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IBERIA, Iliberri. IBERIA, Iliberri. Mid 2nd century BC. Æ As, 28mm, 15.1g.1 commentsMolinari
KINGS OF MACEDON: Alexander the GreatKings of Macedon, Alexander the Great, AE 20. Obv: Head of Herakles right wearing lion's skin headdress. Rev: ALEXAND between club above and quiver below, bee(?) over club. Possibily a new issue from Ephesos.Molinari
KINGS OF MACEDON: Phillip IIPhillip II, Macedon, AE 19, 6.18g, ca. 359-336 B.C. Obv: Apollo facing right. Rev: Rider on horse, ΦΙΛΙΠΟΥ. Light green patina, some roughness and base metal showing, aVF. SNG 978, Morkholm 4.Molinari
KINGS OF MACEDON: Phillip IIIKINGS of MACEDON. Philip III Arrhidaios. 323-317 BC. Æ 17mm. Miletos(?) mint. Struck under Asandros, circa 323-319 BC. Macedonian shield with Gorgoneion on central boss / Helmet; bipennis to left, K to right. Price 2064.Molinari
MACEDON: BottiaiaMacedon, Bottiaia, AE 23, 8.97g, ca. 196-168 B.C. Obv: Zeus facing right within dotted border. Rev: Thunderbolt, ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΩΝ / ΒΟΤ in ex. Dark green patina, VF (EBC 6/25). SG 1441, B.M.C. 48. in ex.Molinari
MACEDON: ThessalonikaMacedonia, Thessalonica. Laureate head of Janus; I above / THESSALONIKES, two Centaurs prancing, back to back, each holding a thyrsos. BMC 34, SNGCop 370.Molinari
MACEDONIA: PellaMacedon, Pella, under Gaius Publius, AE 20, 6.76g, ca. 168-167 B.C. Obv: Deity facing right in helm. Rev: Cow grazing, ΤΑΜΡΟΥ. Dark green patina, aVF. SNG 1169, Morkholm 600.Molinari
MACEDONIA: ThessalonikaMacedon, Thessalonica, AE 17, 3.26g, ca. 187-131 B.C. Obv: Artemis facing right. Rev: Quiver, ΘΕΣΣΑΛΩ / ΝΙΚΑΕΩΝ above and below. Light green patina, VF (AAH 5/35). SNGCop 358, Moushmov 6600.Molinari
THESSALY: AtraxAE 21, 5.53g, Thessaly, Atrax, ca. 300-196 B.C. Obv: Apollo facing right. Rev: Rider on horse, ΑΤΡΑ−ΓΙΩΝ. Black patina with some encrustation, aVF. Rogers 169.Molinari
THESSALY: KranonÆ 20, Thessaly, Krannon, ca. 400-344 BC, Obv: Laureate head of Poseidon right, Rev: Horseman riding right, black patina with orangish earthen highlights, F. Rogers 179; SNG Copenhagen 39.
THESSALY: LarissaAE 18, 4.09g, Thessaly, Larissa, ca. 400-344 B.C. Obv: Nymph Larissa facing right. Rev: Horse grazing. Dark green patina, gVF. SNGCop 142.Molinari
THRACE, AbderaTHRACE, Abdera. Circa 395-360 BC. AR Tetrobol. Protes, magistrate. Griffin springing left / Laureate head of Apollo left within square; ΠP-Ω-TH-Σ around. May, Abdera Period VI, 324 (A236/P277); SNG Copenhagen 334.

Ex. Coin Elf!

1 commentsMolinari
THRACE: KallatisThrace, Kallatis; c. 3rd-2nd Cent. BC; AE 24. Laureate head of Apollo right/ KALLA-TIANWN on either side of tripod, grain ear in field to left, monogram YoT below. SNG BM Black Sea 214.Molinari
THRACE: MaroneiaThrace, Maroneia, AE 15, 2nd Cent. BC, Dionysus right / Dionysus standing left, holding grapes & narthex wands. SNG Cop 646.Molinari
THRACE: MaroneiaThrace, Maroneia, after 148 BC, AE 25. Obv: Dionysus facing right, c/m of Tyche (?); Rev: Dionysus standing with grapes. Moushmov 3947v.Molinari
THRACE: MesembriaThrace, Mesembria, AE 15, ca. 350 BC, Athena facing right / MESA among spokes of wheel, M encircled. SNG Cop. 657 var.Molinari
THRACE: MesembriaThrace, Mesembria; c. 2nd Cent. BC; AE 21. Diademed female head right / MESAM-BPIAN on either side of Athena, with shield+ spear, helm before.SNG BM Black Sea 285.
THRACE: MesembriaThrace, Mesembria; c. 4th-3rd Cent. BC; AE 17. Crested Corinthian helmet facing / Spiked wheel with META among spokes. Lindgren II, 808.Molinari
THRACE: OdessosThrace, Odessos; c. 3rd Cent. BC; AE 20. Laureate head of Zeus right/ Horseman right with symbol below, ODHSITWN beneath. SNG BM Black Sea 291Molinari
THRACE: OdessosThrace, Odessos; c. 270-250 BC; AE 17. Apollo right / Zeus reclined on plinth inscribed with ODHSITWN. Moushmov 1529.Molinari
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