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52 viewsArados c. 240-237 BC
obverse : Turreted bust of Tyche right
reverse prow of galley left, with Athena figurehead, AP monogram above.
17 viewsGinolerhino
14 viewsGinolerhino
16 viewsGinolerhino
14 viewsGinolerhino
15 viewsGinolerhino
17 viewsGinolerhino
25 viewsGinolerhino
Alexander II Zebina22 viewsGinolerhino
Alexandre 4dr Akè.jpg
Alexander the Great - tetradrachm of Ake (St John of Acre, Israel) of 323-322 BC18 viewsHead of young Heracles right
AΛEΞANΔPOY , Zeus seated left holding eagle , in field -Io (phoenician letters) above IIII'' (date = 323-322 BC)

I did not clean it, it is as found.
Alex 4dr Sardes.jpg
Alexander the Great - Tetradrachm of Sardis24 viewsHead of young Heracles right
AΛEΞANΔPOY , Zeus seated left holding eagle ; in field to left star and monogram
Antiochos IV40 viewsRev. : ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑNTIOXOY ΘEOY EΠIΦANOYΣ. This Seleucid coin was minted for Egypt, when Antiochos IV attempted to invade Egypt and capture Alexandria. 1 commentsGinolerhino
Antiochus Epiphane dr.jpg
Antiochos VI Dionysos - drachm21 viewsHead of Antiochos VI right, diademed, radiate as Helios
[BAΣIΛEΩΣ] / ANTIOXOY / EΠIΦANOYΣ / ΔIONYΣOY , naked Apollo seated left on omphalos, holding arrow and resting on bow. Between his feet : K ; in field to left grapes.
Arados, IInd - Ist C. BC.17 viewsConjoined heads of Zeus and Hera / Prow of galley
cf. Sear 6004
Athènes 224-198 BC.jpg
Athens - AE 12 (224-198 BC)14 viewsHead of helmeted Athena right
A Θ E , owl standing right, head facing, in wreath
Demetrios II Nikator25 views2 commentsGinolerhino
Philippe Arrhidée.jpg
Philip III Arrhidaeus - drachm9 viewsHead of young Heracles right wearing lion's skin
ΦIΛIΠΠOY , Zeus seated left holding eagle
Ptol Alex AE.jpg
Ptolemy I Soter - AE 2220 viewsHead of Alexander the Great right, wearing elephant-skin
ΠTOΛEMAIOY BAΣIΛEΩΣ , eagle standing left on thinderbolt, wings open
Ptol GrandB.jpg
Ptolemy III Euergetes - AE 3825 viewsHead of Zeus Ammon right
ΠTOΛEMAIOY BAΣIΛEΩΣ , eagle standing left on thunderbolt, head turned right, between his legs : E

Sear 7815
Ptolémée Soter 4dr.jpg
Ptolemy III Euergetes - tetradrachm minted in 240-239 BC19 viewsDiademed bust right of Ptolemy I wearing aegis
ΠTOΛEMAIOY ΣΩTHPOΣ , eagle standing left on thunderbolt, in field to the left : OB (year 72 = 240-239 BC).
Ptolémée V Epiphane Sear 7880.jpg
Ptolemy V Epiphanes - Ae 2730 viewsHead of Isis (Cleopatra I) right
ΠTOΛEMAIOY BAΣIΛEΩΣ , eagle standing left on thunderbolt
Séleucie autonome.jpg
Seleucia Pieria - autonomous AE 20 (109-108 BC)39 viewsHead of laureate Zeus right
ΣEΛEYKEΩN / THΣ IEPAΣ / KAI / AYTONOMOY , winged thunderbolt ; in field to right : A (= year 1 of the autonomy : 109-108 BC ?)

I cannot understand the four letters on top : ΓIΛB ?
Sear 5894
Side tétradr.jpg
Side (in Pamphylia) - Tetradrachm (IIIrd - IInd C BC)38 viewsHead of Athena right. Countermark : anchor
Nike advancing left holding wreath.

Soter Megas34 viewsBronze coin of the Kushan king Vima Takto, alias "Soter Megas" (c. 80-90 AD), king of Bactria (Afghanistan)
Obv: Bust of the king wearing royal headband and radiate, holding sceptre ; three-pronged tamgha behind.
Rev: Mounted king with royal headband, holding a sceptre. Three-pronged tamgha ; corrupted Greek legend ΒΑCΙΛΕΥ(C) ΒΑCΙΛΕΥΩΝ CΩΤΗΡ ΜΕΓΑ(C) : "The King of Kings, Great Saviour".
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