse: SC - Neptune standing, holding trident and dolphin. Rome Mint: AD 37-41. RIC I Caligula 58, Cohen 313 commentspostumus05/22/11 at 10:05Joe Sermarini: I just posted a challenge!
Sear 1176 - Follis - 674-681 AD - Constantinople mint - 5th officina123 viewsEmperor: Constantine IV (r. 668-685 AD)
Date: 674-681 AD
Condition: aEF
Denomination: Follis

Obverse: ][ - ][
Bust 3/4 facing, bearded, wearing cuirass and helmet with plume and diadem, the ties of which are visible to left. In right hand, spear held behind head; on left shoulder, shield with horseman device.

Reverse: Large ""; Above, cross; To left and right, Heraclius and Tiberius, each wearing chlamys and crown with cross, and holding globus cruciger; Beneath, .

Constantinople mint, fifth officina
DO 31c; Sear 1176
15.90g; 33.8mm; 180°
3 commentsPep05/21/11 at 12:18Joe Sermarini: Nice!
C. CONSIDIUS NONIANUS 44 viewsAR denarius. 56 BC. 3.92 g, 5h. Laureate bust of Venus Erycina right, wearing stephane. C.CONSIDI NONIANI behind.SC before. / Temple on summit of mountain,sorrounded with ramparts, ERVC above gateway in centre. Craw 424/1. RSC Considia 1. Smyth V/12.
CNG 776324.
1 commentsbenito05/21/11 at 12:16Joe Sermarini: WOW!
SEVERUS ALEXANDER66 viewsAR denarius. 234 AD. 3.17 gr. Laureate and draped bust right IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG. / Sol standing left, right hand raised, holding whip in left hand. P M TR P XIII COS III P P. RIC IV 123. RSC 448
1 commentsbenito05/21/11 at 12:15Joe Sermarini: FDC!
SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS92 viewsAR denarius. 201 AD. 3.51 gr. 7h. Laureate head right. SEVERVS PIVS AVG. / Seated captives flanking trophy. PART M P M TR P VIIII.
RIC IV 176; RSC 370.
4 commentsbenito05/21/11 at 12:14Joe Sermarini: FDC!
SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS42 viewsAR tetradrachm. Laodicea. 208-209 AD. 14.58 grs. Laureate and draped bust right. AYT KAI CEOYHPOC CE / Eagle seen from front,wings spread,head left and laurel wreath in beak,standing on ground-line. Between legs star. ΔHMAΡX EΞ YΠATOC TO Γ.
Prieur 1149. Bellinger 52.
Ex Barry P. Murphy.

1 commentsbenito05/21/11 at 12:13Joe Sermarini: Great eye appeal and fantastic exotic portrait. Ni...
SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS30 viewsAE 15. Nikopolis. 3,0 grs. Laureate head right. AYK Λ CEYHPOC. / Fourfold coiled serpent , with erected head right. ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ ΠΡOC I.
Varbanov 2492
1 commentsbenito05/21/11 at 12:12Joe Sermarini: Amazing condition.
PERTINAX47 viewsAR denarius. 193 AD. Laureate head right. IMP CAES P HELV PERTIN AVG. / Laetitia standing left holding wreath and sceptre. LAETITIA TEMPOR COS II. s. 6041.
1 commentsbenito05/21/11 at 12:11Joe Sermarini: Masterpiece portrait!
MACRINUS38 viewsAR denarius. 217 AD. 3.27 gr. Laureate and cuirassed bust right, with short beard. IMP C M OPEL MACRINUS AVG. / Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus and sceptre. VOTA PVBL P M TR P. RIC IV 59. Clay Issue 1. RSC 15a .
1 commentsbenito05/21/11 at 12:10Joe Sermarini: Nice!
JULIA MAESA22 viewsAR denarius. 218-220 AD. 2,45 grs. Draped bust right. IVLIA MAESA AVG. / Pudicitia seated left,drawing out veil from shoulder with right hand and holding sceptre in left. PVDICITIA.
RIC (Elagabalus) 268. RSC 36.
1 commentsbenito05/21/11 at 12:09Joe Sermarini: She isn't pretty but the coin is!
JULIA DOMNA37 viewsAR denarius. 215 AD. 3,21 grs. Draped bust right. IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG. / Luna in biga of horses galloping left,drapery bellowing in semicircle behind. LVNA LVCIFERA.
RIC ( Caracalla) 379 c. Cohen 105. RSC 105
1 commentsbenito05/21/11 at 12:08Joe Sermarini: Fantastic!
ORBIANA149 viewsAE Sestertius. 17.28 gm, 12h. Struck 225 AD. Diademed and draped bust right. SALL BARBIA ORBIANA AVG / Concordia seated left on throne, holding patera in extended right hand and cradling double cornucopiae in left arm. CONCORDIA AVGVSTORVM, S C in exergue. RIC IV 655 (Severus Alexander); Banti 1; BMCRE 293 (Severus Alexander); Cohen 4.

Triton VIII, Lot: 1056 . From the Michael Weller Collection. Ex Leo Benz Collection (Lanz 100, 20 November 2000), lot 199; George Bauer Collection (Glendining, 23 January 1963), lot 1378; M. L. Vierordt Collection (J. Schulman, 5 March 1923), lot 2068 ; H. C. Hoskier Collection (J. Hirsch XX, 13 November 1907).
5 commentsbenito05/21/11 at 12:06Joe Sermarini: Lovely!
GORDIAN III154 viewsAE medallion. 238-244 AD. 35.52 gr. Anchialos. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust seen from the front, head left, holding spear and shield, eagle with spread wings on the shield . AVT K M ANT AVΓ ΓOPΔIANOC / Hercules nude , lion skin over head and streaming behind him, kneeling left on back of the fallen Ceryneian Hind, grasping her antlers with both hands; club lying on the ground behind the captured beast. OVΛΠIANΩN AΓXIAΛEΩN. AMNG 622.
3 commentsbenito05/21/11 at 12:05Joe Sermarini: WOW!
JULIA DOMNA119 viewsAR denarius. 2.88 gm. 201 AD. Draped bust of Julia Domna right. IVLIA AVGVSTA. / Laureate and draped bust of Caracalla and draped bust of Geta facing each other.AETERNIT IMPERI above. RIC IV 540 (Septimius Severus.); RSC 2.
CNG 63, Lot: 1423. Ex Marc Melcher Collection.
3 commentsbenito05/21/11 at 12:05Joe Sermarini: Superb coin and one of the ultimate story coins fo...
Titus Denarius captive.JPG
Titus RIC 01391 viewsAR Denarius, 3.10g
Rome Mint, 24 June-1 July 79 AD
Obv: IMP T CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG; Head of Titus, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: TR POT VIII COS VII; Male captive kneeling r., hands bound behind back, in front of trophy, consisting of helmet, cuirass, crossed swords (?), and round shield
RIC 1 (R). BMC 1. RSC 334a. BNC -.
Acquired from Hail Cesare, August 2004.

This reverse may be commemorating a British victory or another reminder of the Judaean one.
The coin was minted during the first week of Titus' reign, needless to say its a rare type.

Definitely one of my favourite coins in the collection. The condition alone is enough to take your breath away.
9 commentsVespasian7005/21/11 at 12:02Joe Sermarini: WOW!
L.MUSSIDIUS LONGUS 199 viewsAR denarius. 42 BC. 4,02 grs. Diademed and veiled bust of Concordia right. CONCORDIA behind. / Platform inscribed CLOACIN on which there are two statues of Venus Cloacina. L. MVSSIDIVS LONGVS above.
Crawford 494/42a. RSC Mussidia 6b.
9 commentsbenito05/21/11 at 12:01Joe Sermarini: Superb!
Lysimachos592 viewsKingdom of Thracia
Silver Tetradrachm
Lampsakos Mint, 286-281 B.C.
32mm, 17.1g, 0o
obv: Head of Alexander the Great, wearing taenia and horn of Ammon.
rev: BASILEWS LYSIMAXOY, Athena std. l. on throne, wearing Corinthian helmet and robe, left arm resting on shield decorated with lion's head, right arm outstretched holding winged Nike who is crowning name with a wreath, spear pointing downwards behind her right shoulder. HP monogram in l. field, crescent in ex.
ref. Thompson 47; Müller 401; SNG France 2542
18 commentsmihali8405/21/11 at 11:57Joe Sermarini: Beautiful portrait and coin.
ROMAN EMPIRE, Septimius Severus PAX denarius123 viewsRIC 490a (3,67 gm, 20 mm).
Mint of Laodicea, 196-197 AD.

Perfect high artistic engraver's work!

2 commentsneander05/21/11 at 11:57Joe Sermarini: Choice!
Hadrian, Drachm 86 viewsDrachm struck in Alexandria, c131-132 AD
AVT KAI TRAI ADRIA CEB, Draped and laureate bust of Hadrian right
Nilus leaning left. Behind an hippopotamus. L IS in field (regnal year 16)
23.87 gr
Ref : Sear #1259, RCV #3763 var, Emmett #1017/16 (R1)
4 commentsPotator II05/21/11 at 11:53Joe Sermarini: I am sure this big bronze is even more impressive ...
Otho, Denarius - *351 viewsDenarius minted in Rome in 69 AD
IMP M OTHO CAESAR AVG TR P, Bare head of Otho right
SECURITAS PR, Securitas standing left
3.50 gr
Ref : RIC # 8, RCV #2162, Cohen #17
15 commentsPotator II05/21/11 at 11:50Joe Sermarini: WOW!
03 02 Tiberius RIC 30152 viewsTiberius. 14-37 A.D. AR Denarius. Lugdunum (Lyon) Mint. 3.78 g., 19 mm. Obv: TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVSTVS, laureate head right. Rev: PONTIF MAXIM, Livia as Pax, seated right, holding scepter and olive branch. Feet on footstool. Ornate chair legs. One line below throne. RIC I 30, RSC 16a.

The well known "tribute penny." When brought a coin as requested, Jesus asked, "Whose is this image and superscription?" When told it was Caesar, He said, ''Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's" (Matthew 22:20-21). Since Tiberius was Caesar at the time, this denarius type is attributed by scholars as the "penny" referred to in the Bible.
8 commentsLucas H05/21/11 at 11:50Joe Sermarini: The best coin for sharing your hobby with Christia...
02 01 Augustus. Tarpeia111 viewsAugustus. 27 B.C.-14 A.D. AR. Denarius. Rome Mint. 19-18 B.C. 3.5g, 20 mm. Obv: CAESAR AVGVSTS, bare head righ. Rev: TVRPILIANVS III VIR, Tarpeia facing, buried to the waist in shields. RIC I 299. RSC 494, BMC 29.

Tarpeia, daughter of the commander of the citadel, betrayed her fellow Romans to the Sabines when they came to attack Rome. Tarpeia offered to admit the Sabines into the city in return for what they wore on their arms. She had in mind the gold torques the Sabines usually wore. The Sabines agreed, but disgusted by her greed, the gave her the shields they worn on their arms and put her to death by crushing her under their shields. She was then thrown from a high cliff above the city. The Tarpeian Rock, from which traitors were thrown in Rome, is named after her.
4 commentsLucas H05/21/11 at 11:48Joe Sermarini: Nice type and Forum has not had a single example, ...
MACEDON, Chalkidian League. Circa 383/2 BC.130 viewsAR Tetrobol (13mm, 2.4 g, 9h).
Olynthos mint.
Laureate head of Apollo left / Kithara.
8 commentsDino05/21/11 at 11:45Joe Sermarini: Classical fine art! Beautiful!
ISLANDS off CARIA, Rhodos. Circa 125-88 BC. AR Hemidrachm352 viewsRhodes. (13mm, 1.46 g). Gorgias, magistrate. Radiate head of Helios facing slightly right / Rose with bud to left; sun to right; GORGIAS above; all within incuse square. Jenkins, Rhodian, Group D, 147; SNG Keckman -; SNG Copenhagen -. Near EF, hairline flan crack.

ex CNG 184, Lot: 56.
11 commentsCGPCGP05/21/11 at 11:43Joe Sermarini: Facing Helios is a great type and of course an ins...
Laureate head right
Eagle, wings raised, standing left on two laurel branches, wreath in beak, palm branch in left field, crescent between eagle's legs

Seleucis and Pieria, Antioch ad Orontem

69 AD


Prieur-101, RPC-4199, McAlee-316.

Amazing jet black toning

From Numiswiki:
"Having to contest the crown with his competitor Vitellius, whom he three times defeated, Otho was vanquished in his turn at the battle of Bedriacum and rather than be the coccasion of further bloodshed in civil war, he preferred making the sacrifice of his life, and with a frimness wholly unlooked for from so effeminately luxurious a character,deliberately slew himself with his own hand. He died on the 16th of April 69 AD, in the 37th year of his age, having reigned only ninety-five days."
8 commentsJay GT405/21/11 at 11:40Joe Sermarini: I used to get this type frequently but haven't...
54 BC M. Junius Brutus AR Denarius.350 viewsLIBERTAS
bust of Libertas right

BRVTVS in ex
Consul L Junius Brutus, between two lictors, preceeded by accensus, all walking left, .

Rome, 54 BC.


Syd 906, Cr433/1, Junia 31.

15 commentsJay GT405/21/11 at 11:38Joe Sermarini: A very nice example of a great coin type. You sho...
Talos and never missing hound Laelaps327 viewsPhaestos, Crete. 300 - 250 BC
AE17, 4.4 g
GCV 3208, Plant 1078, Lindgren III A128b
7 commentsPekka K05/21/11 at 11:33Joe Sermarini: Love the obverse type! Nice coin!
Philadelphia, Lydia86 views159-133 B.C.
Bronze Æ16
4.84 gm, 16 mm
Obv.: Macedonian shield
Rev.: ΦIΛAΔEΛ/ΦEΩN above and below thunderbolt, monogram above, all within olive wreath
BMC Lydia, p.187, 1, 2; Sear 4723; cf SNG Von Aulock 3060.

Another view
2 commentsJaimelai05/21/11 at 11:31Joe Sermarini: Neat pic.
Thymbra, Troas175 views350 B.C.
Bronze Æ 17
4.73 gm, 17 mm
Obv.: Bearded, laurate and horned head of Zeus Ammon left
Rev.: Eight-rayed star with inscription Θ-Y between rays, HP monogram below
Sear 4147; BMC Troas p. 89, 4
8 commentsJaimelai05/21/11 at 11:31Joe Sermarini: Love the red.
Vespasian(us)253 viewsVespasian, denarius
RIC II 702, RSC 364.
Rome mint, 74 AD.
Obv. IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, laureate head right.
Rev. PON MAX TR P COS V, Vespasian seated right, branch in left hand, scepter in right.
19 mm 3,21 g

Although the seated figure is male, this reverse is strongly reminscent of the 'Tribute Penny' type of Tiberius.

I like the details on the reverse (look at the chair and scepter!)
7 commentsmars111205/21/11 at 11:28Joe Sermarini: Nice!
L Papius Denarius Serratus, Papia 1, Sym. var. RRC -121 viewsObv:– Head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat skin tied under chin. Behind head, Dolphin wrapped around anchor.
Rev:– Gryphon running right; in ex., L. PAPI.; in field, Hippocamp
Minted in Rome from . B.C. 79.
Reference(s) – RSC Papia 1. RRC 384/1. RCTV 311.
Symbol variety – RRC -. Babelon -. BMCRR -.

A previously unknown symbol pair.
8 commentsmaridvnvm05/21/11 at 11:26Joe Sermarini: Beautiful coin and very inteteresting symbols.
RI 132ma img~0.jpg
132 - Probus - RIC 064 - Bust Type G (Lugdunum) (IIII)217 viewsObv:– VIRTVS PRO-BI AVG, Radiate, helmeted, cuirassed bust left, holding spear and shield, decorated with emperor riding past row of soldiers with shields
Rev:– ADVENTVS PROBI AVG, Emperor riding left, right hand raised, left holding sceptre; at foot, captive
Minted in Lugdunum (IIII) Emission 5 Officina 4. End A.D. 277 to Early A.D. 278
References:– Cohen 69. Bastien 256 (2 examples). RIC 64 Bust Type G (S)
Appears to be an obverse die match to the plate example in Bastien.
12 commentsmaridvnvm05/21/11 at 11:24Joe Sermarini: Fantastic coin.
Constantine I RIC VII 21471 viewsObv: CONSTANTINVS AVG
Laureate head right
Camp gate with two
turrets and star above
ASIS double crescent in ex.
19 mm 2.5 gm
3 commentsOWL36510/06/09 at 22:31Joe Sermarini: Very nice!
Ptolemaic Eagle215 viewsPen & ink sketch of my Ptolemy VI Tetradrachm Eagle reverse and legend. 2"x 2"5 commentsmihali8410/05/09 at 11:29Joe Sermarini: Nice! Did you do the drawing?
ROMAN EMPIRE, Constantine I AD 306-337 Constantinople (dot CONSA dot)98 viewsObv: CONSTANTI-NVSMAXAVG
Rev: Two Soldiers, Two Standards,
4 commentsLaetvs06/08/09 at 21:56Joe Sermarini: Charles Scott Biever Lt. Col. USAF, Ret. (Age 46) ...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Anastasius, 491-518 Constantinople226 viewsObv: Bust right, ...AN...
Rev: Monogram
Sear 13
1 commentsLaetvs06/08/09 at 21:54Joe Sermarini: Biever Charles Scott Lt. Col. USAF, Ret. (Age 46) ...
Caracalla antoninianus157 viewsP M TR P XX COS IIII P P9 commentsTibsi03/22/09 at 16:26Joe Sermarini: Nice coin!
Diocletianus follis105 viewsGENIO POPVLI ROMANI4 commentsTibsi03/22/09 at 16:25Joe Sermarini: Very sharp!
Caracalla363 viewsColor impression based on marble bust8 commentsScotvs Capitis03/15/09 at 15:48Joe Sermarini: Fantastic!
Otho, Denarius - *351 viewsDenarius minted in Rome in 69 AD
IMP M OTHO CAESAR AVG TR P, Bare head of Otho right
SECURITAS PR, Securitas standing left
3.50 gr
Ref : RIC # 8, RCV #2162, Cohen #17
15 commentsPotator II12/09/08 at 14:27Joe Sermarini: fantastic!
Divo 007. 1643, Prise de de Thionville.218 viewsObv. Bust right. LUDOVICUS XIIII REX CHRISTIANISSIMUS
Rev. Allegorical figure standing left, holding Victory and Nike, map of fortifications to left PRIMA FINIUM PROPAGATIO THEODONIS VILLA EXPUGNATA MDCXLIII
1 commentsLordBest05/06/07 at 12:33Joe Sermarini: All of your medals are fantastic!
ANT 1 copy~0.jpg
Licinius II, Ae 3 Issues struck in Antioch536 viewsThe portraits of Licinius II struck in Antioch are quite unusual and never to be confused with any other mint. Note the sharp nose and somewhat pinched features.3 commentsMayadigger09/12/06 at 14:08Joe Sermarini: Interesting. This is exactly the type of post I a...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Agrippina the Elder (ca. 14 B.C.-33 A.D)1785 viewsAgrippina the Elder (ca. 14 B.C.-33 A.D)
Daughter of Julia and Marcus Agrippa, wife of Germanicus and mother of Emperor Caligula. The most beautiful woman of all Caesars in the most incredible condition. The finest known specimen orriginally from the Morreti Collection.
Obv. Posthumous portrait ordered by Caligula to commemorate his mother who had tragically died in exile. Rev.The carpentum drawn by two mules, the vehicle reserved for the use of the women of the imperial family in the city.
Cohen 1 ; RIC 42
25 commentsPetitioncrown03/18/06 at 20:44Joe Sermarini: It may seem impossible to own a coin that nice, bu...
Postumus Double sestertius FELICITAS Triumphal arch146 viewsIMP C M CASS LAT POSTIMVS P F AVG
Draped, cuirassed and radiated bust right
R/ FELICITAS on entablature of elaborate triumphal arch. AVG in ex. , two captives seated either side of trophy on roof of arch.

Double Sestertius uncertain mint

C.47 - RIC.118 - Bastien 142,156

rare reverse
4 commentsgb2940001/13/06 at 02:37Joe Sermarini: I don't recall seeing another of this type.
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla antoninianus118 viewsCaracalla, 198-217 AD. Antoninianus, Rome, 217 AD

Antoninianus (AG 22-24mm) Rome, 217 AD.
Obverse: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM Draped, cuirassed and radiate bust r.
Reverse: P M TR P XX COS IIII PP Iupiter standing facing, head l., holding thunderbolt in his r.hand and scepter in l.hand. 5,14gr. Good very fine. Nice big flan.

C.374; BMC 462,179; RIC 255,285c.
3 commentssseverus12/17/05 at 23:59Joe Sermarini: Nice coin!
GREEK, Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy VI and VIII, AE20110 viewsAE 20
Joint reign, after 169 BC (169-145 BC)
OB. Zeus-Ammon R.
REV. Two eagles Standing L.,
on thunderbolts, wings closed,
cornucopia in L. field
2 commentsgparch12/17/05 at 23:54Joe Sermarini: Nice coin!
RIC VII Siscia 255 r4
2 commentsecoli12/04/05 at 22:10Joe Sermarini: Obverse legend is FLCONSTANTISBEAC = Constans
coins1 230.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Caracalla MONETA AVG126 viewscaracalla, c. 213 A.D. minted in rome.
Obverse:– ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT, Laureate, draped, bust right.
Reverse:– MONETA AVG, Moneta standing left holding scales and Cornucopiae.
rome mint.
2 commentsancientcoins11/30/05 at 01:10Joe Sermarini: Moneta is always a favorite for me.
Roman, Gallienus, AE Antoninianus475 viewsNo reverse but a superior portrait of Gallienus for these crummy issues. Anyone with a better portriat?1 commentswhitetd4908/11/05 at 15:14Joe Sermarini: The reverse has no bearing in the Superb and Maste...
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Antinous Medallion937 viewsHadrian favourite,Antinous,Medallion 40 gr,39 mm,very fine condition,very rare8 commentsjames07/04/05 at 11:38Joe Sermarini: Very nice!
M.S - Municipium Stobensium, Howgego -234 viewsMarcus Aurelius, AE 26 Tetrassaria
Obverse legend lost, usually variation of IMP M AVR ANTONINVS
Bust laureate, right (may also be radiate)
Reverse legend lost, usually variation of MVN STOB
AMNG Gaebler 7, SNG Cop 330 (if laureate bust)
Cohen 1075 (if radiate)
M.S stands for Municipium Stobensium. This countermark unlisted in Howgego. Two other countermarks are known: M.ST (Howgego 704) and MST (unlisted). Only two hosts are known for Stobi countermarks. The second is also Marcus Aurelius with Zeus sitting to left, Cohen 1071-3, Lindgren 1141 (flying Nike on a globe behind), Moushmov 6536.
2 commentswhitetd4906/15/05 at 01:04Joe Sermarini: First countermark in the Gallery and we have start...
Laodicea ad Mar, loop up from drapery on Julia Domna denarii947 viewsLaodicea ad Mare is today Latakia, Syria. It was a Phonecian town, refounded by Seleucus I Nicator 301-281 B.C. and renamed after his mother, Laodicea. Coins of Julia Domna from the Laodicea mint can be identified by the loop coming up from her drapery at the neck.5 comments03/01/05 at 16:44Joe Sermarini: Yes, the P-looking loop.
Jordan, Petra - The Treasury781 viewsI visited the ancient city of Petra in 1999, it is located in Jordan.
The Nabateers "build" this city in the dessert, all the temples and houses are carved in the soft rock.
When you have passed the Siq, the first temple you see is the Al-Khazneh Farun, or The Treasury.
3 commentspax02/14/05 at 12:18Joe Sermarini: I must go someday!
hadrian80 viewsBronze obol, BMC 839-840, SNG Cop 330, aVF, 5.20g, 24.5mm, 0o, Egypt, Alexandria mint, 29 Aug 126 - 28 Aug 127 A.D.; obverse AVT KAI T-PAIA ADPRIA CEB, laureate head right; reverse LENDE-KATOV (= regnal year 11 = 126/127 A.D.), Uraeus (cobra) erect, head right, crowned with horns and disc, enfolds stalk of grain and sistrum (musical rattle); rare2 commentssalem01/21/05 at 01:44Joe Sermarini: Ex FORVM!
Caracalla, AE 22 Diassaria122 viewsM AVRLI A/NTONINVS
Laureate bust, right
Nike striding right, inscribing shield, without globe
Obverse unlisted, note obverse legend blunder (not M AVREL)
Reverse die match with unpublished reverse previously described with V119 obverse
Kuzmanovic Collection 873
1 commentswhitetd4912/14/04 at 12:04Joe Sermarini: Beautiful patina!
Licinius I, 319 AD, AE3154 viewsIMP LICINIVS AVG
Bust laureate, cuirassed, right
Jupiter holding thunderbolt and scepter, riding eagle, standing right
RIC 196 (R2)
Arles, 2nd officina
5 commentswhitetd4912/14/04 at 12:03Joe Sermarini: Very nice coin!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Claudius I, AE As, Libertas1419 viewsObv: TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP - Bare head left. Rev: LIBERTAS AVGVSTA - Libertas standing, facing, holding pileus and raising hand; SC across fields. MintRome . RIC 11310 commentspostumus11/22/04 at 21:11Joe Sermarini: Wow!
260 viewsTHEODAHATVS AD 534-536
Follis - Mint Roma
mm 27
4 commentsRugser11/22/04 at 21:07Joe Sermarini: Very nice!
Vespasian r103-o.jpg
Roman, Vespasian578 viewsI love this portrait! The sneer/scowl seems so real!

TITVS FLAVIVS VESPASIANVS, born in 9 AD to Vespasia Polla and Flavius Sabinus, entered public service and was serving as Governor of Judaea in 68 when Nero committed suicide. The eastern legions resented the quick succession of Nero, Galba, Otho, and Vitellius, since the Rhine legions had caused it all. In July of 69 the eastern legions proclaimed Vespasian, and the legions of Illyricum followed. Vitellius was killed on December 20, 69 and Vespasian reigned mildly for the next ten years. He died of illness on June 23, 79, was succeeded by his older son Titus, and was deified by the Senate.
4 commentsjimwho52309/20/04 at 12:21Joe Sermarini: Tough looking man. Wouldn't want to mess with him...
Pupienus portrait - RIC 10(a).jpg
Roman, Pupienus, April - June 238 A.D.919 viewsMARCVS CLODIVS PUPIENVS MAXIMVS was born about 164. He was a Senator in 238 when the revolt of the Gordians broke out against Maximinus I, and he was one of the Senate's "Committee of Twenty" to oversee the defense of Italy in support of the Gordians. When the Gordians were quickly killed in Africa, the Senate made Pupienus and a Senator named Balbinus co-Augusti. Pupienus was to lead the army and Balbinus was to administrate. Maximinus was soon killed by his own men at Aquileia but discontent in Rome led to the murder of Pupienus by the Praetorian Guard on July 29, 238. This portrait is from a Antonianus (ex-Forum) in my collection (see jimwho523's gallery for actual coin)13 commentsjimwho52309/20/04 at 12:20Joe Sermarini: One of my all time favorite coin portraits.
Probus, Fides Militvm2.jpg
Roman, Probus, summer 276 - Sep 282 A.D.562 viewsEx Forum. Silvered antoninianus, RIC 169 (listing obv. legend 8 in error), EF, 3.39g, 22.7mm, 0o, Rome mint, 276-282 A.D.; obverse IMP PROBVS P F AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right; reverse FIDES MILITVM, Fides standing left holding standard in each hand, R thunderbolt B in ex; handsome military bust; SOLD 3 commentswolfgang33609/20/04 at 12:19Joe Sermarini: A very nice ex FORVM portrait!
Philip I ROMAE ETERNAE RIC 44b.jpg
Roman, Philip I, first half of 244 - end of Sep 249 A.D.464 viewsROMAE AETERNAE RIC 44b.2 commentsRobert_Brenchley09/20/04 at 12:18Joe Sermarini: Mean and tough. Definitely looks capable of dispa...
CJSII-0729 Obv.jpg
Roman, Constantius II467 viewsFL IVL CONSTANTIVS NOB C

He looks upset with the world.........
1 commentscscoppa09/20/04 at 12:10Joe Sermarini: Nice!
Claudius II 5ob.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Claudius Gothicus558 viewsObv: IMP C CLAVDIVS AVG
Bust: Radiate & cuirassed bust right
Claudius on horseback left, holding scepter and raising hand in salute.
Date: 268-270 AD
Denom: Antoninianus
RIC 13f
2 commentsBluefish09/20/04 at 12:03Joe Sermarini: Wow, that is a masterpiece. You can see the weigh...
RI 066ab obv.jpg
Roman, Caracalla976 viewsThis seemed such a striking portrait of this notorious emperor that I couldn't resist.5 commentsmaridvnvm09/20/04 at 12:00Joe Sermarini: Nice! Well nice portrait anyway. Him, not so nic...
Tigress - Gallienus1316 viewsBronze antoninianus, RIC 230 (sole reign), EF, excellent portrait, 3.16g, 19.9mm, 0 deg, Rome mint, 260-268 A.D.; obverse GALLIENVS AVG, radiate head right; reverse LIBERO P CONS AVG, Tigress left looking up roaring; B in ex4 commentsJoe Sermarini07/26/04 at 10:31Joe Sermarini: A fantastic ex FORVM coin.
Roman, Julia Mamaea482 viewsA very pleasant depiction of Julia Mamaea (13 March 222 - February or March 235 A.D.) . RIC 335, RSC 17, BMC 483. 3.12g, 19.9mm, 180o, Rome mint, obverse IVL MAMAEA AVG, draped bust right; reverse FELICITAS PVBLICA, Felicitas standing left holding caduceus and resting elbow on column; ex Scott Collection.5 commentskklinejr07/25/04 at 20:37Joe Sermarini: Spectacular ex FORVM coin!
BYZANTINE, Maurice Tiberius AV (Fouree) Solidus548 viewsMaurice Tiberius AV Solidus.
Obverse: D N MAVRC TIb PP AVG, helmeted and cuirassed facing bust, holding globus cruciger
Reverse: VICTORI AAVCCC, angel holding long P-headed cross and globus cruciger; Exergue: CONOB.
Attribution: DOC I 5f; MIB II 6. SBV #sb0478 (Thanks to
This coin seems heavy to be plated silver. I have yet to weigh it. I believe the core to be lead; however, I am unsure.
4 commentsGunner07/23/04 at 18:13Joe Sermarini: Definitely not official. Letters, portrait, globu...
Diocletian RIC VI, Siscia 36498 viewsDiocletian 284 - 305
AR - Argenteus, 2.84g, 19mm
Siscia ca. 294/5
laureate head r.
The 4 emperors Diocletian, Constantius, Maximianus and Galerius
sacrificing over tripod before archway in six-turreted enclosure
RIC VI, Siscia 36; cf. C.488
R5 (before finding of the Sisak hoard!); EF uncirculated, from Sisak hoard(1953)
Referred clearly to Galerius' Danubian activities 293/6, struck for use by
military recipients above all (RIC)
added to

From RIC: The reverse type exemplifies the times of Diocletian with symbolic accuracy, for the Empire was in many parts reduced to walled cities and fortresses, and it was ruled by 4 men who recognized that in those desperate times their strength was derived from their conformity!

11 commentsJochen06/20/04 at 00:12Joe Sermarini: Wow!
Commodus AS123 viewsCommodus --AE AS. (23 mm, 12.25 g). Rome, A.D. 192. [L AEL] AVREL CO - MM AVG P FEL, head of Commodus, as Hercules, right, wearing lion's skin headdress / HER-CVL/RO-MAN/AV-GV/S [C] in four lines, club within wreath. RIC 644; BMC 722; MIR 853-9/72; Foss 84; Cohen 193 2 commentsfeatherz06/13/04 at 12:18Joe Sermarini: Very nice!
Constantine I SPQR.jpg
SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI- Rome RIC 349a539 viewsConstantine I

obv: IMP CONSTANTINVS PF AVG, Bust cuirassed, laureate
rev: SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI, Legionary eagle between two vexella
RP in exergue
RIC Rome 349a
3 commentswolfgang33606/10/04 at 01:29Joe Sermarini: Nice coin, nice collection. First post in album i...
ARCH, NERO, (Lost Arch of Nero)1352 viewsOrichalcum sestertius, RIC 149, VF, 24.55g, 35.1mm, 45o, Rome mint, 64 A.D.; obverse NERO CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR P IMP P P, laureate head right wearing aegis; reverse S C, triumphal arch surmounted by statue of Nero in quadriga, Victory on left holds wreath & palm, Pax on right holds caduceus & cornucopia, wreath in archway, Mars nude helmeted statue in niche4 comments06/09/04 at 22:52Joe Sermarini: The "Lost Arch of Nero" is that decreed by the Sen...
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