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Cilicia, Holmoi, obolca. 4th century BC
10-11mm, 0.55g
obv: helmeted head of Athena right
rev: OΛM[...], wreathed head of Apollo right
ex Rauch Summer Auction 2012, lot 404
Cilicia, Incertum, 4th century BC9mm, 0.63g
obv: head of female facing slightly left, wearing single-pendant earrings and necklace, hair radiating outward
rev: facing head of Bes
(SNG Levante 233)
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Cilicia, Incertum, Athena / Gorgonca. 4th century BC
11mm, 0.64g
obv: helmeted head of Athena left
rev: facing head of Gorgon
c.f. Klein 649 for Gorgon / eagle left
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Cilicia, Incertum, Triptolemos(?) / eagle, obolIncertum, Cilicia, ca. 4th Century BC
11mm, 0.51g
obv: youthful head (Triptolemos?) wearing wreath of grain left
rev: eagle with spread wings, standing left on lion
(SNG BN 474, SNG Levante 231)

new picture
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Cilicia, Nagidos, Aphodite / Dionysos, obol ca. 420-380 BC
9-10mm, 0.70g
obv: head of Aphrodite left
rev: NAΓI; bearded head of Dionysos left
(SNG France 2 , 11)
Cilicia, Soloi, Athena/grapes, obolca. 410-375 BC
10mm, 0.65g
obv: helmeted head of Athena right
rev: grape bunch with tendril to left

(Göktürk 3 var. (tendril to right) and 4 var. (border of dots); SNG France 186-7; SNG Levante 47)
CNG eAuction 262, Lot 141
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Cilicia, Tarsos, Pharnabazos, obol10mm, 0.91g
obv: female head facing slightly left
rev: bearded male head (Ares?) left, wearing Attic style helmet
ex Elsen Auction 96, lot 157
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Ionia, Teos, tetartemorion6mm, 0.26g
obv: head of Griffin right
rev: rough quadripartite incuse square
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Methymna, Lesbos obol, Silen/ turtle7mm, 0.39g
obv: facing head of Silenos
rev: turtle
(350 - 240 BC)
(Franke Methymna 170, 18A; cf. Klein 793)
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Mysia, Kyzikos, AE9-129-12mm, 0.78g
obv: forepart of boar left, tunny fish behind
rev: lion's head left, retrograde K above left
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