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Roman Republic: Anonymous (211-210 BCE) Sextans, Sicily (Crawford 72/8; Sydenham 195d; RBW 311)9 viewsObv: Head of Mercury right, wearing winged petasus; above
Rev: Prow of galley right; grain ear above, ROMA above, below
Roman Republic: Anonymous (ca. 211 BCE) Quadrans, Uncertain Sardinian, Sicilian, or non-Roman Italian Mint (Crawford 56/5; Sydenham 143c/679c)14 viewsObv: Head of Hercules right, wearing lion skin; to left
Rev: Prow of galley right; ROMA above, below
Dim: 20mm, 5.23 g, 6h
Roman Republic: Anonymous (ca. 215-212 BCE) Sextans, Rome (Crawford 41/9; Sydenham 107; RBW 133-4)20 viewsObv: Head of Mercury right, wearing winged petasus; above
Rev: Prow of galley right; ROMA above, below
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Roman Republic: C. Memmius C.F. (56 BCE) AR Denarius, Rome (Crawford-427/1; Sydenham-920; Memmia-10; RBW-1531)22 viewsObv: Head of Ceres right, wearing wreath of grain ears; CMEMMICF downward before
Rev: Naked captive, his hands tied behind, kneeling right, at foot of trophy of arms with a Greek shield; IMPERATOR downward to left; CMEMMIVS downward to right
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Roman Republic: C. Papirius Turdus (169-158 BCE) As, Rome (Crawford 193/1; Sydenham 366)12 viewsObv: Laureate head of bearded Janus; I above
Rev: Prow of galley right; I to right, TVRD above, ROMA below
Roman Republic: C. Servilius M.f. (ca. 136 BCE) AR Denarius, Rome (Cr-239/1; S-116; Syd-525)39 viewsObv: Helmeted head of Roma facing right, wreath behind; ROMA below
Rev: Dioscuri galloping apart; C. SERVEILI M F in exergue
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Roman Republic: L. Aemilius Lepidus Paullus and L. Scribonius Libo (62 BCE) AR Denarius, Rome (Crawford 417/1a; Sydenham 927; Aemilia 11; RBW-1503)28 viewsObv: Veiled and diademed head of Concordia right; [P]AVLLVS LEPIDVS CONCORD around
Rev: Puteal Scribonianum (Scribonian Well), decorated with garland and two lyres; hammer at base; PVTEALSCRIBON above; LIBO in exergue

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Roman Republic: Lucius Appuleius Saturninus (104 BCE) AR Denarius, Rome (Crawford 317/3b; Sydenham 578a; Appuleia 1; RBW-1171)25 viewsObv: Helmeted head of Roma left
Rev: Saturn, holding harpa and reigns, driving quadriga right; L below horses; LSATVRN in exergue
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Roman Republic: M. Aurelius Scaurus (118 BCE) AR Serrate Denarius, Narbo (Crawford 282/1; Sydenham 523; Aurelia 20; RBW-1106)25 viewsObv: Helmeted head of Roma right; ROMA downward and mark of value behind; MA(VR)ELI upward before
Rev: Gallic warrior (Bituitus?), hurling spear and holding shield and carnyx, driving galloping biga right; SC(AVR)I below horses; LLICCNDOM in exergue
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Roman Republic: Mn. Cordius Rufus (46 BCE) AR Denarius, Rome (Crawford 463/3; HCRI 65; Sydenham 977; Cordia 3)13 viewsObv: RVFVS S C; diademed head of Venus right
Rev: MN CORDIVS below; Cupid riding dolphin right

Roman Republic: Q. Fabius Maximus (127 BCE) AR Denarius, Rome (Crawford 265/1; Sydenham 478; Fabia 5)18 viewsObv: Helmeted head of Roma right; mark of value below chin; ROMA behind, Q. MAX before
Rev: Cornucopia over thunderbolt; all within wreath

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