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Bull Wrestling Drachm97 viewsThessaly Greece, the City of Larissa

Obv: The hero Thessalos1 to r. naked, except for chlamys around his shoulders and petasos, flying in the air, attached to his neck by a cord, holding with both hands a band that is around the forehead of a bull leaping r. All within a border of dots (not here visible).
Rev: ΛΑΡΙ above, Σ to the r. (not here visible), ΙΑ below (not here visible), bridled horse with trailing rein prancing r., no ground line. All within incuse square.
Denomination: Silver Drachm; Mint: Larissa; Date: c. 420 - 400 BC2; Weight: 6.06g; Diameter: 18mm: Die axis: 270ş; References, for example: HGC 4, 423 (same obv.); Lorber 2008, pl. 43, 59 (same dies); BCD Thessaly II 372.7 (same dies).

1Considered the ancestor of all Thessalians. The figure is also sometimes considered to be Jason (of Jason and the Argonauts), who according to one tradition was the father of Thessalos (HGC 4, p. 132).
2This is the date given in HGC 4. According to Lorber 2008 this coin should be placed in the revived bull wrestling drachm coinage, beginning c. 450 - 440 BC.

This type is related to the Thessalian sport of bull wrestling (taurokathapsia) “...regularly showcased at the Taureia games honoring Poseidon Taureios.” (HGC 4, p. 132).

Provenance: from the BCD collection, reportedly found 8 kms west of Pharsalus, May 1997.

Photo credits: Shanna Schmidt Numismatics


BCD Thessaly II: Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. The BCD Collection of the Coinage of Thessaly. Triton XV Auction. (3 January 2012, New York).
HGC: Hoover, Oliver D. Handbook of Coins of Northern and Central Greece: Achaia Phthiotis, Ainis, Magnesia, Malis, Oita, Perrhaibia, Thessaly, Akarnania, Aitolia, Lokris, Phokis, Boiotia, Euboia, Attica, Megaris, and Corinthia, Sixth to First Centuries BC, The Handbook of Greek Coinage Series, Vol. 4. Lancaster/London: Classical Numismatic Group, Inc, 2014.
Lorber, Catharine C. “Thessalian Hoards and the Coinage of Larissa” in American Journal of Numismatics, second series 20 (2008): 119 - 142.
7 commentsTracy Aiello06/05/19 at 06:19Skyler: Nice
RIC 22022 views1 commentsvrtsprb08/05/17 at 23:39Skyler: Nice
Roman Imperial: Aelia Flaccilla (378-383 CE) AE Follis, Antioch (Sear 20616; RIC IX 61)35 viewsObv: AEL FLAC-CILLA AVG; diademed & draped bust right
Rev: SALVS REI-PVBLICAE; Victory seated right, inscribing Chi-Rho onto shield set on column, T in right field, ANTB in exergue
2 commentsQuant.Geek06/20/17 at 03:23Skyler: Great looking coin!
Septimius Severus, Denarius, VICT PART MAX27 viewsAR Denarius
Septimius Severus
Augustus: 193 - 211AD
Issued: 201 - 202AD
18.5mm 3.61gr
O: SEVERVS PIVS AVG; Laureate head, right.
R: VICT PART MAX; Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm.
Rome Mint
RIC 295; Sear 6372; BMC 365; RSC 744.
Aorta: 847: B3, O81, R339, T216, M4.
Naville Numismatics Auction 30, Lot 587
4/2/17 4/28/17
1 commentsNicholas Z04/29/17 at 03:34Skyler: Great looking coin!
Septimius Severus, Denarius, ANNONAE AVGG20 viewsAR Denarius
Septimius Severus
Augustus: 193 - 211AD
Issued: 198 - 202AD
18.5 x 17.0mm
O: L SEPT SEV AVG IMP XI PART MAX; Laureate head, right.
R: ANNONAE AVGG; Annona standing left, stepping on galley prow, holding ears of grain in right hand, cornucopia in left hand.
Laodicea ad Mare Mint
RIC 501; Sear 6262; BMC 652; RSC 39.
Aorta: 480: B3, O45, R21, T8, M3.
Jonathan Kern
CSNS 2017 Show Schaumburg, IL
4/27/17 4/28/17
1 commentsNicholas Z04/29/17 at 03:32Skyler: Nice coin
46 Carus RIC 2429 viewsCarus 282-283 AD. AE Antoininianus. Lugdunum Mint. First Officina. (4.25g; 22.41mm) Obv: IMP C M AVR CARVS AVG, Radiate, cuirassed bust right. Rev: VICTORIA AVGG, Victory standing left on large globe, wreath upward in right hand, palm in left, captives seated on ground on either side. A in left field.
RIC 24
1 commentsPaddy04/13/17 at 03:27Skyler: Great looking coin!
THRACE. Mesembria.28 viewsĆ21, 6.0g, 12h; 450-350 BC.
Obv.: Crested Macedonian helmet right.
Rev.: METAM-BRIANWN; Shield seen from back with handle and supports projecting from the central boss.
Reference: SNG Cop 658 / 17-96-180
2 commentsJohn Anthony04/13/17 at 03:26Skyler: Nice coin
34 viewsAE Onkia, 2.11 g, Sicily, Panormos, ca. 415-380 B.C. Obv: Forepart of Man-headed bull facing left, possibly ear of corn above or simply an encrustation divided from the man-faced bull by the tooler, in which case SYS should be above. Rev: Horse trotting right, ear of corn above. Calciati I, 272, no. 11. Hoover HGC 2, 1062 (this coin); Giuseppe Bucetti "Monete, Storia e topografia della Sicilia Greca," p. 344 (this coin); MSP I, 48b (this coin illustrated).

Definite tooling around the major devices, on the legs and back. Face apparently untouched though field in front has been smoothed.

Ex. Dr. Busso-Peus, Auction 386, No. 108 (unsold). Tooled.
2 commentsMolinari03/15/17 at 03:28Skyler: Nice coin
CAMPANIA: Neapolis29 viewsCAMPANIA, Neapolis. 350-326 BC. AE half unit. Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right. Rev: Forepart of Achelous Sebethos as a man-faced bull to right, star with four rays on shoulder, NEOPOLITHS above. Sambon 564, Taliercio Ib, 5; MSP I, 206 (this con illustrated).

Ex. CNG eAuction 308, lot 539 (part of)
2 commentsMolinari03/15/17 at 03:27Skyler: Great looking patina
Phoenicia, Arados 190-189 B.C29 viewsAE 15.01mm (Thickness 2.96mm), weight 3.55g, die axis = 12h (0 degrees), denomination C.

Obverse: Turreted head of Tyche right, border of dots.

Reverse: Prow of galley left, stem rising forward in a curve, Phoenician letters taw (T) and ayin (‘), Aradian era date 70 below.
1 commentsMartin Rowe03/04/17 at 15:13Skyler: Nice coin
Probus, Egypt, Alexandria BI tetradrachm85 viewsEgypt, Alexandria. Probus. A.D. 276-282. BI tetradrachm (20.8 mm, 8.07 g)
Dated RY 3 = A.D. 277/8.
Obverse: A K M AVP ΠPOBOC CEB, laureate and draped bust right
Reverse: L-Γ,( year 3) eagle standing facing, head right, with wreath in its beak. Milne 4566; Curtis 1867; Emmett 3985.
1 commentsNORMAN K07/29/16 at 21:58Skyler: Nice
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 26. Elagabal, HrHJ (2018) (plate coin)42 viewsElagabal, AD 218-222
AE 26, 9.91g, 25.93mm, 0°
struck under governor Novius Rufus
Bust, draped and cuirassed, seen from behind, laureate, r.
in l. and r. field TR - ON
Glykon snake with crown in 4 elaborated coils erecting r.
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1998 (like ex. #2, Wien; but Pick doesn't differentiate between different
b) not in Varbanov (engl.)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (this coin)
about VF, glossy green patina
2 commentsJochen07/29/16 at 21:56Skyler: Great looking coin!
169 - Constans - AE2 - RIC VIII Aquileia 09972 viewsAE2
Obv:- D N CONSTANS P F AVG, Pearl diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right
Rev:- FEL TEMP-REPARATIO, emperor in military dress standing left on galley, holding Phoenix and labarum, Victory sitting at the stern, steering the ship
Minted in Aquileia; (//AQP dot), A.D. 348-350
Reference:– RIC VIII Aquileia 99 (C)
3 commentsmaridvnvm07/24/16 at 02:04Skyler: Beautiful strike
Danish India, Tranquebar: Frederik III (1648-1670) Pb Cash (UBJ-103; Gray-84a; KM#76)17 viewsObv: Crowned F3 monogram
Rev: Cross in a circle
1 commentsSpongeBob06/27/16 at 00:21Skyler: Nice one
Ayyubids: Mayyafariqin & Jabal Sinjar. al-Ashraf I Muzaffar al-Din Musa (1210-1220)Ć Dirhem, Mayyafariqin Mint, AH 612 (Album-859.1; Whelan type I, 272-3; Balog-851; SICA 6, 1145) 23 viewsObv: Male seated facing, holding globus; name and titles of al-Ashraf I Muzaffar al-Din Musa and mint formula in outer margin; AH date to left and right of figure

Obverse Field: ﺳﻨﺔ ﺛﻨﺎ ﻋﺸﺮ ﻭﺳﺘﻤﺎﺋﺔ
Obverse Margin: ﺿﺮﺏ ﻣﻴﺎﻓﺮﻗﻴﻦ ; ﺍﻟﻤﻠﻚ ﺍﻻﺷﺮﻑ ﻣﻈﻔﺮﺍﻟﺪﻳﻦ ﺍﺑﻮﺍﻟﻔﺘﺢ ﻣﻮﺳﻰ

Rev: Name and titles of Abbasid caliph within within linear and pelleted trilobe; name of Ayyubid overlord in outer margins

Reverse Field: ﺍﻻﻣﺎﻡ ﺍﻟﻨﺎﺻﺮﻟﺪﻳﻦ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻣﻴﺮﺍﻟﻤﺆﻣﻨﻴﻦ
Reverse Margin: ﺍﻟﻤﻠﻚ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﺩﻝ ﺳﻴﻒ ﺍﻟﺪﻳﻦ ﺍﺑﻮﺑﻜﺮ ﺑﻦ ﺍﻳﻮﺏ
1 commentsSpongeBob06/21/16 at 20:48Skyler: Very nice
The Zangid Atabegs of Aleppo: Nur al-din Mahmud ibn Zangi (1146-1174 CE) Ć Dirham (Album-1850)25 viewsObv: Within circle of small beads, two Byzantine-style standing figures facing forwards supporting a labarum (standard) resting on three steps
Downwards on left: downwards left of the standard: al-‘adil (العادل), downwards right of the standard: nur al-din (نردين) ; blundered imitations of Greek legends around

Rev: Within a circle of small beads, figure of Christ standing, facing forward, holding book in left hand and with right hand on hip, with blundered imitations of Greek legends to left and right
Downwards on right: mahmud (محمود‎‎) downwards on left: malik al-umara’ (مالك الأمراء); “Mahmud, King of the Princes”
1 commentsSpongeBob06/21/16 at 20:45Skyler: Nice one
Roman Imperial: Probus (276-282) BI antoninianus, Ticinum (RIC-492)24 viewsObv: VIRTVS PROBI INVICTI AVG; Radiate, helmeted and cuirassed bust of Probus left, holding spear over right shoulder and shield on left
Rev: PROVIDENT AVG; Providentia standing left, holding globe and scepter
1 commentsSpongeBob06/17/16 at 21:18Skyler: Great condition
Aelia Flaccilla (RIC 62, Coin #715)25 viewsRIC 62 (Scarce), AE Maiorina, Antioch, 383-386 AD.
OBV: AEL FLACCILLA AVG; Draped bust right with an elaborate head dress, necklace and mantle.
REV: SALVS REIPVBLICAE (ANTE); Aelia Flaccilla standing facing, head right, arms folded on breast.
SIZE: 23.9mm, 5.68g
1 commentsMaynardGee06/17/16 at 17:27Skyler: Niceipatina
5920 EGYPT, Alexandria. Hadrian Drachm 134-35 AD Triptolemos in chariot64 viewsReference.
Emmett 1060.18; RPC III, 5920; Köln 1143

Issue L IH = year 18

Laureate draped and cuirassed bust of Hadrian, r., seen from rear.

Rev. L ΙΗ
Triptolemos in chariot, right, pulled by two winged serpents.

25.62 gr
32 mm
4 commentsokidoki06/10/16 at 15:11Skyler: Awesome
Moesia, Markianopolis, 054 Macrinus (217-218 A.D.), Hristova-Jekov (2014), AE-27, Pentassarion, VΠ ΠONTIANOV MAPKIA NOΠOΛEITΩN•, Hera and peacock,149 viewsMoesia, Markianopolis, 054 Macrinus (217-218 A.D.), Hristova-Jekov (2014), AE-27, Pentassarion, VΠ ΠONTIANOV MAPKIA NOΠOΛEITΩN•, Hera and peacock,
avers:- AV K OΠΠ CEVH MAKPEINOC • M OΠEΛ ANTΩNEINOC KAI •, Laureate draped and cuirassed bust of Macrinus facing bare-headed draped and cuirassed bust of Diadumenian.
revers:- VΠ ΠONTIANOV MAPKIA NOΠOΛEITΩN•, Hera in long garment and mantle, standing left, holding patera in outstretched right hand and
resting with raised left hand on scepter, Peacock at foot in left down, E in right field.
exe: -/-//E, diameter: 26,7-27,7mm, weight:12,24g, axis: 6h,
mint: Moesia, Markianopolis, date: 217-218 A.D., ref: HrJ (2014), Pfeiffer (2013) 226, 12 (294), Varbanov (2005) Not in -,
2 commentsquadrans06/07/16 at 22:51Skyler: Nice one
(0193) SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS (Anchialus)32 views193 - 211 AD
AE 27 mm; 12.0 g
O: AV K L CEPT CEVHPOC, laureate and cuirassed bust right
R: OULPIANW-N AGXIALEWN, eagle standing facing, head left, wreath in beak.
Thrace, Anchialus mint
cf. Varbanov 710; AMNG II 479; SNG Copenhagen 434
1 commentslaney06/01/16 at 13:13Skyler: Nice one
Dy.244C Charles IV (the Fair): double Parisis, 3rd emission44 viewsCharles IV, king of France (1322-1328)
Double parisis, 3rd emission (07/24/1326)

Billon (319 ‰), 1.10 g, diameter 20 mm, die axis 3h
O: +kAROLVS REX(clover); crown with fleur-de-lis and a small ring below
R: +mOnETA DVPLEX; cross with fleur-de-lis

2 commentsDroger05/30/16 at 02:04Skyler: Nice one
027 Traianus (98-117 A.D.), RIC II 0505var., Woytek 206cB, Rome, AE-Dupondius, S P Q R OPTIMO PRINCIPI /S-C, Pax standing left, Rare!180 views027 Traianus (98-117 A.D.), RIC II 0505var., Woytek 206cB, Rome, AE-Dupondius, S P Q R OPTIMO PRINCIPI /S-C, Pax standing left, Rare!
avers:- IMP-CAES-NERVAE-TRAIANO-AVG-GERM-P-M-TR-P-COS-V-P-P, Laureate head right, with Aegis on the left shoulder.
revers:- S-P-Q-R-OPTIMO-PRINCIPI, Pax standing left, holding olive branch and cornucopia, her foot on the shoulder of a captive Dacia.
exerg: S/C//--, diameter: 28-29mm, weight: 13,24g, axis: 6h,
mint: Rome, date: A.D., ref: RIC-II-505var.-p-, C-, Woytek 206cB, (6 specimens!!), Rare !
4 commentsquadrans05/30/16 at 02:03Skyler: What a beauty
Apollodotos II, c. 80 - 65 BC26 viewsAR drachm, 17mm, 2.4g, 12h; Western Punjab mint.
Rev.: Maharajasa tratarasa Apaladatasa in Karosthi; Athena Alkidemos advancing left, thunderbolt in right hand, aegis draped over extended left arm; monograms to lower left and right.
Reference: cf. SNG ANS 1573.
1 commentsJohn Anthony05/27/16 at 23:07Skyler: Nice centered strike with full script. I am glad t...
Troas, Alexandria, 090 Gallienus (253-268 A.D.), BMC 177, AE-21, COL AVG TRO, Eagle flying right, #1121 viewsTroas, Alexandria, 090 Gallienus (253-268 A.D.), BMC 177, AE-21, COL AVG TRO, Eagle flying right, #1
avers: IMP LICIN GALLIENV, Laureate, draped bust right.
reverse: COL AVG TRO, Eagle flying right, bucranium in talons.
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 21mm, weight:5,25g, axes: h,
mint: Troas, Alexandria, date: 264-265-A.D., ref: BMC 177; SNG Cop 207.,
2 commentsquadrans05/25/16 at 17:55Skyler: Very nice detail remaining
Asia Minor, Lydia, Hierocaesarea, Tyche, Artemis64 viewsLydia, Hierokaisareia
Pseudo-autonomous issue
Time of the Severans (193-235)
Obv: IЄPOKAICAPЄIA, Turreted and draped bust of Tyche right.
Rev: IЄPOKAICAP..., Artemis advancing right, drawing bow.
AE, 4.58g, 20.9mm
Ref.: ?
Ex Roma Numismatics E-SALE 22, Lot 269
Ex Pecunem Auction 42, Lot 489
2 commentsshanxi05/25/16 at 17:53Skyler: Very nice
Bardas Parsakoutenos, magistros and doux of Anatolikon. Lead seal c. AD 970-990 266 views10291|Bardas Parsakoutenos, magistros and doux of Anatolikon. Lead seal c. AD 970-990
Star with six rays ending in something resembling arrows; circular invocational legend + KE ROHΘEI TW CW ΔUΛW
30mm; 16.24gram.

Before turning to the identification of the seal’s owner, there are a number of issues to be addressed about the reverse legend. Up to the fourth line, all is clear. A nominative legend listing Bardas’ dignity of magistros and his office of doux ton Anatolikon. The last line has his family name Pars(a)k(outenos). The fifth line, however, does not make sense. It might be an engraver’s error, repeating TWN of the third line and O ΠAP of the last line. This explanation, even though unelegant, has to do for now, unless an otherwise unknown office or command is meant.
The seal’s owner is probably the person named in Leon Diakonos (VII.1) as one of three brothers Parsakoutenos, who backed Bardas Phokas the younger during his rebellion of AD 970 against John I Tzimiskes. These brothers, Theodore, Bardas and Nikephoros took their name, according to Leon, “after the city of their birth, Parsakouta”, which is a village on the road between Nymphaion and Sardis in the Thrakesian theme (p. 162, n.4 of the English edition). Leon adds that the Parsakoutenoi were cousins of Bardas Phokas and that they held the rank of patrikios and adds that they ‘mustered troops with great zeal’. Skylitzes (291.13-14) adds that Theodore and Nikephoros were the sons of the patrikios Theodoulos Parsakoutenos, and were exarchs in Cappadocia (p. 162, n.3). The rebellion, however, was extinguished by the skilled general Bardas Skleros, and Bardas Phokas was temporarily imprisoned.
Leon Diakonos once again mentions Bardas Parsakoutenos in book X, chapter 7, during the revolt of Bardas Skleros. He is now called magistros, a higher rank than patrikios, which implies that his earlier allegience to a usurper had not frustrated his political career. In the late 970’s, Skleros conquered large parts of Asia and was threatening to blockade the Dardanelles, hindering merchants and grain transports to the capital. In the end, he was defeated by Bardas Phokas on 24th of March 979 and fled to Muslim territory. But before his final defeat on the battleground, according to Leon Diakonos, his fortress at Abydos was seized, his army destroyed, and fire was set to his fleet of triremes by an imperial fleet of fireships dispatched from the capital under the command of Bardas Parsakoutenos. The seal, listing Bardas’ dignity as magistros, not patrikios as attested in AD 970, might well be from this period.
1 commentsGert02/05/16 at 04:52Skyler: Love it!
GALILEE, Gaba. Hadrian. 117-138 CE. Æ 25mm. Dated year 177 (116/7 CE).59 viewsGaba, Hadrian, 116/117 C.E AE25
Year 177
Obv: Laureate head right
Rev: Nike advancing left, holding wreath in right hand, trophy in left ZOP in right field. Rosenberger II p. 45, 9.
3 commentsMaritima02/05/16 at 04:51Skyler: I agree , very beautiful
Roman Imperial: Tacitus (275-276 CE) Silvered BI Antoninianus, Rome (RIC V-82)22 viewsObv: IMP C M CL TACITVS AVG; radiate, draped & cuirassed bust of Tacitus facing right
Rev: AEQVITAS AVG; Aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia; XXIΓ in exergue
2 commentsSpongeBob02/05/16 at 04:50Skyler: Wow lots of silvering remains
Ancient Greece: Philip II of Macedon (359-336 BCE) AE20 Unit, Uncertain Mint (SNG ANS 850; Mionnet I, 750)35 viewsObv.: Head of Apollo right, wearing taenia.
Rev.: ΦILIΠΠOY, Naked youth on horse prancing right on ground line, spearhead below.
1 commentsSpongeBob02/05/16 at 04:48Skyler: Beautiful flan. Solid heavy strike gives a great i...
(0217) MACRINUS and DIADUMENIAN54 views217-218 AD
AE pentassarion 26 mm; 10.86 g
O: AYT K OΠEΛ CEVH MAKPEINOC K M OΠEΛ ANTΩNEINOC Confronted heads of laureate Macrinus right and bare-headed Diadumenian left.
R: VΠ AΓPIΠΠOY MAPKIANOΠOLEITΩN Nemesis-Dikaiosyne standing left, scales held out in right hand in front, cornucopia in left arm behind, wheel at feet in front. E in lower left field.
Markianopolis in Moesia Inferior; Hristova/Jekov (2011)
1 commentslaney02/05/16 at 04:28Skyler: Nice patina
Parthia - Pacorus II (77/78-105 AD)41 viewsMetal/Size: AR23; Weight: 3.2 grams; Denomination: Drachm; Ecbatana; Date: 77/78-105 AD; Obverse: Bust of Pacorus left with short, pointed beard rounded on sides, moustache and wearing tiara and crown with four-banded diadem with double loop and three ribbons. A temple lock is present below diadem. Tiara has six hooks on top with a double-hook in center. King wears earring and a necklace which shows only top two bands. There is a dotted border showing 20 full beads-rest are faded out or off flan. Reverse: Archer (Arsaces) seated right on throne, wearing bashlyk and holding bow. 7 line retrograde legend: OΛIIΛEΛC OΛIIΛEΛN ΛPIΛNOV ΔIXΛIOV IVIIΓITO(V) IΠIΦΛNOVC ΦIΛIΛHNOC. Mint symbol of Ecbatana. References: Sellwood 77.8 (Gotarzes I); Shore #399 (Gotarzes I); Sunrise #434.1 commentsmuseumguy01/30/16 at 06:12Skyler: Well centered reverse. Its nice to see one of thes...
laureate head right

R wreath S in ex.
Moneta standing left with scales and cornucopiae

30 mm
Rome 306 AD
Rome RIC VI 132b
See notes below

This is the Wildwinds example! Thanks Dane.

Notes: RIC lists these types as being produced in two periods,
the second period (coins are identical in all respects) being struck in Autumn 306, and also listed as RIC 158a and
2 commentsJay GT401/30/16 at 06:10Skyler: Nice detail
BYZANTINE, John VIII Palaeologus, 1423-1448, Constantinople, AR Stavraton (Half Hyperpyron)1789 viewsIWANHC ΔECΠOTIC O ΠAΛEOΛOΓOC / ΘV XAPITI AVTOKPATOP in two circles inside which bust of John facing, bearded, nimbate, crown with pendila, a pellet in the left and right fields. / IC/I-XC/X Nimbate bust of Christ, book of Gospels in left hand, right hand raised in benediction, all inside dotted and lined circle, surrounded by margin with pellets, inside solid line circle. 6.7g

When voting be careful to compare this with other coins of the same denomination, not the smaller ones which have cause to look even more crude. While this is crude and probably easily bested, I would prefer the coin that ousts this entrant at least have as much of the name of the ruler as does this one (IWA at the top of the outer circle).
7 commentsdougsmit09/27/15 at 00:54Skyler: WOW
Musa and Phraatakes, 2 - 4 AD50 viewsAR dr., 3,66gr, 18,8mm; Sellwood 58.9, Shore 324, Sunrise 404;
mint: Ekbatana; axis: 12h;
obv.: bare-headed, left, w/4-layer diadem and 3 ribbons; medium-long hair in 5 waves, mustache, medium-long beard squared off at the end; multiple necklace; goddess offering diadem in left and right upper field; dotted border 8 to 14h;
rev.: female head, right, w/3-tier tiara and double diadem below, 2 loops and 2 ribbons; tiara consisting of 2 layers of decorated with different size pearls topped off by a crown-like arrangement of 3 pearls; the hair is swept over the ear to form a bun-like tuft; multiple necklaces, the top one w/a center medallion; legend in front of and behind head: MOUCHC BAC(IΛICHC) ΘEAC OYPANIA(C); mint monogram in lower left field;

ex: Stack’s, NY.
1 commentsSchatz08/06/15 at 19:44Skyler: Great addition
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 10. Commodus, HrHJ (2018) (plate coin)30 viewsCommodus, AD 177-192
AE 27, 12.88g, 27.25mm, 90°
struck under governor Caecilius Servilianus
laureate head r.
River god, nude to hips, leaning l., holding in extended r. hand reet and resting with l. arm on
overturned vase from which water is flowing l.
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1235, pl. XVII, 3 (ex. #2, Mandl)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 2146 var. (rev. legend)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (plate coin)
F+, dark green patina

Another variant of this type.
1 commentsJochen08/06/15 at 19:43Skyler: Nice mature portrait and nice patina
120 Maximianus Herculeus (285-286 Caesar, 286-305, 307-308 & 310 A.D. Augustus), Siscia, RIC VII 041, AE-Follis, -/-//SIS, REQVIES OPTOMORVM MERITORVM, Maximian seated left, #288 views120 Maximianus Herculeus (285-286 Caesar, 286-305, 307-308 & 310 A.D. Augustus), Siscia, RIC VII 041, AE-Follis, -/-//SIS, REQVIES OPTOMORVM MERITORVM, Maximian seated left, #2
avers: DIVO MAXIMIANO SEN FORT IMP, Laureate and veiled head right, (DMa-F1).
reverse: REQVIES OPTOMORVM MERITORVM, Maximian seated left, raising the hand and holding scepter.
exergue: -/-//SIS, diameter: 16mm, weight: 11,13g, axis: 6h,
mint: Siscia, date: 317-18 A.D., ref: RIC VII 41, Rare!
1 commentsquadrans08/06/15 at 19:39Skyler: Nice!
RPC-1651-Vespasian (1)122 viewsAR Didrachm, 6.77g
Caesarea, Cappadocia mint, 76-77 AD
Obv: AYTOKPA KAICAP OYЄCΠACIANOC CЄBACTOC; Head of Vespasian, laureate, r.
Rev: ΔOMITIANOC KAICAP CЄB YIO ЄT Θ; Domitian standing, l., holding branch
RPC 1651 (19 spec.).
Ex Pegasi VAuction 32, 19 May 2015, lot 314.

For dynastic reasons Vespasian frequently featured his sons on the coinage, even in far-flung provinces. Here we see Domitian "son of the Augustus" togate as consul, holding an olive branch in a suggestion of peace.

Although a bit worn, it's a decent example in good "local" style, similar to the denarii struck at Ephesus.
7 commentsDavid Atherton05/27/15 at 05:46Skyler: Nice strike
BCC RI19x58 viewsRoman Imperial (BCC 13)
Septimius Severus
193-211CE Denarius
A[VG IMP VIII] laur. bust rt.
Elephant to right.
AR 17x19mm. 2.87gm. Axis:0
2 commentsv-drome05/26/15 at 21:48Skyler: Much better condition than mine
Asia Minor, Troas, Dardanos, Horseman, Cock32 viewsDardanos
Asia Minor, Troas
AE13, 4th Century B.C.
Obv.: horseman galloping right, wearing petasos and chlamys flying behind
Rev.: cock standing right, ∆AP downward on right
AE, 2.739g, maximum diameter 12.7mm, die axis 180deg
Ref.: SNG Cop 293; SNGvA 1504; SNG München 177; SNG Tübingen 2582; BMC Troas p. 49, 8; McClean 7812; Weber 5363
Ex Forvm Ancient Coins Shop

1 commentsshanxi05/26/15 at 16:06Skyler: Nice one
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 14. Septimius Severus, HrHJ (2018) (plate coin)32 viewsSeptimius Severus, AD 193-211
AE 19, 4.31g, 18.89mm, 45°
Laureate head r.
Lion walking r.
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1405 (1 ex., Wien)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 2388 (same dies)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (plate coin)
F+/about VF, black green patina, oval flan
1 commentsJochen03/23/15 at 20:28Skyler: Nice reverse
Byzantine Empire: Alexius I Comnenus (1081-1118) AR Histamenon nomisma, Thessalonica (Sear-1904; DOC VI-4)53 viewsObv: +KЄ B Θ AΛЄZ. IC XC in field; Bust of Christ, bearded and nimbate, wearing tunic and kolobion; holds Gospels in left hand
Rev: DIMITI, DECPOTHT, Full-length figure of emperor facing, on right, and of St. Demetrius, beardless and nimbate, facing to right and handing to emperor labarum on long shaft standing on globule
1 commentsSpongeBob03/10/15 at 18:34Skyler: Very nice!!!
32 viewsROME
PB Tessera (17mm, 3.56 g, 12 h)
Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia
Silvanus standing left, holding scythe and branch
Rostovtsev 2977; München 368; BM 397; Paris 390; Kircheriano 922-4

Ex Kölner Münzkabinett Tyll Kroha 102 (5 December 2014), lot 406
1 commentsArdatirion01/25/15 at 15:14Skyler: Nice!
17 Marcus Aurelius RIC 5160 viewsMarcus Aurelius 161-180 AD. AR Denarius. Rome Mint. December 161-December 162 AD. (17mm, 3,38g) Obv: Laureate head right. Rev: Providentia standing facing, head left, holding globe and cornucopia.
RIC 51; RSC 518

Ex: Marc Walter, V-coins
2 commentsPaddy07/24/14 at 19:08Skyler: Great strike
Venice: Giovanni Dandolo (1328-1339) AR Grosso (Paolucci #2)46 viewsObv: IO DANDVL S M VENETI DVX.
Doge and St. Marco standing facing, holding banner between them.
Rev: IC - XC.
Christ Pantokrator enthroned facing.
1 commentsSpongeBob07/24/14 at 19:04Skyler: stunning!
VENICE. F. Dandolo.47 viewsAR grosso. 1329-1339 AD. 2,14 grs. Christ Pantokrator facing on throne,wearing nimbus crown,pallium and colobidium. Barred IC XC across upper field. / Doge and St.Marc standing facing holding banner between them. FRA DANDVLO DVX ( below banner) SM VENETI.
Paolucci 2.
1 commentsbenito07/24/14 at 19:02Skyler: Great example
Italy, Venice, Giovanni Soranzo21 views1311 – 1327

A Matapane

NGC Graded MS62

Purchased on eBay

Cost $129
1 commentsRichard M1007/24/14 at 18:59Skyler: Wow superb
Massalia, période Hellenistique, -90/-5031 viewsDrachme AM//MAΣΣA//AΔH
Argent, 2,72 g, 17 mm
Av./ Tęte d'Artémis diadémée ŕ droite, arc et carquois derričre, AM devant.
Rv./ Lion passant ŕ droite, MAΣΣA dessus et AΔH en exergue
Réfs : Dicomon DRM-55-69
2 commentsGabalor07/24/14 at 18:57Skyler: Great looking coin
NEMAUSUS - Dupondius (as) de Nîmes, -10/-1446 viewsDupondius, bronze, 12,93 g, 26,5 mm.
Av./ IMP// DIVI F/ P-P, tętes adossées d'Agrippa coiffe de la couronne rostrale ŕ gauche et d'Auguste laure ŕ droite .
Rv./ COL - NEM, crocodile enchaîné ŕ un palmier qui est surmonté d’une couronne ; sous le crocodile, deux palmettes .
Réfs : LT.2837 ; RIC.160 ; RPC.525
2 commentsGabalor07/24/14 at 18:55Skyler: very nice example, a type I enjoy
Roman Empire, Probus (276-282 A.D.), AE-Antoninianus, RIC V-II 911, Cyzicus, SOLI INVICTO, Bust-H, -/-//B, Sol faceing in spred quadriga, 193 views112 Probus (276-282 A.D.), AE-Antoninianus, RIC V-II 911, Cyzicus, SOLI INVICTO, Bust-H, -/-//B, Sol faceing in spred quadriga,
avers:- IMP-C-M-AVR-PROBVS-P-F-AVG, Bust Type H, Radiate bust left in imperial mantle, holding sceptre surmounted by eagle.
revers:- SO-LI-N-VICT-O, Sol faceing in spred quadriga, rising right hand and holding whip in left hand. (No exergual line )
exergo: -/-//B, diameter: 22mm, weight: 3,73g, axis: 6h,
mint: Cyzicus, date: 276 A.D., ref: RIC-V-II-911, p118, 2nd emission,
1 commentsquadrans07/23/14 at 17:34Skyler: nice strike. great preservation
Gallienus - Capricorn54 viewsObverse:- [G]ALLIENVS AVG, Head right with radiate crown
Reverse:- NEPTVNO CONS AVG, Capricorn right
Exergue:- Stigma
RIC 245 GOBL 732b CUNETIO 1377:1 CMR 24a6

Die match E-auction 32-11156
2 commentsnogoodnicksleft07/23/14 at 17:32Skyler: Wow great reverse
Alexander II Zabinas 128-122 B.C.41 viewsAlexander II, Zabinas ("the Bought One") 128-122 B.C. Ae 17.0~18.6mm. 6.21g. Antioch, 129-128 B.C. Obv: Diademed bust r. Rev: BAΣIΛEΩΣ AΛEΞANΔΡOΥ, Dionysos standing in short chiton, holding thyrsus and kantharos. Monogram (off flan) left field, IΣI with cornucopia below. Date ΔΠΡ = year 184 S.E. Houghton-Lorber II, 453, 2229.1d. SNG Spaer 2379, Houghton 301.1 commentsddwau07/22/14 at 22:28Skyler: Attractive
Cnut37 viewsPenny of Cnut, king of Denmark 1018-1035, England 1016-1035, and Norway 1028-1035
Moneyer: Brunman
Mint: London
S. 1159

Ex- Harlan J. Berk
1 commentsNap07/22/14 at 22:27Skyler: Nice one. Great strike and legend
Gadara. Gordian III. AD 238-244.54 viewsGadara. Gordian III. AD 238-244.
O:Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right
R: Zeus seated left within tetrastyle temple; Γ T (date) in pediment. Spijkerman 90; Rosenberger 91
2 commentsMaritima07/11/14 at 18:13Skyler: nice patina
Gades, Hispania, Quarter calco, 2nd century bc33 views Obv. Face of helios
Rev. Two tunny swimming left
3 commentsSkyler07/03/14 at 14:34Skyler: My eyes do the same thing all the time when lookin...
027 Traianus (98-117 A.D.), RIC II 0606, Rome, AE-Sestertius, S P Q R OPTIMO PRINCIPI, S/C//ALIM ITAL, Abundantia standing left, 357 views027 Traianus (98-117 A.D.), RIC II 0606, Rome, AE-Sestertius, S P Q R OPTIMO PRINCIPI, S/C//ALIM ITAL, Abundantia standing left,
avers:- IMP-CAES-NERVAE-TRAIANO-AVG-GER-DAC-P-M-TR-P-COS-VI-P-P, Laureate bust right, draped left shoulder.
revers:- S-P-Q-R-OPTIMO-PRINCIPI, Abundantia standing left, holding grain ears over child and cornucopia.
exerg: S/C//ALIM ITAL, diameter: 33mm, weight:26,46g, axis: 6h,
mint: Rome, date: 112-117 A.D., ref: RIC-II-604-p-, C-11,
7 commentsquadrans06/30/14 at 05:35Skyler: Great looking coin. Very nice patina
INDIA, Satavahana Empire, Silver Drachm80 viewsAncient India, Satavahana Empire, Vasithiputa Shiva Sri Pulumavi, 102-130 AD, Silver Drachm, 2.39g

1 commentsmitresh06/25/14 at 15:52Skyler: Very nice strike
Sikyon doubledove40 viewsSikyon c. 360 - 330 B.C. AR Obol, 0,68 g. Dove alighting left, holding fillet in beak / Dove flying left. Warren 15; BCD Peloponnesos 243. 1 commentsPodiceps06/09/14 at 06:45Skyler: Interesting. I like this coin
Eanred - Kingdom of Northumbria62 viewsEanred, king of Northumbria c. 810-840. Styca in billon (13 mm, 1.14 g) moneyer Daegberct. Obverse: EANRED REX, central cross. Reverse: DAEGBERCT, central cross. Reference: North 186.

Ex MISAB Auction 9, lot 1119.
2 commentsJan (jbc)06/09/14 at 06:36Skyler: oooh nice. full legend! great piece
Thracian Kingdom - Lysimachus (305-281 BC)51 viewsAR tetradrachm (30mm, 16.85 gm, 12h) Lampsacus. ca. 297-281 BC. Diademed head of the deified Alexander right, with horn of Ammon / BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΛYΣIMAXOY, Athena seated left, left arm resting on shield, spear behind, holding Nike; monogram to inner left; crescent in exergue. Thompson 49. Müller 399.1 commentsRobertBohn05/27/14 at 07:09Skyler: Ooo great strike and very nice reverse
Domitian RIC-511187 viewsAR Denarius, 3.35g
Rome mint, 87 AD
Obv: IMP•CAES•DOMIT•AVG GERM•P M•TR P VI; Head of Domitian, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: IMP XIIII COS XIII CENS P P P; Minerva stg. l., with spear (M4)
RIC 511 (C). BMC 107. RSC 213. BNC 107.

The first denarius issue of 87 continued in the same style and format as those of 86 (an unadorned, idealised portrait with the four basic Minervas on the reverse), setting a tone the rest of the reign for the denarii. These issues were quite small compared with what was to come over the next nine years. This coin from the first issue has a very idealised portrait in the Flavian baroque style. Icy cool with an expression of "critical disdain" as C. H. V. Sutherland put it in his book "Roman Coins".

Struck on a large flan with a stunning portrait in extraordinary condition - part of Domitian's mutton-chops beard is visible, a very rare thing indeed. One of the finest portraits of him in my collection.
9 commentsDavid Atherton05/22/14 at 04:52Skyler: Great detail, great pic
Serbia: Vuk Branković (1389-1398) AR Dinar (Jovanovic-113)49 viewsObv: Vuk standing facing, bareheaded with banner and loros, Cyrillic legend around ВЛЬКЬ (VUK) on either side
Rev: Christ enthroned, partial Cyrillic legend ГАК/ВЬ on either side of Christ.
1 commentsSpongeBob05/19/14 at 06:14Skyler: Nice
France (Feudal): Duchy of Brittany. John I, “the Red” (1237-1286)36 viewsRoberts 4611 var., Poey d'Avant 356 var. (plate 11, no. 14), Boudeau 36-37 var. , Duplessy 73 var. (apparently no pellet on obverse after the X in the sources)

AR denier, Vannes mint [?], ca. 1250 [?], 19 mm.

Obv: + IOhANNES•DVX•, central cross.

Rev: + B-RIT-ANI-E, triangular shield of the house of Dreux in Brittany consisting of three spots and field of ermine.

John I (c. 1217/18–1286), known as John the Red due to the color of his beard, was the son of Duke Peter I, Duke of Brittany jure uxoris and Alix of Thouars, hereditary Duchess of Brittany. He was hereditary duke from 1221, upon his mother’s death, but his father ruled as regent until he reached adulthood. He experienced a number of conflicts with the Bishop of Nantes and the Breton clergy. In 1240, he issued an edict expelling Jews from the duchy and cancelling all debts to them. He joined Louis IX of France in the Eighth Crusade (1270), and survived the plague that killed the king. The duchy of Brittany experienced a century of peace, beginning with John I and ending with Duke John III's reign in 1341.
1 commentsStkp05/11/14 at 16:01Skyler: Nice
Minerva (???) Head, AE- #01,100 viewsMinerva (???) Head, AE- #01,
size: 28x16x10mm,
weight: 7,44g,
1 commentsquadrans05/11/14 at 15:31Skyler: Super cool piece
Asia Minor, Lydia, Sardeis33 viewsLydia, Sardeis
AE 17, after 133 BC
Obv.: Wreathed head of young Dionysos right
Rev.: Wild animal (lion, panther or mythical creature) walking left, head facing, broken spear in mouth; ΣΑΡΔΙ/ΑΝΩΝ above, monogram below.
AE, 17 mm, 4.47g
Ref.: SNG Cop 464-465var, (monogram)
Ex Gitbud&Naumann
1 commentsshanxi05/09/14 at 15:37Skyler: Beautiful coin
Asia Minor, Mysia, Pergamon, Owl, Athena35 viewsMysia, Pergamon
AE18, 200-30 BC
Obv.: Head of Athena right, wearing Attic helmet with star
Rev.: AΘHNAΣ NIKHΦOPOY, owl with closed wings on thunderbolt
AE, 18mm, 3.29g
Ref.: SGCV II 3964
Ex Gitbud&Naumann
1 commentsshanxi05/08/14 at 22:57Skyler: Nice one
305 Diocletian 52 viewsDiocletian AE Antoninianus. Siscia? mint. IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG, radiate, draped & cuirassed bust right IOV ET HERCV CONSER AVGG, Jupiter, half naked, standing right holding sceptre & globe, facing Hercules with lionskin, club & victory on globe, crescent & delta between, XXI in ex. RIC V 323. 3 commentsRandygeki(h2)05/08/14 at 21:58Skyler: Interesting portrait style. Kind of looks like Tac...
Asia Minor, Kilikia, Satraps and Kings of Kilikia41 viewsKilikia
Uncertain Persian King
AR Obol, 400-350 BC
Obv.: Head of female facing slightly left
Rev: King with bow and quiver, stabbing griffin on hind legs with knife
AR, 0.63g, 10,3mm
Ref.: Göktürk 38
Same dies as CNG 70, Lot 362
2 commentsshanxi04/24/14 at 15:27Skyler: Nice
Antiochos IV 175-164 BC. AE1452 viewsAntiochos IV 175-164 BC.
Obv. Radiate head right .
Rev. BASILEWS ANTIOCOU, Hera standing facing holding sceptre.
Ref. Sear 6994.
2 commentsLee S04/24/14 at 15:24Skyler: A beauty
110 Tacitus (275-276 A.D.), T-3530, RIC V-I 092, Rome, AE-Antoninianus, PROVIDENTIA AVG, -/-//XXIA, Bust-A3, Providentia left, #178 views110 Tacitus (275-276 A.D.), T-3530, RIC V-I 092, Rome, AE-Antoninianus, PROVIDENTIA AVG, -/-//XXIA, Bust-A3, Providentia left, #1
avers:- IMP-C-M-CL-TACITVS-AVG, Head right, radiate, with traces of drapery to front and rear of truncation, (A3).
revers:- PROVIDENTIA-AVG, Providentia stg. l., holding baton in r. hand and cornucopiae in l. hand; at feet to l., globe, (Pr2).
exerg: -/-//XXIA, diameter: 21,5-22,5mm, weight: 3,54g, axes: 0h,
mint: Rome, issue-3., off-1., date: 276 A.D., ref: RIC-V-I-92, T-(Estiot)-3530,
1 commentsquadrans04/04/14 at 17:15Skyler: Great preservation! Very nice looking coin
106 Aurelianus (270-275 A.D.), T-1835, RIC V-I 064, Rome, AE-Antoninianus, ORIENS AVG, I/-//XXIR, Sol walking right,75 views106 Aurelianus (270-275 A.D.), T-1835, RIC V-I 064, Rome, AE-Antoninianus, ORIENS AVG, I/-//XXIR, Sol walking right,
avers:- IMP AVRELIANVS AVG, Bust right, radiate, cuirassed. (B1)
revers:- ORIE N S AVG, Sol walking right, holding olive branch in right hand and bow in left hand, left foot resting on a captive in oriental dress kneeling on the ground to right, head turned left, right hand raised. (Sol 8)
exerg: I/-//XXIR, diameter: mm, weight: g, axes: h,
mint: Rome, iss-11, off-10, date: 275 A.D., ref: RIC-V-I 64, T-1835 (Estiot), C-,R,
1 commentsquadrans03/12/14 at 06:09Skyler: Nice
Thrace, Anchialus, 049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), SNG-Cop 434, AE-26, OΥΛΠIANΩN AΓXIAΛEΩN, Eagle,65 viewsThrace, Anchialus, 049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), SNG-Cop 434, AE-26, OΥΛΠIANΩN AΓXIAΛEΩN, Eagle,
avers:- AYK-L-CEΠT-CEVHPOC, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
revers:- OΥΛΠIANΩN AΓXIAΛEΩN, Eagle standing facing on thunderbolt, head left with wreath in its beak.
exe: -/-//--, diameter: 26-27 mm, weight:12,94g, axis:6h,
mint: Thrace, Anchialus, date: A.D., ref: SNG-Cop-434, AMNG II 479, Moushmov 2832,
1 commentsquadrans03/08/14 at 06:29Skyler: Very nice. Great patina. Great obverse
Augustus & Agrippa AE dupondius. Nemausus Mint. Gaul43 viewsHeads of Agrippa, wearing rostral wreath, and Augustus, bare headed, back to back, IMP DIVI F.
COL NEM, Crocodile chained to palm branch.
RCV 1730. _8620
2 commentsAntonivs Protti03/07/14 at 15:15Skyler: Nice
GADES (Cadiz), Spain AE 'as'. Pre Roman Spain, circa 237 BC. Two tuna fish, Punic legend. Head of Herakles in lion skin. 50 viewsGADES (Cadiz), Spain, AE as. Head of Hercules to left, club behind. Reverse - Two tuna to left, Punic legend above and below, crescent between dot and letter alef, point between tuna. 25mm, 13.0g. FAB-1339. Scarce. 1 commentsAntonivs Protti03/04/14 at 05:26Skyler: Nice
SPAIN. Castulo.79 viewsAE unit ( AS ). Early 1st.century BC. 12,90 grs. Male head left. L. QVL. F. before. Q. ISC. F behind / Europa seated sideways on bull running right. She extends both her hands, her mantle floating in the wind like a double halo. M. C. F. below.
SNG BM Spain 1394. Villaronga ,CNH 70
2 commentsbenito02/15/14 at 05:31Skyler: Beautiful. Impressive preservation
Maximinus Daia 38 viewsMaximinus Daia as Caesar Follis, struck AD 308 - 310 at Nicomedia mint.
Obv: GAL VAL MAXIMINVS NOB CAES, laureate head right.
Rev: GENIO CAESARIS CMH (in ligation) / SMNB, Genius standing left, holding patera and cornucopiae
RIC 55
2 commentsRandygeki(h2)02/14/14 at 05:13Skyler: I like these too. Nice patina and great portrait
MACEDONIA, AMPHIPOLIS44 viewsca. 167 - 148 BC
AR Tetradrachm 31 mm; 17 g
O: Diademed and draped bust of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder, in the center of a Macedonian shield.
R: MAKEΔONΩN / PRΩTHΣ. Club; monogram above, two monograms below; all within oak wreath, thunderbolt to left.
SNG Copenhagen 1315.
1 commentslaney02/12/14 at 08:28Skyler: Bravo, beautiful
Caracalla - Indulgentia73 viewsAR Denarius, Rome, 211 (3.24gm)
RIC IVi.214, RCV.6805 (S)
O: Laureate head right.
R:. Indulgentia (Julia Domna?) wearing polos, seated left on curule chair, extending right hand and holding scepter.

ex. Marc Breitsprecher
1 commentsPaul DiMarzio02/10/14 at 22:02Skyler: Very nice, great portrait, well preserved
Elagabalus Fortuna RIC IVb 1938 viewsElagabalus, Silver Denarius, Rome, 219 AD, 19.6mm, 2.69g, RIC 19, RSC 149, BMC 96
OBV: IMP ANTONINVS AVG, laureate, draped bust right
REV: P M TR P II COS II P P, Fortuna seated left, holding rudder on globe & cornucopiae, wheel under seat.
1 commentsRomanorvm02/10/14 at 21:35Skyler: Well struck
132 Licinius l. (308-324 A.D.), Cyzicus, RIC VII 009, wreath/Epsilon//SMK, AE-3 Follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI AVG G, 84 views132 Licinius l. (308-324 A.D.), Cyzicus, RIC VII 009, wreath/Epsilon//SMK, AE-3 Follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI AVG G,
avers:- IMP LICI NIVS AVG, 2,J1 l., Laureate, draped bust left, holding mappa and scepter on globe.
revers:- IOVI CONSER VATORI AVG G, Jupiter standing left, holding Victory on globe and scepter; wreath in left and Epsilon in right in field.
exergo: wreath/Epsilon//SMK, diameter: 18,5mm, weight: 3,07g, axis: 11h,
mint: Cyzicus, 5th. off., date: 317-320 A.D., ref: RIC-VII-9, p-644, R1!!,
1 commentsquadrans02/10/14 at 05:49Skyler: Very attractive
Domitian RIC-72463 viewsAR Denarius, 3.49g
Rome mint, 91 AD
Obv: IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P XI; Head of Domitian, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: IMP XXI COS XV CENS P P P; Minerva adv r., with spear and shield (M1)
RIC 724 (C). BMC p. 336 note. RSC 269. BNC -.
Acquired from Vaughn, January 2014.

A fairly common coin struck between 14 September and 31 December 91. The portrait on this denarius has a lot of character. The hand of an individual engraver can be detected, evident by the odd nostril line on the nose. This tell-tale trait can be seen on several portraits during this time period. Although somewhat crude, I find the style very appealing.
1 commentsDavid Atherton02/03/14 at 17:59Skyler: I agree interesting portrait
ROMAN REPUBLIC, Antestius, AR Denarius, 146 B.C.47 viewsC. Antestius, Denarius, Rome, 146 BC; AR (g 3,69; mm 19; h 8)
Helmeted head of Roma r.; before, X; behind, C ANTESTI, Rv. The Dioscuri galloping r.; below, puppy r. with both fore-feet raised; in ex. ROMA.
Crawford 219/1e; Antestia 1; Sydenham 411.
1 commentschance v02/03/14 at 17:57Skyler: Very nice
Roman Bow, Knee Fibula, #081 AE Fibula with silver decoration,84 viewsRoman Bow, Knee Fibula, #081 AE Fibula with silver decoration,
type: Celtic Fibula,
size: 32x22x20mm,
weight: 7,20g,
date: A.D.,
ref: .,
distribution: ,
2 commentsquadrans01/31/14 at 16:41Skyler: Nice!
Trajan RIC 131; Woytek 282bC47 viewsTrajan 98-117 AD. AR Denarius. Rome Mint. ca 108-109 AD. (2.84g, 18.67mm) Obv: IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P, Laureate bust right with drapery on far shoulder. Rev: COS V P P SPQR OPTIMO PRINC, Victory, walking left on shields holding wreath and palm.
Woytek 282bC; RIC 129 and 131: RSC 76b

Ex: Ecin Associates

Woytek makes no distinction between RIC 129 and 131; both are attributed as Victory walking left - "Victoria eilt n.l.". Woytek also lists a number of instances where the shields on the reverse have been incorrectly attributed as globe. While it might appear to be a globe on the reverse of some specimens, this is due to an incomplete strike.
2 commentsPaddy01/30/14 at 06:11Skyler: Good photography and nice tone
Domitian RIC-730a79 viewsAR Denarius, 3.40g
Rome mint, 92 AD
Obv: IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P XI; Head of Domitian, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: IMP XXI COS XVI CENS P P P; Minerva stg. r. on capital of rostral column, with spear and shield; to r., owl (M2)
RIC 730a (C3). BMC 189. RSC 274. BNC 175.
Acquired from Wayne C. Phillips, January 2014.

The first issue of 92, of which this coin is from, was large indeed, certainly one of the largest of the reign. Ian Carradice conducted a die study of this issue and determined the mint was divided into officina based on the separate Minerva reverse types, much like it had been in 81-82, after an apparent hiatus.

Historical note: Domitian was campaigning against the Suebi and Sarmatians during 92, perhaps accounting for such a large issue.

A very common coin in uncommonly good style.
3 commentsDavid Atherton01/30/14 at 06:09Skyler: Nice
CÁC II., Anonymous III. (Géza II., King of Hungary, (1141-1162 A.D.)?), AR-Denarius, H-145, CNH I.-125, U-068, #0282 viewsCÁC II., Anonymous III. (Géza II., King of Hungary, (1141-1162 A.D.)?), AR-Denarius, H-145, CNH I.-125, U-068, #02
avers: Cross in a pattern of wedges and lines; border of dots.
reverse: Kufic ornaments; two crosses leaning on each other, line between the crosses with curving edges, crossed by two lines; border of line.
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 12,0 mm, weight: 0,34 g, axis:8 h,
mint: Esztergom, date: A.D., ref: Huszár-145, CNH I.-125, Unger-068,
Kiss-Toth, Sigla:,
3 commentsquadrans01/30/14 at 06:07Skyler: Great preservation and great photography
Asia Minor, Lykia, Kalynda25 viewsKalynda
Asia Minor, Lykia
1st century BC
Obv.: Draped bust of Artemis right with quiver
Rev.: Stag right, [Κ]Α[Λ]
AE, 1.20g, 10.2mm
SNG von Aulock 4292-3
1 commentsshanxi01/21/14 at 14:45Skyler: Beautiful. Great coin. Very nice.
565-578 AD, Justin II & Sophia28 viewsAe 1/2 follis; 23mm; 7.32g

Justin on left, Sophia on right, seated facing on double-throne, both nimbate, Justin holding cross on globe, Sophia holding sceptre

Large K, ANNO to left, cross above, regnal year to right
KYZ in exergue

SB 373, MIB 51, DO 132.1
Cyzicus Mint, 573/4 AD
2 commentsRobin Ayers01/20/14 at 21:53Skyler: OOO I like this one, great color
Thracia, Stobi, Caracalla, Josifovski V7, unpublished34 viewsCaracalla, AD 198-217
AE 24, 6.10g
Bust, cuirassed, seen from behind, laureate, r.
Nemesis/Nike advancing l., holding palmbranch in l. arm and wreath in raised r. hand; at her feet
l. a wheel
Josifovski V7 with unlisted rev. (Thanks to whitetd)
1 commentsJochen01/20/14 at 20:43Skyler: Great portrait
Caracalla, Stobi50 viewsM AVR ANTONINV A C
Laureate and cuirassed bust right seen from behind

Victory advancing left with wreath and palm

Josif 342 (V57/R61)

2 commentsarizonarobin01/20/14 at 20:42Skyler: OOOO very nice patina
527-565 AD, Justinian I20 viewsAe; 25mm; 9.13g

helmeted, cuirassed bust facing, holding cross on globe in right hand and
shield and cross in left

Large K, ANNO to left, cross above, XXXI to right, P with angled downstroke below

DO 246; SB 231; MIB 155
Antioch mint, Year 31, April 557- March 558
1 commentsRobin Ayers01/20/14 at 20:36Skyler: Good detail and nice strike
Septimius Severus, Victory54 viewsSeptimius Severus 193-211 AD
Emesa Mint

Laureate head right

Victory advancing right with a trophy held in both hands

Ar Denarius; 2.65g; 17-18mm
RIC IV 423; BMCRE 393 note; RSC 696; SEV-311
3 commentsRobin Ayers01/20/14 at 06:27Skyler: Attractive, good preservation and great portrait t...
457-494 AD, Leo I26 viewsAe; 10 mm; 1.26g

pearl diademed draped and cuirassed bust right

Monogram in wreath

Vagi 3793; RIC X 694
monogram 1b
1 commentsRobin Ayers01/20/14 at 06:22Skyler: Nice monogram
France (Feudal): Dukes of Aquitaine. William X, the “Saint” (1127-1137).35 viewsRoberts, 4311, Boudeau 464, Poey d'Avant 2735

AR denier, Bordeaux mint, 18 mm.

Obv: + CLVILILMO [first L retrograde] (Guillaume), four crosslets forming a cross.

Rev: + BVRDECIILA (Bordeaux, Burdigalae in Latin), cross pattée.

William X (1099–1137), was Duke of Aquitaine, Duke of Gascony, and Count of Poitou (as William VIII). He was the son of Duke William IX by his second wife, Philippa of Toulouse. He was born in Toulouse when his father was briefly the Count. Shortly after his birth his father went on Crusade, and he was raised in Poitiers by his mother. His father later abandoned her, and took Dangerose, the wife of one of his vassals, as mistress. This caused strain between father and son, until William married Aenor de Châtellerault, daughter of Dangerose, in 1121. They had three children, one of whom was Eleanor of Aquitaine, his heiress.

William was a lover of the arts and a warrior. He became involved in conflicts with Normandy and France. Inside his borders, he faced an alliance of the Lusignans and the Parthenays against him, an issue he resolved by the total destruction of his enemies. William X initially supported antipope Anacletus II in the papal schism of 1130, against the will of his own bishops. In 1134 Saint Bernard of Clairvaux convinced William to drop his support of Anacletus and to embrace Pope Innocent II.

In 1137 William joined the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, but died of suspected food poisoning during the trip. He left the dukedom and the care of his 15-year-old daughter to King Louis VI of France. Louis VI accepted this guardianship and married Eleanor to his son, Louis VII.
1 commentsStkp01/20/14 at 06:08Skyler: Great example
15.25 Hadrian and Sabina70 viewsEGYPT, Alexandria. Hadrian. AD 117-138. BI Tetradrachm (25mm, 12.94 g, 12h). Dated RY 18 (AD 133/4). Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Hadrian right / Draped bust of Sabina right, wearing stephane; L–IH (date) across field. Köln 1093; Dattari (Savio) 1255; K&G 32.572. VF, find patina, slight die shift on obverse.

Ex Classical Numismatic Group 34 (6 May 1995), lot 331.

Ex CNG eAuction 318
6 commentsSosius01/16/14 at 17:36Skyler: WOW
BYZANTINE EMPIRE - Tiberius II Constantine46 viewsBYZANTINE EMPIRE - Tiberius II Constantine (578-582) AE 1/4-Follis. Obverse: Bust facing wearing helmet with cross rectangular lamination on his face: D M TIB CON-ST PP AVC. Reverse: Large X, cross above. Constantinople mint. Sear 436. 21.4 mm, 4.85 grams. 1 commentsdpaul701/16/14 at 15:45Skyler: Very interesting
BCC LS1243 viewsLead Seal
Late Roman-Early Byzantine        
Obv:Facing portrait, nimbate, in high
relief. Cross in right field.
Rev:Cruciform monogram with
Greek letters: M, N, H, O, and
possibly Y, E, Γ, and C.
Off-flan at bottom: could be
Δ, Λ, A or some combination of those.
18x20.5mm. 12.30gm. Axis:0
1 commentsv-drome01/16/14 at 15:39Skyler: Outstanding!!!!
Confederate States of America: T-22 1861 $10 (Front)35 viewsCuhaj, George S. (2012-11-30). Confederate States Paper Money.

Front: Family group of Indians in center. Thetis at left, Indian woman at right holding ear of corn and “X” (for 10). Printed in red and black on red fibre paper.
Back: Blank
1 commentsSpongeBob01/14/14 at 07:25Skyler: Great example
Elagabalus57 viewsElagabalus, 218-222 AD; AE 18 of Antioch in Syria; Obv: Radiated head right; Rev: Large SC, D E above, eagle below, all in wreath, VF. BMC 434.
2 commentsMolinari01/03/14 at 11:55Skyler: Nice
CÁC II., Anonymous II. (Béla III., King of Hungary, (1172-1196 A.D.)?), AR-Denarius, H-116, CNH I.-127, U-094, #0193 viewsCÁC II., Anonymous II. (Béla III., King of Hungary, (1172-1196 A.D.)?), AR-Denarius, H-116, CNH I.-127, U-094, #01
avers: Patriarchal cross on double arch between two crescents containing a star, two dots and two lines, a border of dots.
reverse: Four crescents containing crosses, line border.
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 12,5 mm, weight: 0,16g, axis: h,
mint: Esztergom, date: A.D., ref: Huszár-116, CNH I.-127, Unger-094,
Kiss-Toth, Sigla:,
1 commentsquadrans01/01/14 at 16:06Skyler: Great preservation
Serbia, Vukasin-Mrnjavcevic, (1365-1371 A.D.), AR-Denar (Dinar), Jovanovic 16.17.,179 viewsSerbia, Vukasin-Mrnjavcevic, (1365-1371 A.D.), AR-Denar (Dinar), Jovanovic 16.17.,
avers:- ВБХА/БАБЛГ0/БЂРИНН/ЌРЛВЛБ/КАШБ ( In Christ our God pious King Vukasin )
revers:- Christ enthroned ,following Venetian grossi
exe: -/-//--, diameter:18mm, weight: ,axis: h,
mint: ,date: 1365-1371 A.D., ref: Jovanovic 16.17.,
1 commentsquadrans01/01/14 at 16:03Skyler: Good example
SUB-ROMAN, Ostrogoth, Gepid, (The age of exodus/Dark ages) Sirmium, AR-1/4-Siliqua, "Anastasius" type, Alain Gennari No: 090, Monogram of Theoderich (Alain Gennari type 18), Rare! 305 viewsOstrogoth, Gepid, (The age of exodus/Dark ages) Sirmium, AR-1/4-Siliqua, "Anastasius" type, Alain Gennari No: 090, Monogram of Theoderich (Alain Gennari type 18), Rare!
avers: D N ANASTASIVS P AV, Diademed and cuirassed bust right.
reverse: VIN VITA ✠ A ROMANI *, Stylized "Theoderich" monogram (Alain Gennari type 18).
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 21,0mm, weight: 0,78g, axis: 1h,
mint: Sirmium ,date: 493-526 A.D., ref: Alain Gennari 090, (avers type: 47, reverse type :64, monogram type: 18), Rare!
This coin attributed by the Alain Gennari article:
"The "Sirmium group": about the so-called Gepids siliquae
With a specific catalogue -2ⁿᵈ edition, Parma Oktober 2017"
1 commentsquadrans01/01/14 at 16:00Skyler: Amazing!!! Such a great example! !!
022. H-299 Béla IV., King of Hungary, (1235-1270 A.D.), H-299, CNH I.-234, U-222, AR-Denar, #0186 views022. H-299 Béla IV., King of Hungary, (1235-1270 A.D.), H-299, CNH I.-234, U-222, AR-Denar, #01
avers: Emperor facing, draped with Crown, long hair, line border.
reverse: Cross and circle within R, B-E-L-A, line border.
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 12,3 mm, weight: 0,58g, axis: 3h,
mint: , date: 1235-1270 A.D., ref: Huszár-299, CNH I.-234, Unger-222,
1 commentsquadrans01/01/14 at 15:55Skyler: Nice
049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), RIC IV-I 505, Laodicea ad Mare, AR-Denarius, IVSTITIA, Justitia seated left, Scarce, (but base metal, "limes" ?), #2113 views049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), RIC IV-I 505, Laodicea ad Mare, AR-Denarius, IVSTITIA, Justitia seated left, Scarce, (but base metal, "limes" ?), #2
avers:- L-SEPT-SEV-AVG-IMP-XI-PART-MAX, Laureate head right.
revers:- IVST-ITIA, Justitia seated left, holding patera and sceptre.
exe:-/-//--, diameter:18-18,5mm, weight:2,92g, axis: 0h,
mint: Laodicea, date: 198-202 A.D., ref: RIC-IV-505 (but base metal, "limes" ?), p-160, C-251,
1 commentsquadrans12/31/13 at 18:28Skyler: Great looking coin. nice patina, great preservatio...
RIC 0155 Titus73 viewsObv : IMP T CAES VESP AVG P M TR P P P COS VIII, Laureate head left
Rev : PAX AVGVST / S - C in field; Pax standing left, holding cornucopia and olive branch
AE/Sestertius (34.21 mm 26.56 G 6h) Struck in Rome 80-81 A D
RIC 155 (C), BMCRE 171-173
Ex Artemide Aste Auction XXXV Lot 136
5 commentsFlaviusDomitianus12/27/13 at 18:00Skyler: Wow
Moesia, Markianopolis. Commodus AE20. Nemean Lion.112 viewsObv: AVT KAI L AVP KOMODOC, laureate head right
Rev: MAPKIANOPOLEITWN, Hercules wrestling Nemean lion left.
2 commentsancientone12/27/13 at 01:09Skyler: Great coin, centered and beautiful patina
II - GALLIENUS -b- Antoninian - MEDIOLANUM - GOEBL 0997r25 viewsAv) GALLIENVS AVG
Radiated and cuirassed bust right

Centaur advancing right, holding cube

Weight: 3,8g; Ř: 23mm; Reference: GOEBL 997r
Note: light double strike on the reverse

1 commentssulcipius12/23/13 at 19:07Skyler: Very cool
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 14. Septimius Severus, HrHJ (2018) (plate coin)21 viewsSeptimius Severus, AD 193-211
AE 19, 3.34g, 18.92mm, 210°
laureate head r.
Eagle with closed wings on thunderbolt stg. r., head with wreath in beak turned l.
ref. a) not in AMNG
b) not in Varbanov (engl.)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (plate coin)
rare, VF, dark green patina
1 commentsJochen12/23/13 at 18:16Skyler: Beautiful coin, well struck and centered, great p...
ROMAN EMPIRE, Lucius Verus, AE Sestertius.69 views- Sesterce, Lucius Verus, 169 (Bronze) C. 226
Avers : L. AUREL. VERVS AVG ARMENIACVS tęte nue de l’empereur ŕ droite.
Revers : TRP IIII IMP II COS II Mars marchant ŕ gauche tenant une victoire, un trophée et un parazonium. SC
1 commentsbgaut12/20/13 at 17:29Skyler: Great patina,m nice strike
GREEK, Caria, ISLANDS off CARIA, Rhodes350 viewsCirca 250-229 BC. AR Didrachm (6.61 g, 12h). Mnasimachos, magistrate. Radiate head of Helios facing slightly right / Rose with bud to right; MNAΣIMAXOΣ above; to left, Athena Nikephoros standing left. Ashton 208; SNG Keckman 537-9; SNG Copenhagen 765
4 commentscarthago12/19/13 at 05:52Skyler: saying museum worthy wouldn't do this justice
GREEK, Baktrian Kingdom, Menander I, ca. 165/155-130 BC, AR Drachm - Bopearachchi Serie 16E230 viewsΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΣΩΤHΡΟΣ MENANΔΡΟΥ Helmeted, diademed and draped bust right. / Maharajasa tratarasa Menamdrasa, (a Karoshthi legend ) Athena Alkidemos standing left, holding shield on outstretched arm, while hurling thunderbolt; to right PKA monogram.
Mitchiner 218b; Bopearachchi Serie 16E; SNG ANS 868 - 874; Sear 7601.
(19 mm, 2.46 g, 12h)
6 commentsLloyd T12/19/13 at 05:49Skyler: Amazing
064 - Septimius Severus denarius - RIC 36424 viewsObv:– IMP CAE L SEP SE.V PERT AVG COS II, Laureate head right
Rev:– BONA SPES ., Spes advancing left, holding flower and lifting skirt
Minted in Emesa. A.D. 194-195
Reference:– BMCRE 340. RIC 364 (S). RSC 55b
1 commentsmaridvnvm12/19/13 at 05:42Skyler: Nice
201. Septimius Severus40 viewsSeptimius Severus. A.D. 193-211. Ć sestertius (30.3 mm, 22.25 g, 11 h). Rome, A.D. 196. L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP VIII, laureate and cuirassed bust right / ADVENTI AVG FELICISSIMO, SC, Severus on horseback right, led by soldier holding vexilum. RIC 719; BMCRE 596. Fine, Scarce.1 commentsecoli12/18/13 at 05:44Skyler: Very cool
Nabatean Kingdom, Aretas IV & Shuqailat I, Meshorer 114128 viewsAretas IV Philopatris, 9 BC - AD 40
Nabatean: Harithath
AE 18, 3.45g, 18.10mm, 330°
Petra, AD 23-40
obv. Jugate busts of Aretas IV and queen Shuqailat, draped and laureate, r.
in l. field ח (for Harithath), in r. field ש (for Shuqailat)
rev. 2 crossed filleted cornuacopiae
between Nabatean legend in 3 lines:
חרתת / שקי / לת
from r. to l. (transcribed):
= Harithat / Shuqailat
ref. Meshorer Nabatean 114; SNG ANS 1438
EF, superb sand patina

The Nabatean name of Aretas was Harithath. Originally he was named Aeneas. His 1st wife was Huldu (AD 1-16), his 2nd wife his sister Shuqailath (since AD 23). Under his reign the Nabatean kingdom reached its largest expansion. He was called Aretas the Great. He is not related to Aretas III. The Nabatean is the origin of the Arabic script.
3 commentsJochen12/17/13 at 04:05Skyler: Stunning
053 Geta (209-211 A.D.), RIC IV-I 075, Rome, AR-Denarius, FORT RED TR P III COS II, Fortuna seated left,160 views053 Geta (209-211 A.D.), RIC IV-I 075, Rome, AR-Denarius, FORT RED TR P III COS II, Fortuna seated left,
avers:- P-SEPT-GETA-PIVS-AVG-BRIT, Laureate head right.
revers:- FORT-RED-TR-P-III-COS-II, Fortuna seated left with rudder & cornucopiae, wheel below seat.
exe: , diameter: 19mm, weight: 3,47g, axis:- 0 h,
mint: Rome, date: 211 A.D., ref: RIC-IV-I-075-p-324, C-51,
2 commentsquadrans12/17/13 at 03:41Skyler: 5 stars absolutely!
Commodus (RIC 291, Coin #592)21 viewsCommodus, RIC 291 (Scarce), AE Sestertius, 179-180 AD, Rome
Obv: L AVREL COMMODVS AVG TR P V Laureate draped bust right.
Rev: IOVI VICTORI IMP III COS II P P S C Jupiter seated left, holding Victory & scepter.
Size: 31.3mm, 22.84g
1 commentsMaynardGee12/14/13 at 17:04Skyler: I like it! Nice patina
Septimus Severus Victoriae Brit Denarius47 viewsSeptimus Severus
AR Denarius
210 AD
Laureate head right
Victory standing facing, head right, holding long palm and placing small round shield on palm
RIC IV 336; BMCRE 57; RSC 730
2 commentsWindchildPunico12/09/13 at 05:14Skyler: Very nice
Byzantine Empire: Andronicus I Commenos (1183-1185) Trachy, Constantinople (Sear-1985)58 viewsObv: MP - ΘV. The Theotokos (Virgin Mary) standing facing on dais, holding bust of the infant Christ.
Rev: ANΔPONIKOC ΔECΠOTHC / IC - XC. Andronicus standing facing, holding labarum and globus cruciger, being crowned by Christ to right, holding Gospels
1 commentsSpongeBob12/05/13 at 00:44Skyler: nice strike
Roman Provincial: Augustus (27 BC-14 AD) Quadrans, Hispania, Julia Traducta (RPC-110)25 viewsObv: Bare head left; Legend around - PER CAE AVG
Rev: Patera above aspergillum, jug, and lituus; Legend around - IVLIA TRAD
1 commentsSpongeBob12/05/13 at 00:31Skyler: Great preservation. So many of these are corroded...
Byzantine Empire: Leo VI the Wise (886-912) Follis, Constantinople (Sear-1730)55 viewsObv: Leo VI and Alexander, each crowned and wearing loros, seated facing on double throne, holding labarum between them. Legend around - + LEOn S ALEXAnGROS.
Rev: Legend in four lines - + LEOn S ALEXAnGROS bASIL' ROmEOn
1 commentsSpongeBob12/05/13 at 00:27Skyler: Absolutely STUNNING
7 Maxentius40 viewsMaxentius. A.D. 306-312. Ć Follis (24.3 mm, 5.26 g, 11 h). Ostia, A.D. 309-312. IMP C MAXENTIVS P F AVG, laureate head right / AETERNITAS AVG, the Dioscuri standing facing each other, holding horses by their bridles; MOSTT in exergue. RIC 35. gVF.
Ex Agora Auctions #1, Nov 2013
1 commentsSosius12/01/13 at 17:03Skyler: Nice strike
Maxentius28 viewsMaxentius Follis
25 mm 7.00 gm
Laureate bust right
The Dioscuri standing facing each other, each with star above, nude but chlamys hanging from shoulder, leaning on sceptres & holding horses by bridles, she-wolf & twins between them, MOSTA in ex
1 commentsKoffy12/01/13 at 16:47Skyler: Very attractive reverse
049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), RIC IV-I 122c, Rome, AR-Denarius, AEQVITATI AVG G, Aequitas standing left,178 views049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), RIC IV-I 122c, Rome, AR-Denarius, AEQVITATI AVG G, Aequitas standing left,
avers:- L-SEPT-SEV-AVG-IMP-XI-PART-MAX, Laurate bust right.
revers:- AEQVITA-TI-AVG-G, Aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia.
exe: -/-//--, diameter: 18,5-19mm, weight: 3,02g, axis: 0h,
mint: Rome, date: 199 A.D.,ref: RIC-IV-I-122c, p106, C-21,
1 commentsquadrans12/01/13 at 16:34Skyler: I Love this portrait!!!!!
Septimus Severus - Dea Caelestis47 viewsObv: SEVERVS PIVS AVG, laureate head right
Rev: INDVLGENTIA AVGG, IN CARTH in exergue, the Dea Caelestis, with elaborate headdress, looking right, riding right on lion, holding thunderbolt and sceptre; below, water gushing from rocks left.
Size: 19mm, 3.29 g, 7h.
Mint: Rome, late 203 AD
Id: RIC IV 266, Hill 655, BMCRE 335, RSC 222
2 commentsickster12/01/13 at 16:32Skyler: Beautiful coin stacks up with a recent head to hea...
Roman, MACRINUS190 viewsAE 27. Nikopolis. 217-218 AD. 12,38 grs. Statius Longinus, legate. Laureate head right. AVT K M OΠEΛΛI CEV MAKPEINOC AVΓ. /
Nemesis standing left, holding scales and measuring rod, wheel at feet left. VΠ CTATI ΛONΓIOV NIKOΠOΛITΩN ΠPOC ICTPΩ.
Moushmov 1265 (variant). Hristova/Jekov No. (same dies).
Gorny Mosch 126. Lot 1634.
2 commentsbenito11/20/13 at 05:59Skyler: Amazing!
Theodore Mancaphas, 1188-1189. Trachy123 viewsChrist standing on dais, IC - XC / Theodore standing facing, holding patriarchal cross-scepter transversely with both hands.
Philadelphia, 1188-1189.
26.7-29.0 mm, 4.2 g.
A. Urs Sommer 64.1
2 commentsPekka K11/19/13 at 21:29Skyler: Nice coin!
7 Maxentius41 viewsMAXENTIUS
AE Follis, Rome Mint, 308-310 AD
IM[P C] MAXENTIUS PF AVG, Laureate bust right / CONSERV-VRB SVAE, Roma seated facing, head left, holding globe and scepter, shield at side, in hexastyle temple, with victories in acrotera and wreath in pediment. H in left field. Mintmark R T
RIC 202a, third workshop

Thanks to FORVM members stinats and quadrans for helping attributing this coin!
3 commentsSosius11/19/13 at 20:46Skyler: Cool portrait. The facial hair is very different t...
Moesia, Markianopolis, 051 Caracalla (196-198 A.D. Caesar, 198-217 A.D. Augustus ), Hristova-Jekov (2014), AE-23, YΠ KYNTIΛΛIANOY MAPKIANOΠOΛITΩN, Garlands Decorated table,203 viewsMoesia, Markianopolis, 051 Caracalla (196-198 A.D. Caesar, 198-217 A.D. Augustus ), Hristova-Jekov (2014), AE-23, YΠ KYNTIΛΛIANOY MAPKIANOΠOΛITΩN, Garlands Decorated table,
avers:- ANTΩNINOC-ΠIOC-AYΓOYCTOC, laureate head of the Caracalla left.
revers:- YΠ KYNTIΛΛIANOY MAPKIANOΠOΛITΩN, Garlands Decorated table with lion feet, it altar on which stands an eagle with open wings, left and right a banner.
exe: -/-//--, diameter: 25,5-26,5mm, weight: 8,98g, axis: 1h,
mint: Moesia, Markianopolis, date: AD., ref: AMNG-I-648; Varbanov-975,
a) not in AMNG:
rev. AMNG I/1, 648 var. (different legend break)
obv. AMNG I/1, 646 var. (different legend breaks)
b) Hristova/Jekov (2014) (same dies)
c) Pfeiffer (2013) 134 (same dies)
3 commentsquadrans11/19/13 at 20:34Skyler: Top notch Beautiful coin
Geta, Stobi49 viewsAe; 28mm; 8.71g

Bare head, draped and cuirassed bust right

Serapis standing facing, in long garment, calathos
on his head, right hand raised high, bent left arm holding
hems, serpent by his left hand

Josif V1, R Kuzmanovic 539 (new die pair V1 not previously known with Serapis reverse)
2 commentsRobin Ayers11/17/13 at 05:15Skyler: Nice example
30o. Constantinopoli commemorative: Cyzicus.34 viewsAE3, 330 - 335, Cyzicus mint.
Obverse: CONSTANTINOPOLI / Helmeted bust of Constantinople, facing left, and holding a sceptre.
Reverse: Victory standing on prow of galley, holding sceptre and leaning on shield.
Mint mark: . SMKΔ
2.35 gm., 19 mm.
RIC #108; LRBC # 1250; Sear #16478.
1 commentsCallimachus11/16/13 at 02:35Skyler: Impressive work from the celator. Great strike, gr...
30k. Roma commemorative: Antioch.37 viewsAE3, 330 - 335, Antioch mint.
Obverse: VRBS ROMA / Helmeted bust of Roma, facing left.
Reverse: Wolf with Romulus and Remus, two stars above. Unidentified shoulder mark on wolf.
Mint mark: SMANΘ
3.14 gm., 18 mm.
RIC #91; LRBC #1359; Sear #16526.
1 commentsCallimachus11/15/13 at 23:32Skyler: You have some very nice coins, this one id like to...
032 Hadrianus (117-138 A.D.), RIC II 0282, Rome, AR-Denarius, VICTORIA AVG, Victory (or Nemesis) advancing right,256 views032 Hadrianus (117-138 A.D.), RIC II 0282, Rome, AR-Denarius, VICTORIA AVG, Victory (or Nemesis) advancing right,
avers:-HADRIANVS-AVG-COS-III-P-P, Laureate head right.
revers:-VICTO-RIA-AVG, Victory (or Nemesis) advancing right, drawing out neck of robe, and pointing downward with branch.
exerg: -/-//--, diameter: 18mm, weight: 3,37g, axes: 6h,
mint: Rome, date: 134-138 A.D., ref: RIC II 282, RSC 1454, BMC 757
5 commentsquadrans11/12/13 at 03:48Skyler: Outstanding!
SICILY Frederick II, Emperor and King of Sicily, 1197-1250.44 viewsSICILY Frederick II, Emperor and King of Sicily, 1197-1250.
Ae Denar, IPR ligated. Cross, in the recesses of crescents.
1 commentsancientone11/12/13 at 02:01Skyler: Nice exmample great legend
Byzantine Empire: Nicephorus II Phocas (963-969), Miliaresion, Constantinople (Sear-1781)66 viewsObv: + IhSVS XRI-STVS nICA *.
Cross crosslet set on globus above two steps; in central medallion, crowned bust of Nicephorus facing.
Legend in five lines.
4 commentsSpongeBob11/12/13 at 01:59Skyler: Amazing!
Cyrenaica - Cyrene - Silphium plant44 viewsCyrenaica - Cyrene
Ć 22, ca. 250BC
Obv.: Diademed head of Zeus Ammon right
Rev.: Κ-Ο/Ι-Ν/Ο-Ν Silphium plant Monogram
Ć, 9.15g, 21.9mm
Ref.: SNG Cop 1278 var.
Ex Dionysos Numismatik
2 commentsshanxi11/07/13 at 02:26Skyler: Great coin. Awesome to have a depiction of an exti...
24 Septimius Severus51 viewsSeptimius Severus.
AD 193-211.
AR Denarius (19mm, 3.09 g, 7h). Rome mint. Struck circa AD 201-210.

Laureate head right / Genius standing left, sacrificing from patera over altar and holding two grain ears.

RIC IV 201; RSC 475. Good VF, toned, light porosity.

Ex CNG - Nov 2013
2 commentsSosius11/07/13 at 02:23Skyler: Great portrait!
Septimius Severus Anchalios Thrace36 viewsAE 26 (10.34g)
laureate, draped & cuirassed bust right
the emperor on horse leaping right, holding spear.
1 commentsHG11/06/13 at 05:33Skyler: Great coin. Lots of great detail! Almost full lege...
BCC BW1248 viewsIslamic? Weight?
Bronze - 5 Dirham?
Marked with a total of 10 “bird’s eye”
concentric circle punch marks: 4 on one side,
and 2 on three sides. The other 2 sides are blank.
Cubiod shape: 12.25 x 12.0 x 11.5mm.
Weight: 14.12gm.
1 commentsv-drome11/06/13 at 05:28Skyler: Super cool, probably from and odds game
(0813) LEO V (The Armenian)76 views813-820 AD
AE Follis 17 mm X 20 mm 3.01 g
O: Facing bust of Leo with a short beard, wearing a crown and loros and holding cross potent
R: Facing bust of Constantine, beardless, wearing crown and chlamys and holding globus cruciger.
Syracuse mint, Sear Byzantine 1636

2 commentslaney10/18/13 at 17:58Skyler: Great portrait remaining
Lydia, Sala. Pseudo-autonomous AE19. Magistrate Moloxos95 viewsTime of Septimius Severus.
Sala, Lydia, pseudo-autonomous issue, ca. 193-211 AD. 2.8g , AE19.
Obv: CA LHNWN, helmeted bust of Athena right wearing crested Corinthian helmet and aegis.
Rev: EPIMOLO XOY, Kybele seated left, turreted, holding patera and resting arm on tympanum.
Magistrate Val. Moloxos (Archon).

PZ : Between 193 and 211
Technical details
M : AE
GR : 19.05(1)
Bibliographical references
ZIT: BMC 16 S230,22(1)
Additional remarks
1 commentsancientone10/18/13 at 02:38Skyler: Beautiful patina, great coin
ROMAN EMPIRE, Aurelian90 viewsBillon Antoninianus of Ticinum of A.D.274-275

Obv: IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG Radiate, cuirassed bust right
Rev: PROVIDEN DEOR Fides Militum standing right, holding standard in each hand, facing Sol standing left, raising right hand and holding globe in left hand. Officina and mint mark Q XX T in exergue.
Weight: 4.05g

RIC.152 Sear RCV III 11587

In A.D.274 Aurelian attempted a currency reform that did bring a certain amount of stability. The antoninianus was restored to approximately its original size. The actual silver content was increased slightly, but remained very low at around 4.5% overall. These reformed antoninianii often bear a mint mark of XXI that is thought to represent the ratio of 20 parts copper to 1 of silver. However, coins produced at Ticinum, as shown here, have the letter T instead of the I in the value mark.
2 commentsnemesis06/03/13 at 18:51Skyler: Great patina!
GREEK, Ptolemaic Egypt, Ptolemy VI and Kleopatra I200 viewsRare middle-size bronze of the series that has unusual name of Queen Kleopatra I (BASILISES KLEOPATRAS) on the *obverse* in addition to the usual BASILEOS PTOLEMAIOY on the reverse. Svoronos 1381. Full sharp inscriptions, centered. Nice.
Portrait of 'Alexandria' on obverse, open-wing eagle on reverse with PI/A monogram to left.

22mm - 7.114 gram - 12h

Kleopatra I was the daughter of Antiochos III, married off to Ptolemy V at the end of the 5th Syrian war ca 195BC, tying up the turnover and permanent loss of all of Phoenician Ptolemaic territory (Tyre, Sidon, Ake-Ptolemais, etc.) to the Seleukid kingdom. Mother of Ptolemy VI who assumed the throne at age 5 upon the death of Ptolemy V, Kleopatra I was his regent until her death in 176 BC. An unusual series of three sizes of bronze coins (Svoronos 1380, 81, 82) bear her name on the obverse where most Ptolemaic bronzes have no inscription at all. When Antiochos IV attacked Egypt ca. 170 BC and captured Ptolemy VI, ruling for a time with him, it was all in the family. Antiochos IV was the young Egyptian king's uncle, through the earlier marriage of Kleopatra I into the Lagid court of Alexandria. Interesting and historic coin type, unusual layout of inscriptions for a Ptolemaic bronze.
5 commentsPtolemAE08/15/12 at 16:19Skyler: Very beautiful! 5 stars! Great portrait and Eagle!
CHIMAERA281 viewsAR Hemidrachm. Sikyon ( Peloponessos ). c. 330-320 BC. 2,86 grs. 8h. Chimaera advancing left, right paw raised. ΣI below / Dove flying left.
BMC 119.

Spawned by Typhoeus and Echidna, the Chimaera had three heads - lion, goat, and snake .Its body was also mixed having the front part of a lion, middle of a goat, and snake for a tail. It breathed fire. It ravaged Lycia, killing cattle and setting fires until it was killed by Bellerophon
2 commentsbenito08/10/12 at 06:28Skyler: Incredible!
ROMAN EMPIRE PROVINCIAL, Aurelian & Vaballathus, AE (Billon) Tetradrachm of Alexandria76 views20mm 8.7g
Alexandria Mint 270-271 A.D.
Milne 4308
1 commentsTRPOT08/10/12 at 06:03Skyler: Struck well and great detail preserved!
ROMAN EMPIRE, CALIGULA, Nero and Drusus Caesars, Dupondius 40-41 A.D.83 viewsObv:
Nero and Drusus on horseback, galloping r.
RIC 49 Sear 1828
30mm 15.0g
1 commentsTRPOT08/10/12 at 05:56Skyler: Great coin!
ROMAN EMPIRE, Hadrian, AE Dupondius 104 viewsObv:
Radiate bust r.
Pegasus flying r.
RIC 658
4 commentsTRPOT08/10/12 at 05:53Skyler: Very attractive! I cant decide which side I enjoy ...
Macrinus, 217–8 CE82 viewsAR denarius, Rome, 218 CE; 3.72g. BMCRE 69, RIC 78, RSC 41 (Gosselin Sale, 6 Fr.). Obv: IMP CM OPEL SEV – MACRINVS AVG; bust laureate, draped right, seen from back. Rx: LIBERAL – ITAS AVG; Liberalitas standing left, holding coin counter and cornucopia.

Notes: According to Harlan J. Berk, Ltd: “One of the few types of Macrinus’s reign that commemorates a specific event, namely his first and only largesse to the Roman people, which to judge from the coins was distributed c. March–May 218 [CE].” Overweight specimen. Rare; four in the Reka Devnia hoard.

Provenance: Ex Berk BBS 176 (September 2011), lot 283.
7 commentsMichael K508/09/12 at 16:52Skyler: One of the best Ive seen!
(0306) MAXENTIUS (USURPER)58 views306 - 312 AD
struck 309 AD
AE FOLLIS 24.5 mm 5.78 g
(usurper, killed by Constantine I at Battle of the Milvian Bridge)
RIC (VI) 16
(ex G.Clark)
2 commentslaney08/09/12 at 16:49Skyler: Very nice!
ROMAN EMPIRE, ORBIANA. Wife of Severus Alexander113 viewsAE Sestertius. 17.28 gm, 12h. Struck 225 AD. Diademed and draped bust right. SALL BARBIA ORBIANA AVG / Concordia seated left on throne, holding patera in extended right hand and cradling double cornucopiae in left arm. CONCORDIA AVGVSTORVM, S C in exergue. RIC IV 655 (Severus Alexander); Banti 1; BMCRE 293 (Severus Alexander); Cohen 4.1 commentsbenito08/06/12 at 17:45Skyler: AMAZING! I love it. Beautiful! Great strike and so...
OCTAVIAN53 viewsAR denarius. Autumn 30-summer 29 BC. 3.76 grs. Bare head right / Trophy facing, set on prow of galley right; crossed rudder and anchor at base. IMP CAESAR in fields.
RSC 119

1 commentsbenito08/06/12 at 17:26Skyler: Very nice!
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus "Caracalla," 198 - 217 AD48 viewsObv: AYT KAI ANTΩNINOC CE, laureate bust of Caracalla, draped and cuirassed, facing right.

Rev: ΔHMAPX ЄΞ YΠATOC Δ, Eagle standing on club, head left, wings displayed, holding a wreath in its beak; a murex shell is between its legs.

Note: The murex shell displayed on the reverse of this coin is from a sea snail that is indigenous to the Tyre region of Phoenicia along the Mediterranean Sea. In ancient times purple clothing die was derived from murex shells and because of its rarity and great expense the color was available only to the very wealthy such as emperors and kings.

Silver Tetradrachm, Tyre mint, 215 - 217 AD

13.7 grams, 25 mm, 180°

GIC 2679
1 commentsSPQR Coins08/01/12 at 17:25Skyler: Cool portrait style
Flavius Arcadius, 383 - 408 AD87 viewsObv: DN ARCADIVS PF AVG, diademed, helmeted and cuirassed bust of Arcadius facing, holding spear and a shield decorated with a cross.

Rev: CONCORDIA AVGG, Constantinopolis enthroned facing, head turned right, holding a scepter and Victory on a globe, right foot resting on a prow; ANTΓ in exergue.

AE 3, Antiochia mint, 401 - 403 AD

2.8 grams, 17 mm

RIC X Antiochia 97, VM 27
2 commentsSPQR Coins08/01/12 at 16:29Skyler: Great example showing the artistry of the time!
Anglesey 1960 viewsObv: Head of a Druid facing left within an oak wreath (acorn at tie below the ribbon).

Rev: A monogram cipher P. M. Co. WE PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER ONE PENNY • 1787 (curved 1 that points to the last limb of N. The lower flourish ends over E).


Penny Conder Token

Dalton & Hamer: Anglesey 19
2 commentsSPQR Coins08/01/12 at 16:25Skyler: Awesome coin! I am immediately drawn to this one.
Faustina Senior, Peacock87 viewsO: DIVA FAV-STINA
Draped bust right
Peacock walking right

RIC 384, RSC 175, BMCRE 473, S 4594
Ar Denarius; 18-20mm; 3.05g
Prov. Barry P. Murphy
1 commentsarizonarobin07/24/12 at 05:52Skyler: Nice flan, beautiful flow lines, great reverse!
Cleopatra Thea & Antiochus VIII41 viewsCleopatra Thea & Antiochus VIII
Antioch 125-121 BC

O: Head of Antiochus VIII, with ray diademed to right
R: Owl on recumbant amphora
2 commentsarizonarobin07/24/12 at 05:49Skyler: Beautiful coin! Legible Cleopatra!
Trajan, Camel89 viewsTrajan- 98-117 AD

AR Drachm;3.25g;18-19mm

Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind

Baktrian camel walking left
2 commentsarizonarobin07/24/12 at 05:45Skyler: Very nice!
Galeria Valeria, Venus72 viewsGAL VALE-RIA AVG


:dot: SM :dot: TS :dot:
:star: /left field, B in right ( I think just worn down)

2 commentsarizonarobin07/24/12 at 05:36Skyler: Great patina! Very well preserved!
Julia Domna, Venus46 viewsJulia Domna

draped bust right

Venus seated left, holding apple and sceptre; cupid to left

Ar Denarius 17-20mm; 3.01g
RIC 389b, S 7107, C 205 (yr 217 Rome)
1 commentsarizonarobin07/24/12 at 05:34Skyler: Beautiful artwork well preserved
Arles, Wolf and Twins59 viewsCity Commemorative, under Constantine I

helmeted and cuirassed bust left

She wolf suckling Romulus and Remes, 2 stars above, palm frond between stars


RIC VII Arles 368
1 commentsarizonarobin07/24/12 at 05:32Skyler: Great condition!!
FILIPPO II OF SPAIN 1556-9848 views1/2 carlino, Type I,

obv. crowned bust right

rev. two crowns with two flames

Naples, not dated
Ag 1.3 gr. (rare)
1 commentsSergius Silus07/24/12 at 04:53Skyler: Very nice!
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 23. Macrinus, HrHJ (2018) #1 (plate coin)76 viewsMacrinus, AD 217-218
AE 27, 12.59g, 26.61mm, 195°
struck under governor Marcus Claudius Agrippa
Bust, cuirassed with scale armour, laureate, r.
Tyche in long double chiton and palla, wearing kalathos, stg. l., holding cornucopiae in l. arm and in r.
hand rudder set on globe
ref. a) not in AMNG
b) Varbanov (engl.) 3420 (same dies)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (plate coin)
EF, black green patina, Portrait!

One of the most beautiful Macrinus busts I have seen!
2 commentsJochen07/20/12 at 21:33Skyler: Ditto, very attractive coin
Macrinus Nikopolis-2.JPG
Macrinus Nikopolis-252 viewsMacrinus, AE28, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 217-218 AD
Obverse:AVT K M OPEL CEV MAKPEINOC, Laureate and cuirassed bust right
Reverse:VP CTA LONGINOV NIKOPOLITWN PPO-C IC, Nike standing leaning on column holding wreath and palm.
Struck under Magistrate Statius Longinus.
Moushmov 1230
28mm, 16.8gm
4 commentsJerome Holderman07/20/12 at 21:24Skyler: Very appealing coin!
Macrinus Herakles Nicopolis ad Istrum35 viewsMoesia Inferior. Nikopolis ad Istrum. Macrinus, 217-218 AD, AE27. Legat Longinus.
Nikopolis, 27mm, 13.4g
OBV: Laureate head right
REV: VP CTA LONGINOV NIKOPOLITWN PPOC IC, Herakles standing right, holding lion's skin and club placed on rock at feet

Moushmov 1287
1 commentsRomanorvm07/20/12 at 21:22Skyler: Great portrait and good detail remaining!
Celtic fouree AR-Tetradrachm, Kugelwange-type,172 viewsCeltic fouree AR-Tetradrachm, Kugelwange-type,
avers:- Laurate Zeus head right.
reverse:- Horse-trotting-left, cicle and dot in over the horse.
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 22-26mm, weight: 9,77g, axis: h,
mint: Kugelwange-type, date: 3rd. and 2nd. century B.C., ref: Göbl-xx, Göbl-OTA-xx, Kostial-xx,
1 commentsquadrans07/20/12 at 18:56Skyler: Love the style on this one! Nice coin!
AE 20 mm, 6.61 g
O: Laureate Head of Apollo, R
R: Athena Itonia Standing R, Brandishing Spear and Holding Shield, QESSA-LWN vertically, at sides
1 commentslaney07/18/12 at 18:42Skyler: Nice coin, attractive patina
28 views1 commentsareich07/17/12 at 16:04Skyler: 100% beautiful amazing coin!!!
Holey Coin Vest II, ca. 200466 viewsThis picture was taken outside the ruins of the slave hospital at Retreat Plantation, St. Simons Island, Georgia. The front side of the vest was pre-1900 US and world coins, while the back side was a nearly-complete date set of US large cents. I've since sold off the large cents and was going to replace them with a date set of Seated Liberty dime love tokens, but that collection soon took on a life of its own and expanded beyond mere holey coins, so they ended up in an album rather than the back of the vest. (You can see that collection in a separate album.) In 2011 I disassembled the vest in order to have the coins photographed, but editing all the photos has been a very laborious project. It will eventually be reassembled and the front will likely be taken over by all world and ancient coins, while the reverse will be a 19th century US type set. The last time I attended a show and wore all my regalia was at Charlotte ANA in 2007.1 commentslordmarcovan07/16/12 at 05:14Skyler: Thats a fun Idea!
Allectus (RIC 128, Coin #491)24 views
Allectus, RIC 128, AE Quinarius, Camulodunum (Colchester), 293 - 296 AD
Obv: IMP C ALLECTVS P F AVG Radiate and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: VIRTVS AVG (QC) Gallery right.
Size: 19.0mm 2.54g

1 commentsMaynardGee07/14/12 at 17:31Skyler: WOW a great find. Full legend and mint!
Persian Empire, Lydia, Anatolia, Darius II - Artaxerxes II, c. 420 - 375 B.C.82 viewsSilver siglos, (Carradice Type IV (middle) B; plate XIII, 35); weight 5.5g, max. diameter 14.14 mm, Sardeis mint, c. 420 - 350 B.C.; obverse kneeling-running figure of the Great King right, dagger in right, bow in left, bearded, crowned, waist indicated; reverse oblong incuse punch; lion head left within incuse, crescent moon banker's mark.
3 commentsSteve E07/13/12 at 03:09Skyler: Great addition!
Palm-branch (?)197 viewsSyria, Kings, Alexander I. Balas, 150-145 B.C. AE-20 mm, 7.93 grs. Struck in Apamea. AV: Diadem. head of the King to right, within a dotted border
RV: APAMEWN, Zeus standing to left, holding corinth. helmet and scepter, in the field to left: GXR and Monogram. Rectangular CM: Palm-branch or possibly feather (?). Collection: Mueller.
1 commentsAutoman07/10/12 at 21:35Skyler: Beautiful coin!
Crispus, Issue 3, Toone - (279 var.)26 viewsCRISPVS_NOBCAES, Laureate, cuirassed bust left, shield on left shoulder, spear pointing forward
Said to have been found at Petra
2 commentsAdrianus07/10/12 at 21:01Skyler: Very nice coin!
Pantikapaion, Tauric Chersonesos, Thrace, 310 - 304 BC. 120 viewsAE 20, McDonald 69, SNG Pushkin 818, Sear GCV I 1700, weight 7.29 g, max. diameter 20.8 mm, Pantikapaion mint, c. 310 - 304 BC; Obv. bearded head of satyr right; Rev. Π Α Ν in legend, forepart of griffin left, sturgeon fish left below. Shiny green patina with a few corrosion pits. A sharp strike with little wear!

Background info; Pantikapaion (Panticapaeum) is present-day Kerch, an important Greek city and port in Taurica (Tauric Chersonese), situated on a hill (Mt. Mithridates) on the western side of the Cimmerian Bosporus (Kerch Strait), between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. It was founded by Milesians in the late 7th or early 6th century B.C. Originally called Apollonia. Wikipedia.
6 commentsSteve E07/10/12 at 16:56Skyler: Yes great patina and lightly circulated!
Hadrian, 11 August 117 - 10 July 138 A.D.89 viewsSilver denarius, RIC II 45a, (RSC II 1027), weight 2.47g, max. diameter 19mm, Rome mint, 118 A.D.; Obv. IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG, laureate bare-chest bust right, drapery on left shoulder; Rev. P M TR P COS II, Pietas standing left, veiled, raising right hand, PIE-TAS across fields; Scarce, nice toning.

Ex. Sphinx Numismatics

Background info, courtesy Forvm Ancient Coins

Pietas in traditional Latin usage expressed a complex, highly valued Roman virtue; a man or woman with pietas respected his or her responsibilities to other people, gods and entities (such as the state), and understood his or her place in society with respect to others.
4 commentsSteve E07/10/12 at 15:47Skyler: Great addition. I am a fan of Hadrian's histor...
Macedonian Kingdom, Philip II, 359 - 336 B.C.97 viewsBronze AE Unit, SGCV II 6697, aVF, 7.079g, 16.9mm, 0o, Macedonian mint, obverse head of Apollo right wearing taenia; reverse FILIPPOU, young male rider on prancing horse right;

"Philip II expanded the size and influence of the Macedonian Kingdom, but is perhaps best known as the father of Alexander the Great. He personally selected the design of his coins. In 356 B.C., the year Alexander the Great was born, Philip's race horse won in the Olympic Games. The reverse of this type likely depicts his winning horse."

ex Forvm
8 commentsRandygeki(h2)07/06/12 at 19:03Skyler: Oh yes! I have seen many with a less than convinci...
Moesia inferior, Markianopolis, 19. Caracalla & Julia Domna, HrJ (2013) (plate coin)29 viewsCaracalla, AD 198-217
AE 28, 13.47g, 27.78mm, 15°
struck under governor Quintilianus
laureate head of Caracalla r. and bust of Julia Domna, draped, l.
in l. and r. field TW - N
Apollo Lykeios, nude, stg. frontal, head r., r. hand over head, holding in l. hand bow and arrow over a
tree-stump entwined by a snake, head l.
in upper l. field E
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 663, pl. XV, 1 (1 ex., Paris, rev. from same die)
b) not in Varbanov (engl.)
c) Hristova/Jekov (2013) No.
d) not in Pfeiffer
rare, about EF, nice green patina
From Forum Ancient Coins, thanks!

My most beautiful Apollo Lykeios!
2 commentsJochen07/05/12 at 17:45Skyler: Magnificent! So much to love about this coin! Art,...
Gaius ("Caligula"), RIC 58, for Agrippa, As of AD 37-41 (Neptune)151 viewsĆ As (11.5g, 28mm, 6h). Rome mint, struck under Gaius, AD 37-41.
Obv.: M·AGRIPPA·L·F·COS·III head of Agrippa with rostral crown facing left
Rev.: S C Neptune standing facing left, holding dolphin and trident
RIC (Gaius) 58; Cohen 3; BMC (Tiberius) 161

Perhaps struck under Caligula in memory of his maternal grandfather Agrippa, although Caligula hated him; perhaps under Tiberius starting as early as 14 AD.
6 commentsCharles S07/05/12 at 17:22Skyler: Stunning!
Moesia inferior, Markianopolis, Macrinus and Diadumenian, pentassarion 61 views217-218 AD
Pontianus, consular legate
27mm, 10.90g
obv: AVT K OΠEΛ CEV MAKPEINOC K M OΠE ANTΩNINOC; laureate and cuirassed bust of Macrinus right, vis-ŕ-vis bare-headed and draped bust of Diadumenian left
rev: VΠ ΠONTIANOV MAPKIANOΠOΛEITΩN; Macrinus standing left, right foot on helmet, holding Victory on globe and reversed spear; shields before
(H&J, Marcianopolis; AMNG 778; Varbanov 1290)
ex CNG e-auction 278, Lot 179
4 commentsareich07/01/12 at 18:20Skyler: Super desireable patina! They really look like the...
Roman, Aurelian Billon Antoninianus239 viewsSear (2000) 11581, RIC 232. Minted in Siscia 272 A.D. (according to Sear).
Obverse: IMP AVRELIANVS AVG; Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Aurelian right.
Reverse: PAX AVGVSTI; Pax walking left, holding olive branch and transverse scepter.
Star in left field, T in right field.
If Sear's dating is correct Aurelian was about sixty two years old when this coin
was minted. I believe this coin image reflects the character of Aurelian better
than any other I have seen. A ruthless general, he was also a person of
intelligence and understanding, who instituted a number of civil and religious
reforms, and began the restoration of the currency. Aware of the
continuing threat from the German tribes, he also began the construction of
a massive wall around the City of Rome, parts of which still exist.
2 commentsJames A206/30/12 at 18:07Skyler: Superb! a very telling portrait.
CONSTANTINE II21 viewsĆ Follis. Constantinople, 327 AD . 3.25grs, 6h. Laureate, and cuirassed bust right. CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C / Camp gate with two turrets, no door, star above, seven stone layers, Gamma in left field, CONS in exergue. PROVIDENTIAE CAESS.
RIC 27.
1 commentsbenito06/30/12 at 15:11Skyler: Hardly circulated, great quality! No door!
Fouree C. Servilius M.f. Denarius. 136 BC60 views Obv. Winged, helmeted head of Roma right, surmounted by head of an eagle, wreath & * behind, ROMA below Rev. the Dioscuri galloping in opposite directions, C SERVEILI M F in ex. Syd 525, Cr239/1. 2 commentsSkyler06/30/12 at 06:50Skyler: Lighter. Copper has a density of 9 while silver is...
Cappadocian Kingdom, c. 130 - 80 B.C.; In the Name of the Seleukid King, Antiochus VII77 viewsSilver tetradrachm, (Houghton II 642 ff., SNG Spaer 1855, Newell SMA 282), Weight 16.560g, Max. diameter 27.9mm, Obv. diademed head of the Seleukid King Antiochos VII right, fillet border; Rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXDOY EYEPΠETOY, Athena standing left, Nike in right, spear and shield in left, ligate ΔI / A left, Nike extends wreath into laurel wreath border. Toned, some light scratches.

EX. Forvm Ancient Coins

Background info, courtesy Forvm Ancient Coins;

Oliver Hoover, in Coins of the Seleucid Empire from the Collection of Arthur Houghton, attributes this type to the Cappadocian Kingdom, c. 130 - 80 B.C. The symbols were used on Cappadocian royal coinage, the coins are found in Cappadocian hoards and a tetradrachm naming the Cappadocian King Ariarathes VII Philometor (116 - 99 B.C.) bears the obverse portrait of Antiochus VII. He notes they may have been struck to pay foreign (Syrian?) mercenaries who preferred the types of Antiochus VII.

4 commentsSteve E06/30/12 at 06:39Skyler: Oh yeah. Bold strike and readable legend! I love i...
Maximinus II Daia, RIC VI, Alexandria 160b35 viewsMaximinus II Daia, AD 309-313
AE - Follis
Alexandria, 1st officina, AD 312/3
Head, laureate, r.
Genius, nude, except chlamys over l. shoulder, wearing modius, stg. facing,
head l., holding cornucopiae in l. arm and in outstretched r. hand head of
Serapis with modius
in l. field one upon the other star / N / palmbranch
in r. field A
in ex. ALE
RIC VI, Alexandria 160b
VF, nice sandpatina
1 commentsJochen06/27/12 at 02:21Skyler: A true piece of art! Most attractive I have ever s...
Faustina Jr, RIC (A. Pius) RIC 1404a, As of AD 148-152109 viewsĆ As (11.41g, Ř28mm, 12h). Rome mint. Struck AD 148-152.
Obv.: FAVSTINAE AVG PII AVG FIL, draped bust of Faustina Minor with one string of pearls in hair, facing right.
Rev.: PVDICITA (around) S C (in ex.), Pudicita seated left, holding her veil.
RIC 1404a; BMCRE 2159; Cohen 187; Strack 1302 var. (rev. S C across field); Sear (Roman Coins & Their Values II) 4731
ex Jean Elsen auction
3 commentsCharles S06/23/12 at 23:51Skyler: Great artwork remaining!
141 Fausta (290 -326 A.D.), AE-3 Follis, Thessalonica, RIC VII 161, -/-//SMTSB, SPES REIPVBLICAE, Spes standing left, R3!!!, #2160 views141 Fausta (290 -326 A.D.), AE-3 Follis, Thessalonica, RIC VII 161, -/-//SMTSB, SPES REIPVBLICAE, Spes standing left, R3!!!, #2
avers:- FLAV-MAX-FAVSTA-AVG, 13, A6, Draped bust right, with necklace.
revers:- SPES-REIP-VBLICAE, Spes standing left, holding baby in each arm.
exergo: -/-//SMTSB, diameter: 19mm, weight: 2,95g, axis: 5h,
mint: Thessalonica, date: 326-28 A.D., ref: RIC-VII-161, p-513, R3 !!!,
1 commentsquadrans06/22/12 at 17:05Skyler: Amazing! Beautiful artwork preserved. Great exampl...
Moesia inferior, Markianopolis, 24. Macrinus & Diadumenian, HrJ (2013) viewsMacrinus & Diadumenian , AD 217-218
AE 27, 11.93g, 26.72mm, 15°
struck under governor P. Furius Pontianus
in field (2nd line) NOCI
Confronting busts of Macrinus, draped and cuirassed, laureate, r., and Diadumenian,
draped and cuirassed, bare-headed, l.
Emperor, cuirassed and with mantle, wearing boots, laureate, stg. l., r. foot on
cuirass, resting with raised l. hand on reverted spear and holding in extended r. hand
globe with small Nike holding tropaion and crowning him with wreath
in lower l. field E
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 779 (2 ex., Odessa, Murzakewicz)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 1290
c) Hristova/Jekov (2013) No. (same dies)
d) Megaw MAR5.24
rare, about VF, brown-green patina
1 commentsJochen06/21/12 at 17:35Skyler: Great addition and nice portraits
ROMAN EMPIRE, Crispus VOT V80 viewsCrispus AE3
Obverse: CRISPVS-NOB CAES, laureate head right
Mintmark: T crescent A (Arles Mint)
Weight 3.11 Grams
Size: 19MM
1 commentsego sum malum06/21/12 at 04:59Skyler: Good detail remaining!
Antoninus Pius, RIC 733, As of AD 143-144 (Great Sow)63 viewsĆ As (8.87g, Ř24.5mm, 12h). Rome mint. Struck 143-144 AD.
Obv.: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P COS III, laureate head right.
Rev.: IMPERATOR II (around) S C (in ex.), Great Sow, seated right under oak suckling her young; in front, two more.
RIC 733; BMC 1624; Cohen 450; 942
ex iNumis, Paris

This issue belongs to a series minted in preparation of the 900th anniversary, on April 21st, AD 147, of the founding of Rome. This series depict scenes from ancient Roman legends.
2 commentsCharles S06/21/12 at 03:09Skyler: I agree, lifelike portrait, beautiful all around!
COMMODUS41 viewsAE 26. Marcianopolis. 177-192 AD. 9,04 grs. Bareheaded, draped and cuirassed bust right. AV KAI Λ AVPH KOMOΔOC / The Three Graces
(Charites) the central figure seen from behind, embracing each other. Left Charis holding kantharos and dolphin at her feet, right holding wreath and kantharos at feet. MAPKIANOΠOΛEITΩN.
Hristova/Jekov , Marcianopolis (2006), p. 20, (same dies).

1 commentsbenito06/20/12 at 17:30Skyler: Where do I begin! Beautiful patina, Great portrait...
ROMAN EMPIRE, City Commemorative, VRBS ROMA, c.335 AD, helmeted Roma - Suckling Wolf71 viewsCity Commemorative, AE18. Obv: VRBS ROMA, helmeted head of Roma left, in imperial cloak, and ornamental necklace.
Rev: She-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, two stars above, circle on wolf's shoulder. Mintmark: SMANS
1 commentssuperflex06/20/12 at 15:54Skyler: Very Nice, great strike, hardly circulated, great ...
L. Valerius Flaccus, (108 - 107 B.C.)122 viewsAR Denarius
O: Winged and draped bust of Victory right, X below chin.
R: LVALERI / FLACCI (downwards on left), Mars walking left, spear in right, trophy in left over shoulder, apex left, head of grain behind.
SRCV I 183, Sydenham 565, Crawford 306/1, RSC I Valeria 11

Mars and the apex recall that the moneyer's father held the office of Flamen Martialis. Crawford concludes the office of moneyer may have been consider a career substitute for aedileship and the grain on the reverse advertises the moneyer would have distributed grain had he been elected Aedile. -- Roman Republican Coinage by Michael H. Crawford
5 commentsMat06/19/12 at 00:59Skyler: Great Detail and amazing toning
NABATAEAN KINGS60 views Aretas IV. AE 18. Petra 9 BC–AD 40. 3.50 grs. Jugate busts of Aretas (laureate) and Queen Shuqailat (veiled) to right / Two crossed cornucopiae with Nabataean inscription, Aretas Shuqailat.
Meshorer 113. SNG ANS 1440.
2 commentsbenito06/15/12 at 17:09Skyler: Very appealing patina, preservation and inscriptio...
INDIA, CHALUKYAS of GUJARAT (1030 - 1120 A.D.)68 viewsAR Drachm (gadhaiya paisa)
O: Degenerate Indo-Sasanian style bust right, sun and moon (crown?) above.
R: Stylized fire altar, sun (consisting of rosette of dots) above left, crescent moon above right.
Deyell 158, Mitchiner Non-Islamic 427
4 commentsMat06/15/12 at 04:36Skyler: Very nice strike too
Maximianus44 viewsMaximianus Ć follis, 286-305 AD, 10.61gm, struck 296-297 AD in Heraclea, 29.4mm. Obv: IMP C M A MAXIMIANVS P F AVG; laureate head right. Rev: GENIO POPV-L-I ROMANI; Genius standing left, holding patera and cornucopia; HTB in exergue. RIC VI p531, 17b. extensive silvering as shown in photo. 3 commentsTLP06/15/12 at 04:30Skyler: An amazing addition with so much silvering remaini...
Ca. 320 - 280 BC
AR Stater 20 mm 8.07 g
O: Pegasos flying left
R: Helmeted head of Athena, left; API and anchor behind
Pegasi 146; BCD Akarnania 270
1 commentslaney06/14/12 at 16:45Skyler: An absolute beautiful coin and a great addition!
Sphinx233 viewsAR Dendarius (3.8g, 17mm, 8h). Rome mint, Struck 46 BC. Monneyer: T.Carisius.
Obv. Head of Aphrodisian Sybil facing right.
Rev. T.CARISIVS before, III·VIR [in ex.] sphinx seated right.
BMC 4061; Sear (RCV) 321a:150; Sear (RSCV) Carisia 11
5 commentsCharles S05/31/12 at 19:16Skyler: Absolute BEAUTY! Very nice detail preserved.
BCC CM1 (BCC 1)122 viewsRoman Provincial
Caesarea Maritima
Marcus Aurelius 161-180C.E.
(as Caesar) 139-161 C.E.
Bare-headed, draped bust right,
viewed from behind.
Bust of Serapis right, viewed from
the front, wearing modius.
AE 24mm approx. 11.5g. Axis: 0
Kadman 38v. (obverse and reverse inscription)
Natural black toning.
1 commentsv-drome05/20/12 at 02:57Skyler: Love this coin, very nice portrait of serapis
Azes II - AR tetradrachm - Indo-Scythian Kingdom, c.60BC - c.AD5 81 viewsObverse:
King on horseback riding right, holding whip - 'BAΣIΛEΩΣ BAΣIΛEΩN MAΓAΛOΥ AZOΥ'

Zeus/Poseidon standing right, trident in left over shoulder, right extended, monogram left, Kharosthi letter "SI"
- 'Maharajasa rajarajasa mahatasa Ayasa' (in Kharosthi)

Ref: Mitchiner vol. 6, p. 541, type 828; Smithsonian 237; BMC 100
1 commentsXerxes King of Kings05/08/12 at 17:20Skyler: Very nice! Almost full readable legend!
AE half follis Justinian I SB 163, yr 1347 viewsObverse: DN IVSTINIANVS PP AVG, helmeted, cuirassed bust facing holding cross on globe and shield; cross to right.
Reverse: Large M, ANNO to left, cross above, regnal year to right XIII (13), officina letter below A , mintmark CON.
Date: 539/40 CE
Mint: Constantinople
Sear 163 DO 37-61
36mm, 19.53g
1 commentswileyc05/07/12 at 18:30Skyler: Very nice, well centered and very readable legend ...
Vespasian Lydia Sardes Civic Issue Herakles62 viewsVespasian, Lydia, Sardes, civic issue, 69 - 79, AE15, Pseudo-autonomousRPC II 1310
OBV: CAPDIANWN, Laureate bust of Hercules right, lion skin on shoulders
REV: CAPDIANWN, Hercules standing right, leaning on club, lion skin in right hand
3 commentsRomanorvm05/07/12 at 05:16Skyler: Attractive style
25 views1 commentsRandygeki(h2)05/04/12 at 21:21Skyler: Beatifully preserved detail
Caracalla Denarius A.D. 213-217 RIC 302, RSC 139, BMC 7090 viewsANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM, laureate head right / LIBERAL AVG VIIII, Liberalitas standing left with abacus & cornucopiae.
Maximum Diameter: 19.5 mm
Weight: 3.39 g
2 commentsTheEmpireNeverEnded05/04/12 at 20:24Skyler: Very nice portrait, truly fitting for the mad empe...
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 14. Septimius Severus, HrHJ (2018) (plate coin)35 viewsSeptimius Severus, AD 193-211
AE 27, 11.52g, 26.82mm, 90°
struck under governor Aurelius Gallus
Bust, cuirassed with scale armor, laureate, r.
Nemesis, in long girded double chiton and veil, stg. frontal, head l., holding short staff in l. arm and
drawing with r. hand garment to her chin; l. beside her the wheel
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1317 (2 ex., München, Parma)
b) Varbanov (engl.) 2627
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. (plate coin)
about VF, dark green patina
1 commentsJochen05/02/12 at 17:28Skyler: Very Nice ! Scale armor! Much detail remains in th...
Dora, Phoenicia, 1st Century A.D.65 viewsBronze AE 22, (Rosenberger 19), Weight 10.015g, Max. diameter 21.3mm, Dora mint, 68 - 69 AD; Obv. bearded head of Doros right; Rev. ΔWPEITWN, Astarte, wearing turreted crown, holding standard and cornucopia, AΛP in left field; rare city. Dark brown and desert patina.
EX. Forvm Ancient Coins

Background info, courtesy Forvm Ancient Coins;

Dora, on the coast eight miles north of Caesarea, was a Canaanite city. It fell to the Philistines early in the 12th century B.C. Solomon appointed the son of Abinadab as overseer of Dor (I Kings 4:11). In the Persian period Dor was a Sidonian colony. In Hellenistic times it was a Ptolemaic seaport and royal fortress, once besieged by Antiochus VII, (1 Macc. 15. 11-14). Under the Romans, Dora was a free city. See also Josh 11:2, 17:11; and Judg 1:27.
1 commentsSteve E05/01/12 at 17:47Skyler: Nice one. I like that it seems as if he is looking...
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