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Last comments - Ed D
113 Carus (282-283 A.D.), AE-Antoninianus, RIC V-II 035F, Rome, -/-//AKA, AETERNIT IMPERI, Sol advancing left, #196 views113 Carus (282-283 A.D.), AE-Antoninianus, RIC V-II 035F, Rome, -/-//AKA, AETERNIT IMPERI, Sol advancing left, #1
avers: IMP C M AVR CARVS P F AVG, Radiate and cuirassed bust right.
revers: AETERNIT IMPERI, Sol advancing left raising hand and holding whip.
exerg: -/-//AKA, diameter: 20,0-23,0mm, weight: 2,68g, axes: 7h,
mint: Rome, 2nd.em., date: 282 A.D., ref: RIC V-II 35F, p-140, C-15
2 commentsquadrans08/18/17 at 07:03Ed D: exerg: -/-//KAA is........exerg: -/-//AKA
115 Carinus (282-283 A.D. Caesar 283-285 A.D. Augustus), AE-Antoninianus, RIC V-II 325F, Antioch, *E//XXI, VIRTVS AVG G, Emperor and Jupiter, #1161 views115 Carinus (282-283 A.D. Caesar 283-285 A.D. Augustus), AE-Antoninianus, RIC V-II 325F, Antioch, *E//XXI, VIRTVS AVG G, Emperor and Jupiter, #1
avers: IMP-C-M-AVR-CARINVS-P-F-AVG, Radiate and cuirassed bust right (F)
revers: VIRTVS-AVG-G, Carinus standing left receiving Victory on a globe from Jupiter (or Carus). Star over victory, E in lower centre, XXI in ex.
exerg: *E//XXI, diameter: 19-20mm, weight: 4,02g, axes: 5h,
mint: Antioch, 3rd. emiss. date: 283 A.D., ref: RIC V-II-325F,
3 commentsquadrans06/27/16 at 03:41Ed D: Hi Q it's RIC 325F
116 Magnia Urbica (??? A.D.), AE-Antoninianus, RIC V-II 343A, Rome, -/-//KAς, VENVS VICTRIX, Venus standing left,126 views116 Magnia Urbica (??? A.D.), AE-Antoninianus, RIC V-II 343A, Rome, -/-//KAς, VENVS VICTRIX, Venus standing left,
avers: MAGN-VRBICA-AVG, Diademed, draped bust right, on crescent.
revers: VENVS-VICTRIX, Venus standing left, holding helmet and scepter, shield to left.
exergo: -/-//KAς, diameter: 20-22mm, weight: 4,17g, axis: 6h,
mint: Rome, 5th. em., date: 284 (Nov.)A.D., ref: RIC-V-II-343A-p-184, C-17,
2 commentsquadrans12/20/15 at 04:37Ed D: Hi Q it's 5th emission Nov.284 AD
CARUS27 viewsAE antoninianus. Lugdunum 282-283 AD. 3,91 grs. Radiate, helmeted and cuirassed bust left, spear over right shoulder, shield on left arm, VIRTVS CARI AVG / Victory standing left on globe, holding wreath and palm; captives seated on either side of globe, A in left field, VICTORIA AVGG
RIC V. pt 2, 25. Cohen 88.

1 commentsbenito10/14/12 at 04:31Ed D: nice coin , the reverse says AVGG
321. Carinus30 viewsMarcus Aurelius Carinus, Roman emperor, 283 - July, 285, was the elder son of the emperor Carus, on whose accession he was appointed governor of the western portion of the empire. He fought with success against the German tribes, but soon left the defence of the Upper Rhine to his legates and returned to Rome, where he abandoned himself to all kinds of debauchery and excess. He also celebrated the ludi Romani on a scale of unexampled magnificence.

After the death of Carus, the army in the East demanded to be led back to Europe, and Numerianus, the younger son of Carus, was forced to comply. During a halt at Chalcedon, Numerianus was murdered, and Diocletian, commander of the body-guards, was proclaimed emperor by the soldiers. Carinus at once left Rome and set out for the East to meet Diocletian. On his way through Pannonia he put down the usurper Marcus Aurelius Julianus, and encountered the army of Diocletian in Moesia. Carinus was successful in several engagements, and at the battle on the Margus (Morava), according to one account, the valour of his troops had gained the day, when he was assassinated by a tribune whose wife he had seduced. In another account, the battle is represented as having resulted in a complete victory for Diocletian.

Carinus has the reputation of having been one of the worst of the emperors.

Carinus. 283-285 AD. ? Antoninianus. Antioch mint. IMP C M AVR CARINVS NOB C,radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right / VIRTVS AVGGG Carinus standing right, holding sceptre and receiving Victory from Jupiter standing left, holding long sceptre; B/XXI. RIC 208F.
1 commentsecoli10/15/10 at 05:34Ed D: It's IMP C M AVR CARINVS NOB C, RIC 208F.
carus RIC046.jpg
282-283 AD - CARUS AE antoninianus23 viewsobv: IMP.CARVS.P.F.AVG (radiate cuirassed bust right)
rev: VIRTVS.AVGG (Virtus standing left, leaning on shield & holding spear, KAΓ in ex)
ref: RIC82f, C.79
mint: Ticinum, struck 283 AD
3.00gms, 22mm
1 commentsberserker10/15/10 at 05:29Ed D: It's Rome not Ticinum, RIC 46F.
Carinus, Prinipi Iventius~0.jpg
Roman Empire, Carinus PRINCIPI IVVENTVT820 viewsEx Forum. Silvered antoninianus, RIC -, EF, 4.94g, 24.6mm, 180o, Ticinum mint, obverse M AVR CARINVS NOB C, radiate draped and cuirassed bust right; reverse PRINCIPI IVVENTVT, Carinus standing left holding standard and spear, IXXI? in exergue; struck with damaged die (exergue); very rare

Variety not listed in RIC. RIC lists holding globe and spear and other similar types, but not the combination of spear and standard.

Three specimens in the Venera Hoard, all with VXXI in exergue.
1 commentswolfgang33606/21/10 at 08:51Ed D: Your coin is from the 1th emission Oct. 282, note ...
855 viewsNumerian
AE 42 mm
Rome Mint
1 commentsmauseus10/27/07 at 12:48Ed D: Great indeed I can only dream of it......
Numerianus, Antoninianus49 viewsAntoninianus minted in Siscia, AD 284
IMP C NVMERIANVS PF AVG, Radiate and cuirassed bust right
FIDES EXERCIT AVGG, Fides seated left, holding patera, three standards. Gamma in field, SMSXXI at exergue
4,53 gr
Ref : RIC 460F, Cohen #15, RCV #12245, Monnaies XXI #3373, scarce
3 commentsPotator II05/29/07 at 15:49Ed D: Hi nice coin, it's RIC 460F, exercit instead of ax...
Carinus 326 obv and rev.jpg
ROMAN EMPIRE, Carinus, RIC 32551 viewsCarinus
AE Antoninianus
Antioch Mint. 283-285 A.D.
Obv: IMP C M AVR CARINVS P F AVG - Radiate & cuirassed bust right.
Rev: VIRTVS AVGG - Emperor receiving Victory on a globe from Jupiter (or Carus).
Exergue: H over XXI
Ref: RIC 325. Cohen 181.
Notes: Undated. Officina 7.
1 commentsseraphic05/29/07 at 14:52Ed D: This coin is not undated, it's in the seventh offi...
283-285 AD - Carinus - Aequitas - Cyzicus Mint78 viewsIMP CARINVS AVG - Radiate and cuirassed bust right
AEQVITAS AVGG - Aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornicupia. KAZ in exe.

Cyzicus mint Ric-239
Heavily silvered over 80% + of surface. Nice coin

1 commentsjimwho52311/07/06 at 04:01Ed Dopierala: Hi, it's Rome mint not Cyzicus.
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